Best Cycling Shoes for Women Reviews 2017

When you perform an intense activity such as cycling and spinning, it is extremely important that you have taken proper precautions in terms of providing support to your feet. They work hardest during these activities and it is only fair that you sue they are well-protected against any injury and that they are as comfortable as possible.

There are various cycling shoes available on the market that will prove to be highly beneficial in your workout sessions. In this post, we will walk you through some of the best women’s cycling shoes present out there and also discuss the important factors you must consider when selecting a good cycling shoe.

Pearl Izumi Women’s All-Road Cycling Shoe

Pearl Izumi Women's W All-road Iii B/b Cycling Shoe, Black/Black, 36.5 EU/5.5 B US

The topmost cycling shoe brand, Pearl Izumi, presents to you this top women’s cycling shoe perfect for cycling or spinning. These shoes are made of synthetic and fabric which will ensure the shoe lasts really long. The rubber sole makes sure your feet do not slide off of the pedal so you can get a smooth ride or spin.

The three adjustable hook and loop straps with velcro make for a good way of deciding how these shoes fit you. The padded collar gives you maximum level of comfort. These inexpensive cycling shoes are definitely among the best.

Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe

This is also fantastic pair of cycling shoes brought to you by Gavin. Even after you have bought the perfect size shoe, you can fine tune the fitting with the help of the micro adjustable buckle and velcro straps. It comes with the nylon fiberglass sole which allows air to pass through the air-flow vents in them.

The shoe is made of synthetic microfiber leather and has mesh design on the upper which makes the shoe breathable. These are high quality but cheap cycling shoes which have been specially designed for your comfort and protection.

Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Fly Cycling Shoe

Pearl Izumi Tri Fly V Shoe - Women's Deep Lake / Gumdrop 36.5

Pearl Izumi is back with another product from their amazing range of cycling shoes. These affordable cycling shoes are made of synthetic and textile material and have a synthetic sole. Their special feature is the anatomic tri closure which helps eliminate pressure from your forefoot as also reduces the hotspots.

They have the fully-lined upper mesh to promote air flow and comfort. It is designed in such a way that it provides maximum protection to your feet when you are busy working out or cycling. This is easily one of the best cycling shoes for women, on the market.

Giro Manta Bike Shoe – Women’s

Giro presents to you these amazing bike shoes for women that come in an exciting range of colors. These shoes are made of high-quality, microfiber leather which gives maximum comfort to your feet when you’re out there cycling. The come with a strong buckle so you can adjust the fitting according to your preference.

It has the tough DuPont sole which gives you a firm grip on the pedal throughout the time you’re wearing these shoes. The molded EVA footbed provides you with a great amount of support, even when you cycle for a long period of time.

Louis Garneau Women’s Air Flex Cycling Shoe

Louis Garneau Women's Women Multi Air Flex Asphalt Sneaker 36 (US Women's 6) M

If you’re looking to buy a cycling shoe which has exceptional quality and durability, then look no further. Louis Garneau brings to you this multi air flex cycling shoe that gives you everything you expect from a good cycling shoe. The multi air flex outsole and the mesh design allow ventilation of air so your feet can breathe and feel fresh all the time.

The shoes feature the HRS-80 retention system which holds the shoe in the right position for powerful pedal stroke. Although this cycling shoe costs more than most others, its features won’t make you regret buying them.

Shimano Cycling Shoe – Women’s

These are recently launched new cycling shoes brought to you by Shimano. Made of synthetic leather, the upper of this shoe is supple and stretch-resistant. The lightweight sole is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon which gives the shoe a stiff frame and rigidity.

We come to know these shoes are specifically made for women when we see the narrower heel cup, reduced volume, and a small toe box. There is enough air ventilation for your feet to feel dry and fresh. Want to grab a great cycling shoe deal? Go by these shoes.

What are Cycling Shoes?

Cycling shoes help you give the maximum care and protection to your feet when you indulge in a high intense activity such as cycling, spinning, or mountaineering. The rapid movements of the feet in these activities could lead to an injury, exhaustion, and even accidents.

Hence, it is very crucial to wear a good pair of cycling shoe every time you cycle or spin. No matter, whether you are cycling for only 15 minutes or for over an hour, wearing a cycling shoe is a must and something you can’t afford to ignore.

Whether you are a professional cyclist or just starting to practice or if you are riding just for fun; do not miss out on wearing the cycling shoe. The same is applicable for spinning. Your feet need to be well supported and protected from the fast movements, stretching, and bending that happens during cycling.

In the following section, we have listed down some of the important factors that must be considered when buying cycling shoes for women.

What to Look For

A good cycling shoe will be made of a skin-friendly material and should be capable of controlling air flow. It could be made from genuine or synthetic leather, but the design should either have mesh or air vents. The will not only allow your feet to breathe but will also help keep you dry and fresh. This would be very helpful when you have to train for long duration.

The next thing is to check how friendly the shoes are to women. Women have special requirements in terms of the structure of their feet. A good shoe would be able to take into consideration these needs.

For example, women’s shoe should have a narrower heel cup as compared to men’s shoe. They should have a smaller toe box because not most women have wide toes. So, when buying a shoe, take a look to see if women’s requirements have been well addressed through the design.

A good shoe should be highly durable, in that, the upper and the sole should not wear off easily. For that, you must see how the upper is designed and also the strength of the sole. The sole should also have good grip and preferably come with a position retention technology to make sure the shoes are locked in on the pedals.

Next, check out how the shoe will hold up against long use. Cycling or spinning causes the shoe to bend and stretch all the time. Your shoe should be stretch-resistant and also supple so as to withstand the regular use.

Lastly, we come to the price factor. When we talk about cycling shoes, the pricing varies for different brands. While most shoes are priced according to the features offered, there could be some pieces that are highly expensive.

We recommend you to thoroughly take a look at what’s on offer and do not pick any brand blindly. Before making your purchase, we suggest you glance through the different cycling shoes for sales option, so you know what are the different prices and offers.

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