Best Dash Cameras Reviews 2017

So, everybody around you is getting a dash camera for their cars and you simply do not understand what the fuss is all about. After all, why do you need a camera inside your car? What could possibly be so important to record when you’re driving? This post will answer all your queries and doubts about car dash cameras.

We’ll introduce you to some of the best dash cameras present on the market. In addition to that, you’ll also see the things you must consider when buying a good dash camera for your car.

KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Car Dashboard Camcorder with GPS

This is one of the best dash cameras, brought to you by KDLINKS. It can record full-HD videos with resolution of 1920×1080 at a superb speed of 30fps. The camera has a wide angle of 165°and can record hands-free in a continuous loop. The camera comes with a large screen of 2.7” yet boasts of an effortless slim-design.

This top dash camera is accompanied by an 8GB micro SD card. The nigh-vision offered by the f1.6 Six-Glass lenses, the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) video system, and the built-in GPS module are some of the awesome features of this camera.

Rexing V1 FHD Car Dash Cam

Rexing brings to you state-of-the-art dash camera that can record Full-HD videos having high resolution and works on the advanced H.264 photography compression technology for optimum performance and minimum data occupancy. Featuring a 170 degree 6-layers glass lens, this camera has a 2.4 inch TFT LCD screen.

This is an inexpensive car dash camera that supports loop recording and can also overwrite the old footage with the latest ones. The accident auto detection feature locks data to memory. If you’re looking for a camera that has top-quality, excellent design, and features, this is a fantastic car dash camera deal.

Falcon Zero FullHD DashCam

One of the leading car dash camera brands, Falcon Zero is proud to present to you this sleek camera with every feature you’d expect from a modern dashboard camera. Supporting Full-HD recording at 30 fps, this camera starts recording as soon as the car moves.

It is fully capable of working at wide angles such that 170 degrees when recording. It comes with a 32GB SD card and moves the loop interval recording to the memory card. Although this car dash camera costs more than few others, this is the best camera with speed recording and HD photo capture features.

TaoTronics Car Dash Cam

This high resolution affordable car dash camera is brought to you by TaoTronics. Recording at a high speed of 30 fps, this camera supports wide angle recording of up to 150 degrees without any distortion. The superior 6-Glass lens with the (Wide Dynamic Range) WDR technology makes sure the quality of the footage is clear, during the day and night.

It can record in continuous loops automatically and also comes with an accident auto detection feature with the help of the G-Sensor. If you want to buy a car dash camera that is user-friendly, this is your product.

AUBBC Full HD Dash Camera

AUBBC brings to you this new car dash camera with all the advanced features. It comes with a 2.31 inch TFT LCD screen and supports Full-HD video recording. The 140 degrees wide angle lens comes with a night-vision which allows it to record high quality footage during any time.

This camera is loaded with features such as the loop-cycle recording, G-sensor, and the motion detection function. It supports memory card up to 32 GB. Despite its fantastic list of features, this is one of the cheap car dash cameras that you would find on the market.

What are Dash Cameras?

Dash cameras have more number of benefits than you think they do. They are basically another set of eyes in your car that not only sees but also records whatever it sees. Now, think of all the different reasons why this could be helpful.

First up, your camera footage serves as evidence. If you should ever be caught in an accident due to the mistake of the driver of the vehicle that collided with you, however small the collision may be, you will always have proof of your safe driving to show to the authorities. Matters such as someone cut you off, someone hit sudden brake, or brushed your car slightly, you can see everything clearly any time you wish.

Dash cameras can also be used to record how your car is being treated in your absence. These cameras can work even when the car is not moving as they work on batteries. So, you will always know if someone tried to mistreat your car in your absence.

Whether you want to show the evidence to the insurance authorities, or you want to record the memories of your trip, or a long drive, a dashcam will come in handy for each one of these requirements. If you own a car, do make it a point to have a dash camera in it.

In the following section, we will see some of the factors you must consider before buying a dash camera.

What to Look for

Once you set out to buy a dash camera, you will have hundreds of options to choose from. Some of them might be good while some not-so-good. The following list will help you decide which dashcams are actually worth purchasing.

You want your dash camera to give you high resolution videos. The best resolution on offer is Full HD 1920×1080 pixels. This means, even if you want to shoot things that are quite far away from your car, you can see them clearly through these high resolution cameras.

The next factor is whether your dash camera will work during the night. Most good dashcams come with the 6-layered glass lens allowing them to have a brilliant night-vision. This means, your camera will give high-quality clear footage at any time of the day or night.

Next, check if your camera capable of shooting across wider angles. The best cameras that we saw above supported wide angle feature being able to cover an angle from 150-170 degrees. It goes without saying that wider the angles, more details can be captured by your camera.

See what kind of screen is present in your dash camera. Check whether it is an LCD or TFT screen and also make sure to check the width of the screen. The automatic continuous loop recording feature allows you to go hands-free with the camera. Also, some exceptional dash cameras have the accident auto detection feature which ensures all your recordings will be saved in the memory card.

This brings us to next point, memory card. A dash camera allows memory card to be inserted in them and some of them also come with an SD card. It would be great if they could support of up to 32GB, so that you do not have to overwrite the footage during the crucial times.

Finally, we come to the price factor. Some dash cameras are way too expensive while others are quite reasonable. Though, this could be due to different factors, it is a good idea to have a look through all the different dash cameras for sale option before you finally make the purchase. If you’re lucky, you could grab some incredible deals and offers.

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