Best Daypack Reviews 2017

Whether you’re planning to a long travel, hiking or trekking, it’s essential to have a daypack as your main gear. Daypacks are the smartest yet most convenient bags in the world of all backpacks as it’s designed to carry loads of no more than 25 pounds even though it doesn’t contain an internal frame. If you’ve got a huge activity soon and need the best daypack in the world then please give the items below a chance.

Travel Hiking Daypack by Outlander

The Travel Hiking Daypack by Outlandergot our eyes as it has the highest ratings. This daypack is available in 2 sizes namely 20L with a size of 16.92 x 10.6 3x 7.08 inches while the 33L has a size of 19 x 13 x 8.2 inches. Despite its size, all of them can be folded into a zippered pocket anywhere you like. Additionally, for quicker organization and storage, this comes in a classic shape with several pockets.

It has a roomy compartment and features 2 front zipper pockets where you can place accessories. Got some valuable items? This one also has one internal pocket that is security zippered. It’s truly a space saver as it also gas 2 side pockets for your water bottles and umbrella. The Travel Hiking Daypack by Outlander is made for water resistant and highly rip nylon fabric to offer you a durable, lightweight and long lasting daypack.

Backpack Hiking Daypack by HIKPRO

The Backpack Hiking Daypack by HIKPRO is a faithful travel organizer as it features 1 main pocket, 3 zippered compartments, 1 zippered pocket, 1 outer smaller pocket, 1 inner zippered pocket and 2 large side mesh pockets. Moreover, it has a size of 18 x 12 x 5 and a weight of 6.5 oz. that’s ultra-lightweight and handy when brought. But despite its small appearance, this one is very convenient and can even be folded.

It’s available in 4 colors such as teal, red, navy and newest black 2.0. The company also claims to be the number 1 when it comes to lightweight backpacks as it features tear resistant and water resistant nylon material with SBS metal zippers. No more sore shoulders as it have wide breathable mesh shoulder straps.

Outlander Packable Travel Daypack

Do you want an affordable yet durable daypack? They you’d appreciate the Outlander Packable Travel Daypack. Never struggle zipping compartments ever again as it has no flaps with the zipper. Furthermore, this item is made from highly rip and water resistant nylon fabric to give you a long lasting performance but with minimal weight. Moreover, it also has a durable 2 way abrasion resistant SBS metal zipper across the backpack.

It features multi-compartments as it has a classical shape for easier organization. To add more, it has a roomy main compartment, 2 front zipper pockets for small accessories and 2 side pockets for umbrellas and water bottles. It weighs just 0. 7 pounds and has a roomy 35 liters of space for water. Avoid extra charges as this one can simply be folded and used as a carry on.

TETON Sports Oasis 1100

The TETON Sports Oasis 1100 is positively the day hiker’s choice as it’s comfortable, adjustable and fairly priced. It’s a high quality hydration backpack with a 2 liter bladder that’s FDA compliant with triple heat sealed edges. Moreover, it also features a 2 inch opening a cushioned bite valve and a twist lock to effectively prevent leaks.

It’s the best backpack for the youth as it has a low profile athletic cut to fit all frames comfortably. Additionally, it has comfort taped straps infused with high density notched foam mesh and stabilizer, so it won’t be painful to wear this for hours. Likewise, it also has large pocket with hidden zipper and weather guard that protects your clothes, food and other essentials even if it’s raining.

Venture Pal Travel Hiking Daypack

The Venture Pal Travel Hiking Daypack is high quality backpack as it’s tear and water resistant. For extra strength and resistance, it features a double-layer bottom piece and a two way SBS metal zipper, to make it extra convenient. Want more color selections? This item is available in black, blue, fuchsia, royal blue and orange. Moreover, for a comfortable travel, it got breathable mesh shoulder straps loaded with sponge padding to relieve the stress happening from your shoulder.

To keep things organized and neat, it has a main zipped compartment, 2 zipped front pockets along with 2 side pockets. It’s truly a space saver as it can be folded into its own pockets in case you’re done using it. How? It has a dimension of 9 x 8.5 x 2.2 inches when folded and 20 x 13 x 7.5 inches when unfolded.

Gonex Ultra Lightweight Handy Daypack

The Gonex Ultra Lightweight Handy Daypack is the best companion for trips. Currently, it’s being sold in variety of colors namely: black, blue, green, orange, light green, purple, rose red and red. Moreover, it’s made from high quality tear and water resistant nylon material and a durable abrasion-resistant metal zipper for an incomparable quality.

It has 3 zippered compartments, main pocket large enough to carry all your essentials in day hikes. For easier and quicker access, it also has an outer small pocket and an inner zippered pocket that you can use for credit cards or passport. It has size of 16 x 16 cm when folded and 44 x 30 x15 cm when unfolded. Certainly, it’s the perfect item for day trips, day hikes, vacation, travel, school and etc.

Packable Lightweight Backpack Daypack

The Packable Lightweight Backpack Daypack folds into its own zippered pocket so it can fit anywhere. It has a classical daypack shape yet has several pockets for easier storage and an organized baggage. It has a main compartment that’s roomy, front zipper pockets for small accessories, 2 side pockets for water bottles and 1 internal zippered pocket where you can store valuable items.

It really is a space saver and a life saver as it only weighs about 0.44 pounds and has a room of 20 liters. Just like our other endorsed daypacks, this one is made from durable, highly rip and water resistant nylon product that strengthens its performance and provides a long lasting life. For increased longevity, it also goes with a 2-way abrasion resistant metal zipper to make it ultra-durable. The Packable Lightweight Backpack Daypack is available in colors of new orange, new blue, fuchsia rose and new red.

NeatPack Foldable Daypack

The NeatPack Foldable Daypack has a concealed botton zip pocket which is great for storing important valuables. It has zippers that can be bounded together through the D-ring, with a cable lock or carabiner to scare off thieves. It’s spacious yet roomy as it has a foldable size of 18 x 10 inches and folded into 8 x 8 inches. It’s definitely perfect for hiking, camping as well as day to day use.

It’s made of lightweight and water resistant nylon to resist wearing and rips. For easier and quicker pulls, it also has abrasion resistant SBS zippers with pulls. The 2 D-rings are attached to the bag and has a reflective fabric for better safety loops. Want to make sure it’s the perfect day pack? The company offers and limited lifetime guarantee, just check their website and register your daypack.


So you’re planning to go to an adventure, problem is, you bring a purse, carry on and a backpack you bought for school before. With this kind of plan, you’re putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation as you go exploring because of the bags you’re about to carry. What do we recommend? A space saving and durable daypack.

A daypack may sound foreign for the most of you, but don’t worry, we haven’t heard about this before until recently. Daypacks are the smallest type of bags in the backpack family, usually they only measure for about 1200 to 2500 cubic inches. Despite their small size, it can carry most of your essentials while on an adventure such as water, maps, jacket, food, cameras and many more.

For specific activities, daypacks are offered in several types such as daypacks for hiking, climbing and a multipurpose one for commuting, school or travelling. To know if a specific kind of daypack suits you, check the right size or better yet, choose between panel loading daypacks or top loading daypacks.

The most important about getting a daypack is making sure that you get to bring everything you need in one bag and that your back is guaranteed to be comfortable despite the weight. Lastly, we trust that we’ve already given you a set of daypacks ranging from the best, the average and affordable ones, so picking one wouldn’t be a hard task.

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