Best Dent Puller Reviews 2017

If you’ve found this article, I am truly sorry for what you have to deal with right now, but luckily for you, instead of spending loads of money to get your dent fixed by a professional, there are products on the market that allow you pull out those stubborn dents yourself at a much lower cost, you get to keep the tool, as well! There are different sizes, features, and techniques in these products so it’s absolutely important for you to get some information on the top products available for purchase so you can pick the best dent puller possible!

Ind Tools 2-1/2” Vacuum Suction Cup Handle Dent Puller

This tool is great for pulling out smaller and tighter dents that are hard or almost impossible to fix with regular sized dent pullers. Don’t underestimate this little vacuum suction cup because it can pull 25 pounds! Releasing is easy as you just have to pull on the handle. It helps to lubricate this with oil or water for a tighter suction, but be careful you don’t put too much lubrication or it will lose its strong grip ability.

This is a rubber cup that creates a super strong vacuum suction grip and it’s made of impact-resistant nylon. This dent puller measures 2.25 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height with an extensive 2.5 inch in length handle. Always make sure that the surface you will be applying this to is clean as well as the suction cup for better vacuum strength.

Tooluxe 4-3/4 Inch Single Head Suction Cup for Glass, Dent

This is a bigger dent puller for bigger dents, it’s 4.75 inches in diameter and made of super durable ABS plastic with a high quality rubber suction cup to make for a strong suction. This also has a quick release handle to make the job easier, it uses a spring loaded locking system that allows you to really pull on those dents!

This Single Head Suction Cup by Tooluxe is great for lifting clean, flat surfaces like glass and can lift up to 65 pounds with its extra strong vacuum grip. You don’t have to worry about scratches on paint or glass, or anything you are using this product on as the rubber is not only super durable, but soft enough to ensure no scratches or additional damages happen to your work!

TEKTON 5652 4-inch Suction Cup Dent Puller

This 5652 model 4 inch Suction Cup Dent Puller manufactured by Tekton is made of a high-impact nylon material. It has a quick release handle and the rubber won’t damage or scratch your car or any flat surface sheet you are using to lift with this. The dimensions of this dent puller are 8.4 inches in diameter, 5.8 inches in height, with an extensive handle of 4.1 inches in length.

Tekton doesn’t say how much in weight this thing can lift, but most people say it can lift around 40-60 pounds, depending on the maintenance of the dent puller and the material you are lifting. This is a great price for a high quality and heavy duty product. People have even used this to remove bottom covers of laptops such as the Chromebook Pixel and have found it very effective and safe to use on delicate laptops with careful use.

OTC 4579 9-Way Slide Hammer Puller Set

This tool set works wonders for all sorts of pulling projects. From pulling bearings and gears, to pulling dents and lifting sheet materials. This includes several different attachments for all different kinds of jobs and is just a super handy set to have in general. If you aren’t familiar with these tools, it’s a great idea to read on them and see all the wonderful things it does for you!

This includes a dent puller attachment, of course, along with a grip wrench adapter that you can connect to the slide hammer tool. It also includes two wheel hub adapters, a three and a two jaw puller, and a tool that pulls things away from sealed edges. There isn’t a specific amount of weight it can pull, as it differs with the materials your using it on and the specific attachment you are using. An all-around tool set for the automotive enthusiast!

TMS Wholesale Inc. Mini Suction Cup Dent Puller Removal

This little suction cup dent puller brought to you by TMS Wholesale Incorporated is a little more than 2 inches in diameter which will work wonders on those super small, super tight dents! This little dent puller may be small, but it is strong enough and gentle enough to pull off a tablet, cellphone, or laptop screen without any scratches or damages!

It’s made of durable plastic and the suction cup is a high quality rubber. For pulling things that are too small or dents that are too tight and sharp for the standard 4 inch dent puller, this is the product you need to effectively pull out the dent or pull up the sheet material. For dents, it will pull it out, but it won’t fix the crease, you’ll need some additional tools for that if you really would like it to be perfect, however, the crease is barely visible, especially if you don’t know that it’s there!

3M Bondo 956 Double Handle Locking Suction Cup Dent Puller

This dent puller by 3M brings you dimensions of 7 inches in diameter, 5 inches in height, with a handle of 2 inches in length that is to be pulled over to create a strong vacuum lock, and pulled back in place to release. 3M states that their 956 Double Handle Locking Suction Cup Dent Puller has a suction strength of 300 times more than other dent pullers that don’t have this locking system.

This is a heavy duty dent puller which is great for large dents and lifting large smooth, flat material. At a price like this, it’s definitely an awesome deal for the amount of weight it can lift. Remember to lube up the suction cup or just apply a mild soapy water to the area you will be vacuum sealing this thing on to to create a strong suction right before locking it up to get the most effective pull this thing has to offer!

ABN Dent Puller Suction Cup 5 Inch

If you find that the standard 4 inch in diameter dent puller is a tad bit too small for you, and that the aforementioned Bondo 956 by 3M is way too large, this is a great option, a dent puller which is 5 inches in diameter by ABN. This product is created with high grade durable ABS plastic and heavy duty rubber for the suction cup.

The dimentions are 5 inches both in diameter and height, with an addition 4 inches in length for the handle or locking lever. This suction cup can pull and lift worth of 90 pounds in weight and works best on clean, smooth, flat material for a better suction. The rubber will not scratch and the handle is spring loaded for the ultimate vacuum seal you’ve been looking for!

Super PDR Bridge Puller Sets Paintless Dent Removal Repair Tool

Not sure on what size you’ll be needing the most often? Problem solved with this super affordable, super durable, Super PDR Bridge Puller Set! This product is a lot different to the ones we’ve just discussed. Instead of a vacuum locking system, this uses a special kind of glue that you put on to the gentle rubber surface, let dry for a little but not all the way dry, which will have a strong attachment to what you are pulling.

There are six different sizes for different sized dents, all different sized attachments use a porous system which helps the glue get a stronger hold. The glue and glue gun do not come with this set but are pretty affordable, even when bought together with this whole kit! Take note of the humidity and temperature of the area during time of use as it affects the amount of time it takes the glue to dry. The rubber attachments connect to the knobs which you turn to tighten the pull and puff out any sized stubborn dent!

Super PDR 11pcs Pops-a-dent Dent & Ding Paintless Dent Removal Repair Tool Kits

Here we have a set by the same company that works just the same as their previously mentioned product. You can pick from two different styled glue guns and two different colored glue, yellow or clear, whichever you prefer. Yes! Unlike the PDR Bridge Puller Set, this one comes with the glue gun and 5 pieces of glue sticks!

The hot glue gun is powered at 100 watts, can be plugged into either 110 volts or 240 volts wall sockets, and can melt a full glue stick in 2 minutes, but the suggested best time for melting is around 5 to 8 minutes. The yellow glue sticks melt faster, have a much stronger hold, and dries really quickly as it has a lower melting point, unlike the regular clear glue sticks. This set includes the familiar 6 different sized rubber attachments to the turning knob and the thickness of the porous rubber surface is 0.12 inches to allow for a sturdy pull.

What To Look For

When it comes to choosing, it all mainly depends on the three most important factors you need to analyze in your situation to be able to pick the right dent puller. Think about the amount of weight you need to lift, the size of the dent you are pulling, and which type of puller you would prefer to be using.

We have two main types of dent pullers listed in this article and the first is a suction cup dent puller. Most of these have levers that allow for a powerful vacuum seal locking system with the flip of the lever, and another flip back to release. These things have such great suction and pull but are usually not able to fix slight creases. These things are usually fairly affordable depending on the brand, and come in different sizes that are not adjustable. The great thing about these suction cup dent pullers is that you don’t need glue, you can use any small amount of lubrication and apply it on the surface it will be pulling or the inside of the suction cup, this will create a strong suction, if you don’t have lubricating products such as oil, you’ll find that soapy water and even water on its own will assist in the suction of these dent pullers.

If you aren’t sure about what size you’ll be needing, or if you want to have a set with different sizes available set aside for handy. The sets by SuperPDR are a great choice. These things work super well, are extremely durable and have different sizes for different jobs. They are also very affordable, along with the glue gun and the glue sticks that are required. These rubber pads that attach to a turning knob have holes for the glue to be able to seep into for a stronger hold. No need for actual pulling, just twist the knob to tighten the attachment to what you are pulling.


It’s important to look at other factors such as affordability, durability, and effectiveness. You’ll find that reading the reviews on each product will be very helpful in giving you first hand information about each dent puller. Take a look at the pictures, and determine exactly what you will be needing, there are some pricey ones out there but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in them, there are some really affordable ones too and it’s all about doing your research rather than making a quick judgment to be able to find the perfect dent puller fitted for your situation.

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