Best Denture Cleaners Reviews 2017

Denture cleaners are primarily made to clean both removable partial dentures and full dentures. They may be in the form of pastes, creams, gels, and solutions. Some are also made of tablets which can be simply dropped into warm water to make a fizzy or effervescent solution.

Denture cleaners don’t just cleanse retainers or mouthguards, but they likewise kill odor-causing germs. This makes them more special than regular soaps.

In this article, we will show you some of the top denture cleaners for sale today. We’ll likewise briefly highlight their best features so as to help you in your buying decisions.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the best denture cleaner deals available.

192 Tablet Retainer Brite

192 Tablet Retainer Brite (6 Months Supply)

These denture cleaners from Essix are quality-made and are perfectly created to make your retainers or Invisalign trays cleaner. Unlike other cheap denture cleaners, these tablets can single-handedly get rid of the bad smell that builds up in your dentures. There’s no need for sonic cleaners or a combination of dish soap and mouthwash.

When used properly, these denture cleaners can leave your retainers good as new. The grime that you thought is permanent will be gone, thus making your denture more hygienic to use.

Like other similar denture cleaners, you simply have to drop a tablet in a cup of warm water and leave it for about 30 minutes.

It’s certainly a very easy denture cleaner to use and it works as expected.

CleanGuard Nightguard Cleaner

100 Tablet CleanGuard Nightguard Cleaner

Do you have an old retainer that you’re planning to throw away?

Don’t do it just yet as the denture cleaner you’ve been looking for might just be the one from Cleanguard. These tablet denture cleaners are effective when it comes to removing tartar and other grimes that could easily build-up in retainers.

In the morning, you may drop your nightguard or retainer in the solution and leave it as it is for the rest of the day. You’ll easily notice that mild mint smell and you’ll be more confident that it’s cleaner everytime you use it.

Unlike other denture cleaners, it doesn’t taste bad and it doesn’t have a soapy feel when you’re wearing it. You won’t feel any lingering chemical taste or smell, thus you’re retainer is more comfortable to use.

These Cleanguard denture cleaners are cheap, but they’re definitely very effective.

Efferdent Denture Cleanser

Efferdent Denture Cleanser - 240 Tablets

Like other popular denture cleaners sold in drug stores, Efferdent effectively keeps retainers and mouthguards fresh. One major difference though is on how fast it is able to clean your dentures and make it smell a lot better.

Using a good denture cleaner like Efferdent’s, you’re able to get rid of the unpleasant smell and dirt that hides in retainers. Although brushing your dentures is a good thing to do, it’s often not enough to keep them hygienic.

Efferdent’s denture cleaners are strong in terms of removing grimes, but they’re healthy to use. They don’t also leave a bad aftertaste in your dentures.

For an outstanding and inexpensive denture cleaner like Efferdent, this certainly is a bargain.

Polident Antibacterial 3-Minute Denture Cleanser

Improved Triple Mint Freshness - Polident Antibacterial 3 Minute Denture Cleanser 96 Tablets Per Box (Pack of 2)

Polident tablets are probably the fastest denture cleaners available in the market today. In warm water, you can soak your dentures for as little as three minutes, rinse it, and then you’re good to go.

Make no mistake as these tablets are very effective in making your dentures cleaner. You would hardly see any difference in terms of cleanliness and the smell of dentures soaked overnight. The color of the tablets is green, but they don’t discolor your dentures.

Meanwhile, Polident’s cleaners may also be used on some other things like tea pots, water bottles, and kettles. Because they don’t contain some harsh chemicals, you can be assured that your items won’t get damaged.

This affordable denture cleaner is definitely best suited to people on-the-go, but need to maintain that hygienic smile.

Retainer Brite 96 Tablets

Retainer Brite 96 Tablets (3 Months Supply)

If you haven’t tried a denture cleaner before, this Retainer Brite tablets are easy to use and is more affordable than the 192 tablet counterpart mentioned. All you need to do is drop a Retainer Brite tablet into a cup of warm water and then soak your retainer or mouthguard in it.

You’ll know once it’s done, because the blue color of the cleaning liquid would become clear. You therefore need not guess or think twice of getting it off the cleaning liquid prematurely.

It’s also effective in cleaning your mouthguard and retainer. You’ll right away notice that it’s odorless and it’s more sanitized.

Overall, Retainer Brite is a high-quality denture cleaner brand that’s not only effective, but is also user-friendly.

What to Look For When Buying a Denture Cleaner

ADA Seal

Like other dental products, the denture cleaner you’re planning to purchase should have the American Dental Association (ADA) seal on it.

ADA has strict requirements that need to be complied before they approve a product. Having the ADA seal would therefore not only mean safety to the user, but would likewise ensure the efficacy of the denture cleaner.

Type of Denture Cleaner

As mentioned earlier, denture cleaners may come in various forms.

Therefore, think beforehand how you would likely be cleansing your denture cleaner. If you want an easier way of cleaning your dentures, you can use tablets. You simply have to drop a tablet in warm water and then soak your denture in it. After a while, you can rinse the denture and then you’re good to use it again.

There may be some who don’t get contented until they manually clean their dentures themselves. Creams and gels are therefore recommended for this matter.

Ingredients in the Denture Cleaner’s Package

The main purpose of the denture cleaner is to ensure that your dentures are free from bacteria that may cause unpleasant odor or appearance. Make sure to look for ingredients that are really targeted at fighting or preventing bacteria build-up.

As good as it is in sanitizing your denture, the ingredients used shouldn’t be harsh to irritate your mouth and gums.

Ingredients like hydrogen peroxide and baking soda would help make your dentures sparkling clean.

How to Maintain Good Dentures

While brushing is one way to remove food particles in your dentures, it’s often not enough. You would need to use mild hand soap, warm water, or a dental cleanser to ensure your dentures are thoroughly clean.

The most effective method is by using denture cleaners. When using denture cleansers, you should always make sure to prevent abrasive ingredients that may damage the denture.

Also avoid using bleach as it may whiten the denture, including its supposedly pink portion.


Dentures play an essential role in making some of us confident as we smile or talk to people. It’s therefore important to keep them in good shape and ensure that they’re always sanitized.

While we can always wash them using water and regular soap, this may not be enough to completely get rid of bacteria. This unseen dirt is not only health-impacting, but it can also cause unpleasant odor that could create a bad impression from other people.

By using a new denture cleaner that’s also reliable, dentures are kept clean and safe to use. Their shelf life is likewise extended such that they can make you smile even longer.


  1. George

    I do not see DENTURE BRITE listed in your ratings and reviews of denture cleaner products above. Is it a good product? Wanting it for cleaning of false teeth dentures.
    I am in British Columbia Canada. The products listed above in your ratings and reviews — are they available in British Columbia ?

  2. Mildred Sloan

    I highly recommend Retainerbrite! (for those who’re still looking for denture cleaners) I’ve been using it for over a year now (dentist’s recommendation) and it’s way better than the “other” brand I was using. It makes my retainer look good as new… and smell fresh! Both RetainerBrite and Polident are A+ for me and my husband!

  3. Donald Snelling

    I love Fixodent denture cleaner but it is very hard to find. None of the stores or pharmacies here in the St. Louis, MO area have it. Have been ordering it off Ebay. Hard to find and pricey but worth it.

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