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Are you tired of looking at your bedside table and seeing the same, boring alarm clock every morning? Let’s face it, your alarm clock is the first thing you see in the morning every day, you may as well get the best desk clocks available! It can be daunting to look at the many different desk and shelf clocks available and try to parse the reviews in order to determine which might be the best option for your needs. There is a huge variety of prices and quality for clocks, so it can be difficult to find which one is best for you. Luckily, we’ve taken the time to go through each and every clock available today, and we’ve found some of the top-quality desk clocks you want to consider!

ZHPUAT 5.3” Morning Clock with Low Light Sensor Technology

Best Desk Clocks

If you’re looking for an affordable clock with all the bells and whistles, this cheap but quality clock is chok-a-block full of fun features. First, there’s the low light sensor technology, which means that this clock can sense how bright it is in your room, and illuminate itself accordingly. What? That’s right, even in the black of night, you don’t have to worry about the glow of this clock being too strong – it senses how dark it is and dims itself accordingly. In fact, there’s a light on backlight when low light is detected, so you’ll be able to read the clock at any level of light, but with the senor, it will be a soft light that won’t disturb the sleep when it is dark in the room. In addition to these illumination-related features, there is also an advanced smart alarm: it starts ringing softly, but gets progressively louder in order to provide an alarm that wakes you up softly, rather than rudely. Available in multiple colors, this stylish desk clock is just the affordable option you’re looking for.

Sharp SPC800 Quartz Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Best Desk Clocks

Are you looking for an alarm clock that has a more classic feel? Check out this new analogue twin-bell alarm clock from Sharp. This analogue twin-bell alarm has the classic design you crave in a stylish bedroom setup. Plus, even though you get the benefit of the classic throwback analogue look, this clock includes a button that illuminates a backlight, so you can read the face at any hour of the day. Still not enough for you? On top of the backlight illumination, the hands are luminous, allowing you to read this clock no matter how dark it may be in the room. With a metal case and bells, this alarm looks very stylish! Please note that it is battery operated.

YIMAN Led Clock Smart Oversized Backlit Digital Display Intelligent Alarm Clock

Best Desk Clocks

Sometimes, you need a clock that isn’t only stylish; it’s also got some stupendous features. Yes, the YIMAN Clock has it all! This clock features amazing features. First, there’s the oversized digital display. A bigger screen means more ways to give you information! And this clock doesn’t slouch on that front. Featuring dials that give you stats on the current date and temperature, this clock is one of the most informative models on the market! In addition, it comes in multiple colors, so there’s a color that will fit any style in your house. Plus, with a backlight, you can be sure you’ll be able to read this clock no matter what time of day or how dark it is in your room. Check it out today!

Timex Decorative XBBU Dual Alarm Clock

Best Desk Clocks

Are you in the market for a fantastic looking desk clock that will bring style to your home? Do you need an affordable desk clock option, but don’t want to settle on quality?

Good news! This great desk clock is precisely the item you’re looking for. First and foremost, the clock has a ton of amazing features. There’s a Daylight Saving Time switch, so you can easily flip the switch and change the time in fall and spring with no issues. There’s dual alarms, so you can easily set the clock for two separate wake-up times. There’s an easy to use, 24-hour set it and forget it alarm. Included with the clock is an XBBU Extreme Battery Backup, which ensures your clock won’t need to be reset even after a power outage. With a four level LED light – High, Medium, Low, and off – you can always be sure that your alarm clock will be exactly as backlit as you desire.

But somehow, that isn’t even all the features! There’s also the option to set your snooze button to last anywhere from one minute to twenty-nine minutes. And, on top of all this, there’s a USB charging port, so you can use your alarm clock to charge your cell phone telephone (or any other device). You really can’t get a better desk clock at this price range.

DreamSky Non-Ticking Quartz Analog Alarm Clock

Best Desk Clocks

Are you looking for a great value for an alarm clock? Look no further! This amazing model features a plethora of features, including a nightlight and snooze option. Plus, rather than waking up to an annoying buzz, you can wake up to your favorite bands with this clock’s loud music alarms. This simple to set clock will be ready for use in no time, and is small enough to fit on a bedside table with no problem at all. This battery-powered clock is available in either black or white, so style will never be a problem. If you’re looking for the best value for an alarm clock, be sure and take a look at this excellent model!

What to Look For

What are you looking for in a clock? There are two major aspects: the features, and the style.

First, you want to consider the features. Likely your primary concern when purchasing a desk or shelf clock is to make sure the alarm feature will work for you, since waking up in the morning is an important part of most alarm clocks’ function. However, simply getting any old clock with an alarm may not be your best option: there are a number of different types of alarms, such as the variety that gradually increase in volume, or the type that play music instead of bells. Decide which time you want before purchasing! In addition to the alarm, there are number of other functions to consider, such as the backlight or the whether or not your need a clock that also displays time and temperature.

In addition to functions, of which there are many possibilities, you also want to decide what style of alarm clock will be best for you. Some may prefer the more traditional analogue design, while other will want to pursue the more modern digital look. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of options available for both, so be sure and peruse our review before determining what alarm clock will best serve your particular aesthetic desires!

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