Best Office Desk Lamps Reviews 2017

The desk lamp is a valuable light source as it can be used to illuminate either a small area or an entire work desk.

Using a desk lamp, you can read some books or do some other important things without straining your eyes. Compared to the main light installed in your room, a desk lamp offers a minimal amount of lighting that’s just perfect for your eyes.

With you in mind, we’ve come up with a list of top desk lamps for sale today. We’ve also briefly taken into account some of the prominent features of these affordable desk lamp deals.

If you want to learn more about them, please continue reading.

TaoTronics LED Eye-Caring Table Lamp

This TaoTronics desk lamp is made of durable plastic and aluminum. Its base is weighted and its felt bottom is designed such that it doesn’t scratch your furniture.

It has seven levels of brightness control which can be easily adjusted from extremely dim to super bright. However, the desktop lamp does not remember the last brightness setting made. You therefore would have to set it up again to provide you the desired brightness level.

All controls can be made through touch-sensing, thus you won’t have to worry about some buttons that may sometimes fail to work or respond.

The quality of the light of this desk lamp is nice. It’s a warm glow that doesn’t flicker and it doesn’t use much power.

Moreover, it has a USB port at the side which would allow you to conveniently charge it.

TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Elune TT-DL01 is TaoTronics’ another line of outstanding, yet inexpensive desk lamp. It has a sleek look that’s both attractive and stylish. Its base is heavy, thus you can be assured that it doesn’t flip or get knocked down easily. It also offers several adjustment positions, thus you can get a couple of ways of lighting things up on your table.

What could be its best selling points are its multiple lighting modes. Depending on your needs, you can either choose Reading, Studying, Relaxation, or Bedtime. The brightness level and color frequency of each of these lighting modes is preconfigured, thus you can easily switch from one mode to another.

Moreover, Elune TT-DL01 uses LED lights which consume lesser energy than incandescent bulbs. You can therefore be assured that the lights would last longer even when they’re often used.

LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

LAMPAT did a good job of making this LED desk lamp well-designed and attractive. Aside from being sturdy, this lamp can be adjusted such that both its lighting head and arm can be moved wherever you need them. Its base doesn’t also take a lot of space, thus it’s easy to put it alongside other things on the table.

Like other good desk lamps, LAMPAT’s unit has a few lighting intensities to choose from. You can also set the color temperature for the desk lamp to fit a certain activity. If you wish to relax, study, or read, you can easily set the lamp to provide the appropriate lighting mode you want.

In addition, the Sleep Mode feature will shut down the lamp automatically after 60 minutes. This is a convenient way of getting yourself asleep without any interruption.

TaoTronics Gooseneck Table Lamp

This TaoTronics Gooseneck Table Lamp has a compact and lightweight design that’s elegant to look at. It is also made of very hard plastic, thus you can be assured that it won’t easily break.

The gooseneck of the lamp is likewise very durable. It looks sleek, but it’s very simple to adjust. Thanks to the heavy and very stable base, the lamp doesn’t easily move even when adjusting the gooseneck to various directions.

The lamp only has one color which is a natural white light. It quickly diffuses, thus you can be assured that you get sufficient light no matter what you’re doing.

Using the touch control, you may also change the degree of illumination. Should you wish to save about 75% of the lamp’s energy cost, you may tap the light bulb icon.

Without hesitation, you can get this TaoTronics Gooseneck Table Lamp to cater your lighting needs.

Ikea Desk LED Lamp Light

The Ikea desk LED lamp is quite small, but it’s solidly constructed. Its wide base is a bit heavy, thus making the whole desk lamp very stable and balanced.

Just like other desk lamps, Ikea’s neck bends effortlessly to fit various angles and heights. Its brightness can also be modified, so that you get the right amount of glow when you’re studying, reading, etc.

The lights are actually not very bright. This makes the unit convenient for those who need some sort of illumination that is not irritating to the eyes.

Don’t think twice of purchasing this Ikea desk lamp should you find this for sale at a very low price.

What to Look For When Buying a Desk Lamp

Light Source

There are a few desk lamp light sources to choose from. You just have to be specific with your needs so as to determine the appropriate one. They include the incandescent light bulb, halogen light bulb, fluorescent bulb, and full-spectrum lamp.

Among the four, the full-spectrum lamp is the most energy-efficient. In fact, it could last up to 10,000 hours.

Note that manufacturers, nowadays, are also taking into account the age of the people using their lamps. Younger people’s eyes are less sensitive to glaring lights, while the old ones are more likely to choose a desk lamp with a lighting system that’s easy to control.

Decorative Style and Function

Look for a classy, yet cheap desk lamp that also matches the type of room or interior design you have. If your house has a modern or a contemporary interior view, then a modern-looking desk lamp would also be a good complement.

Also, think beforehand where and when exactly you would need the desk lamp. If you’re planning to use it for a certain activity, make sure it doesn’t negatively affect whatever you want to do. For example, consider the stray light and look for a way to mitigate or prevent it whenever necessary.

Usability and Design

In addition to a good lighting source, a desk lamp should also include some helpful features and a well-thought design that would make it convenient for users. Some of the most practical design features that desk lamps should have are the adjustable neck, adjustable lighting system, magnifier, and more.


The desk lamp is inarguably one of the most important lighting systems every household should have. This is especially true among families with students or employees who have to do some extra work once they get home.

For a more pleasurable experience, you should pick a new desk lamp brand that provides the right amount of light you need to perform your work. It should also be something easy to adjust in terms of position and the extent of light it makes.

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