Best DIM Supplement Reviews 2017

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is an essential nutrient found in the healthy cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and more! DIM helps in maintaining healthy estrogen levels in your body, whether you’re a man or a woman. It helps you regulate and manage your hormones better, which in turn, helps your body function better and avoid all problems related to hormones.

In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the best DIM supplements that are available on the market and what makes them stand apart from thousands of other supplements out there!

Nature’s Way DIM-plus – Estrogen Metabolism Formula

Nature's Way DIM-plus - Estrogen Metabolism Formula -- 120 Capsules

Nature’s Way brings to you these amazing DIM-Plus capsules that will put an end to all the problems you’ve been facing due to enzymes. Each capsule in this 120-capsule pack contains Diindolylmethane, which is an essential nutrient found in cruciferous vegetables.

This supplement helps improve the functioning of your enzymes, thereby improving the estrogen metabolism. The recommended dosage includes 2 capsules each day to be had along with your regular diet. However, it would be great if you follow what your practitioner has suggested as that would be more in-line with the requirements of your body.

A lot of the users of this DIM supplement have witnessed drastically positive changes in their physical and mental health soon after they started using it. Their body cycles were not a matter of concern for them anymore and they’ve started feeling a lot better. So, if you feel tired often, have irregular menstruation cycles, or face problems due to the enzymes, this is the supplement you need!

Source Naturals DIM (Diindolylmethane)

Source Naturals DIM 100mg, Promotes Healthy Estrogen Metabolism, 30 Tablets

Along with the goodness of DIM, this supplement by Source Naturals, contains phospholipids and vitamin E, and BioPerine which provide the essential nutrients to your body. They also help in increased and easy absorption of nutrients into the system.

This formula belongs to a class of compounds known as indoles. Indoles have proven their ability to help the formation of estrogen metabolites. These metabolites work toward ensuring healthy breasts, and proper care and maintenance of endometrial and cervical tissues.

These vegetarian-friendly supplements also promote healthy DNA and offers great protection to your cells against chemicals and other damages. They come in a pack of 30, 60, 120, or 180 tablets. Get a clearer skin and a perfectly well-functioning body, with these small DIM capsules by Source Naturals.

Pure Science AE-3 with DIM & Stinging Nettle Root Extract

Brought to you by Pure Science Supplements, AE-3 could well be your friend for life. As the name suggests, AE-3 stands for the triple-action formula – Aromatase Inhibitor. It contains Chrysin, Diindolylmethane (DIM) and Stinging Nettle Root Extract which work together to fight the enemies of testosterone. Made especially for men, these supplements block estrogen, boost your immune response system, and inhibit the enlargement of prostate gland.

To make sure, the essential nutrients such as selenium, coenzyme Q10, curcumin, vitamin B6, and vitamin C are all included in the supplement. To make DIM and these nutrients get absorbed into your body, the formula also includes BioPrene. AE-3 has an edge over its competitors in that it is the only Chrysin compound that has BioPrene.

AE-3 takes care of your sexual health by increasing free testosterone. It also helps in reducing stress and anxiety minus any of the common side effects that comes along with medicinal drugs. Pure Science Supplements have been practicing completely safe procedures such as using excellent quality raw materials that have been obtained through extensive research.

All of these only go on to show that this is one of the best DIM supplements for men that you could lay your hands on. Want to try out? Order right now!

Olympian Labs Dim (diindolylmethane)

Olympian Labs brings to you these top-grade DIM supplements which makes sure you have the perfect hormone levels in your body. It also helps you get lean muscle mass, great for both, men as well as women. The supplements have been prepared keeping in mind the vegetarian users, so if you’re a vegetarian, you can safely consume it without worrying about its contents.

These allergen free supplements have greatly impacted the lives of far too many individuals who’ve been dealing with unfavorable hormonal changes occurring in their bodies. Highest qualities of ingredients are used to make this one of the most efficient and safest formula for men and women of all ages.

Olympian Labs have been following the current Good Manufacturing Practices during the production of these DIM supplements. Whether you have problems with your estrogen levels or in the level of any other hormones, this is one of the best DIM supplements available on the market.

Evolved Organics Extra Strength DIM

This extra-strength DIM is brought to you by the leading supplement brand, Evolved Organics. This is a top-selling and one of the most effective estrogen blockers present out there with some incredible benefits. Perfectly blended with vitamin E and BioPrene, this supplement increases the effectiveness of DIM by facilitating absorption of DIM and all other essential nutrients into the body.

A single bottle of this supplement could be enough to last for 2- 4 months as it contains 120 capsules. Each capsule comprises 125mg DIM, 50IU vitamin E, and 3mg BioPrene. The vitamin helps in bioavailability and healthy skin whereas the BioPrene boosts absorption, as we’ve mentioned in the beginning of this description.

Some doctors and practitioners recommend 2 capsules according to their diagnosis and your body requirements. This supplement helps women strike a perfect balance between estrogen production and metabolism, thereby maintaining a healthy level of estrogen in the body.

Another benefit of the DIM supplements is to make menopause a painless experience for you. Also, it helps maintain your weight and provide overall breast and reproductive health. These capsules help men by maintaining their testosterone levels, building lean body, healthy sex drive, and also boosting your energy levels.

Best Naturals Dim Complex Capsule

Best Naturals brings to you this highly researched DIM complex capsules which helps in maintaining a healthy estrogen metabolism. These dietary supplements are effective in supporting your body to balance out its testosterone and other hormonal levels. The imbalance in the level of hormones leads to various problems, but with this supplement, you could stay away from them all.

Additionally, these DIM capsules help you in managing your estrogen balance and promote healthy cell replication. Made in the best laboratories in the USA, each of these capsules contains vitamin E, phosphatidyl choline, as well as black pepper extract. The right amount of black pepper extract along with the DIM supplement will help your body absorb DIM and other nutrients!

Solaray DIM Supreme

Solaray’s DIM Supreme is one of the top-selling supplements that you’d find. Containing the highly nutritional components that are found in the cruciferous vegetables, these supplements can do wonders for your body. They help your body regulate and maintain the estrogen levels.

Estrogen is primarily responsible for the overall health of a woman’s body, including her breast and cervical health. It’s important for a female body to regulate estrogen to have a proper functioning body. These DIM supplements also help in boosting testosterone levels within your body.

Bulksupplements Pure Diindolylmethane (DIM) Powder

This lab-tested formula is perfect to provide your body with the essential nutrient DIM. Free from all preservatives and fillers, this powder is as clean and pure as it gets. It comes in a factory-sealed foil zip pouch which keeps air away from it, ensuring the effectiveness of the DIM powder inside.

The powder has been proven to be a great way of ensuring women’s health and good balance of hormones inside her body. It also has antioxidant properties to get your body rid of all the unwanted waste accumulated over a period of time. It also makes way for a good solid immune system and also boosts overall metabolism in women of all ages!

Smoky Mountain Naturals DIM

Its manufacturers call it the number one menopause solutions present on the market and rightly so. These little DIM tablets will walk with you every step through your journey of menopause. DIM, an extract from cruciferous vegetables, play a vital role in maintaining the right balance between the hormone levels in our bodies.

Each pack of these supplements lasts for over 2 months and you just have to consume one dose a day. Every capsule contains 250mg DIM, 3 mg BioPrene, and 50IU Vitamin E. This formula also goes one step further than others, to add Vitamin C which helps restore cellular health and also contributes to maintaining the hormonal balance.

Allowing you to manage the estrogen levels in your body, these supplements go a long way in eliminating all of the uncomfortable menopause symptoms. The result of daily consumption of these supplements could lead to better and improved breast and cervical health. It will make you say bye-bye to your acne and restore your lost energy.

As far as men goes, the balance of estrogen in the body help in getting leaner muscles and an increased libido, improved prostrate health, and acne control!


As mentioned in the beginning of this post, we introduced you to the best and top-selling DIM supplements available in the American markets for your purchase. We also discussed their features and their special characteristics. We believe that now, if you set out to buy a pack of DIM supplements, you’d know exactly what to look for!

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