Best Disposable Bowls Reviews 2017

For parties, picnics and little get-togethers, disposable utensils and containers are everyone’s buddy. They are cheap, handy andenvironmental friendly. Compared to using ceramic or glass bowls, using disposable containers lessens the risk of having broken dishes or bowls. Moreover, after using these disposable products, they can either be thrown away or used again.

These products are often used in restaurants, eateries and fast food chains, especially if you want a take-out as they very handy yet efficient in carrying and handling food. There are several types of disposable items in the world, but in this article, we’d like to formally introduce you to the world of disposable bowls. These bowls are made out of different materials with different sizes, if you‘re interested to know more, then read our reviews below.

Whether you prefer foam, paper or plastic, there’s no doubt that these disposable utensils and containers have been so helpful in so many ways. So as a result, we encourage you to discover the best disposable bowls for sale that we have collected and stuffed below. After reading this, we hope we were able to help you find new disposable bowls for your next gathering.

VIP Plates (TM) – Disposable Bowls 12 Oz White Plastic Bowls Microwave Safe Disposable Bowls Styrene Free and Completely Crack Resistant

The Disposable Bowls 12 Oz White Plastic Bowls by VIP Plates is among the top disposable bowl brands of this list. This pack comes with 50 VIP plate bowls that is styrene free and 100% reusable. Moreover, this product is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe! As a good disposable bowl, this one is guaranteed to be soak proof.

This product is ensured to be safe for every age because it is BPA free, which means that it is free from cancerous materials. The Disposable Bowls 12 Oz White Plastic Bowls by VIP Plates will be wonderful for parties such as birthdays, reunion and simple barbecue gatherings. This one is most definitely the cheapest disposable bowl deals we’ve seen, so get your hands on this while it still exists.

Earth’s Natural Alternative Bowl, 11.5-Ounce, 50-Pack

The Earth’s Natural Alternative Bowl is also an affordable disposable bowl you’d regret missing. This product is perhaps the most environment-friendly product as it is 100% tree-free. These disposable bowls, however, are made out of sugarcane fiber plus discarded wheat stalk that is dye, pesticide, gluten and chlorine free.

As a result, this one does not contain any plastic or wax lining. The Earth’s Natural Alternative Bowl can be used for hot and cold food, and may even be used for microwaves. It is strong and durable that can withstand any kinds of staple. As an inexpensive disposable bowl, this product is guaranteed to be cost-efficient that you’d love to have in your kitchen.

Stalkmarket 100% Compostable Sugar Cane Fiber Food Container, 7-Ounce, 600-Count Case

Stalkmarket 100% Compostable Sugar Cane Fiber Food Container, 7-Ounce, 600-Count Case

Need disposable bowls for a huge party? Then try the Stalkmarket 100% Compostable Sugar Cane Fiber Food Container! This product may not be the cheap disposable bowls you’re looking for, but we can ensure you that it is one of the best. This product is made out of sustainable materials, which means that this one is 100% plastic and tree free. It is contaminant free and its materials are USDA certified to be bio-based products.

This package comes with 600 counts of disposable bowls, so it will work perfectly for huge gatherings or restaurants that need a reliable product. It is oil and cut resistant, but also microwave and freezer safe. For over 15 years, Stalkmarket have been serving their customers heavy duty containers to help need in their needs.

Propack 18 Ounce Disposable Bowls Microwave Safe 50 Count White Pack of 3 (150 Bowls Total)

Buying disposable bowls may have exhausted you right now, but the Propack 18 Ounce Disposable Bowls is an environment-friendly product you should try. The company offers several kinds of package, but this one comes with 150 disposable bowls you can prepare for a party such as buffet or caterings. Like the other products, this one is microwave and freezer safe.

The Propack 18 Ounce Disposable Bowls will work wonderful with cereals to pasta such as meatballs. It is hassle-free and you wouldn’t have to worry about it breaking! After using, you can easily dispose this product in the nearest trash can, it’s that easy.

What are disposable bowls?

A bowl is an open counter resembling a half-circle shape. It is used to contain food such as soup, hot noodles or cereals in many cultures. The earliest bowls have existed for so many years; it was particularly used by the ancient Chinese, Greeks and Native American. The bowls back then were made out of clay, wood, ceramic or metal.

In ancient Greece, people back then called bowl-shaped containers as kylices. Kylices range from small, medium and large bowls where Greeks would put their food or wine. Around 4th century, beveled rim bowls were found in ancient Mesopotamia with a height of 10 centimeter and a diameter of 18 centimeters.

In ancient China on the other hand, there have been thousands intricately painted bowls. In fact, the oldest bowl found in China is about 18, 000 years old. They were made out of clay or porcelain and most of them are now considered works of art. These bowls are now often found in Museums.

While the inventions of bowls were as early as 4th century BCE, it was only until 1908 when disposable utensils and containers were invented. It was a coincidental incident when Dr. Samuel J. Crumbine thought about disposable containers. As a health officer, hygiene and sanitation is important for him especially for his patients.

One day, he saw a patient of his, suffering from tuberculosis drink water from a cup that’s also been shared by a young girl, also his patient. Enraged by this, he thought of a way how he can make a more sanitized way of drinking, and that is through disposable cups. After his invention, he has also publicly passed a plea that sharing utensils with other patients should be banned.

After disposable cups were invented, several other kinds of containers and utensils were invented as well such as food wraps, cutleries, bowls and plates. Around 1930s, these disposable utensils were heavily patronized by men and women especially in remote workplaces such as roads, dams and bridges.

After World War 2, there were scarcity for woods and paper, so disposable bowls and containers were typically created out of polystyrene foam and plastic. Compared to disposable paper bowls, plastic and foam doesn’t break easily and won’t tear especially when there’s liquid inside the container. Moreover, plastic materials are easily to design as they are frequently available in different colors.


Disposable bowls come in different size, so before purchasing one, we encourage you to distinguish what type of disposable bowl you really need. These bowls contains different capacity and also number in packages. On that note, we also encourage you to get to the safety measures of a particular product before proceeding for pay-outs. It is not a necessity, but it would be great if a product is microwave and freezer safe, so you can use them at the most convenient time. Lastly, disposable bowls may be meant for 1st tries, however getting a product that you can use again will not just help you save money, but also help you save the environment.

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