Best Disposable Spoons Reviews 2017

Do you have a party coming? Or maybe you have little kids at home who always end up breaking the weak disposable spoons while having their desserts and ice-creams? Whatever your need is, good quality disposable spoons come to your rescue when you have to serve during large family outings or when there is a huge party.

In this post, we will discuss at length some of the top disposable spoons available on the market along with their features and highlights. Next time, when you decide to buy them, you will certainly know what to look for in good disposable spoons.

Elegant Petite Mini Tasting Spoons

Elegant Petite Mini Tasting Spoons 100 Per Pack

The Elegant Petite Mini Tasting Spoons are one of the best disposal spoons with the perfect size for desserts such as mousse, puddings, custards, ice creams, and more. With a spectacular look of real silver, these spoons blend well with all types of cutlery.

Whether you are celebrating a special evening with a loved one, a house party, or a lavish birthday or anniversary party, these top disposal spoons are perfect for every occasion. These stylish top-quality spoons give an elegant look to your tables in an affordable way. They come in packs of 50 and 100.

Green Direct Mini Plastic Tasting Spoons And Ice Cream Spoons

One of the dominant disposable spoon brands, Green Direct, is proud to introduce you to their attractive set of mini tasting spoons. Comin in packs of 100 spoons each, these disposable spoons are sold as mixed colors, white, and transparent mixed spoons. Having a length of 3 inches, these disposable spoons are perfect for ice creams, yogurts, and almost every other dessert.

When you have to taste some dish, you could readily go for these spoons as they hold the right amount of quantity. Add color and life to your tables with these amazing mini spoons.

Dixie Plastic Cutlery Soup Spoons

If you’d like to lay your hands on a good disposable spoon deal, do check out these spoons by Dixie. The white plastic spoons are sturdy yet flexible which means they won’t break easy like other cheap spoons available on the market. Being 6.2 inches long, these spoons are the perfect size for tasting, having desserts, soups, ice-creams, and just about anything.

Each pack consists of 100 pieces. The fact that they have smooth edges makes sure they won’t injure your mouth and are completely safe to be used by kids as well.

Perfect Stix Wooden Disposable Spoons

These new disposable spoons by Perfect Stix are eco-friendly spoons made of smooth Birchwood. These affordable disposable spoons are 100% compostable with a higher quality than most spoons out there. These 6-inch long spoons are sturdy and strong, in that, they could be easy to use for all types of food. They give an earthy look and feel to your dishes.

They come in 8 different colors and patterns, and also as plain spoons. The patterned disposable spoons cost slightly more than the plain ones. These wooden spoons will blend well with every occasion.

Daxwell White Plastic Taster Spoon

These mini plastic spoons by Daxwell are one of the cheapest disposable spoon set you could purchase. With a size of over 3 inches, these mini spoons have the right length for food tasting, desserts, yogurts, puddings, mousses, ice-creams, and lots of other desserts. They are made from the strong and durable polypropylene and have an excellent grip on the handle.

With each case having 500 spoons, you won’t run after them for a long time. These recyclable disposable spoons are break-resistant. If you’re looking to buy a disposable spoon set with a great value, then this is your product.

Wowlife Wooden Disposable Spoon

These inexpensive disposable spoon set by Wowlife are made of natural solid birch wood. These USDA and CFIA approved spoons are safe to be used by everyone including kids. They have the perfect length of over 6 inches which means they are not too small or not too big. They work perfectly well with hot as well as cold foods.

Think about the environment and go for these incredibly strong eco-friendly spoons. You could choose to buy a pack of 25, 50, 100, or 200 spoons at the best prices. These heavy-weight spoons do not break easily.

What are Disposable Spoons?

Disposal spoons are the use-and-throw spoons that are especially used for eating desserts and food tasting purposes. During huge parties, tailgates, or family events, disposable spoons are the best things to serve your desserts with. They come in small sizes, are desserts are usually had in small bites especially because most of them are too sweet or too cold.

Disposable spoons could also be used with your child’s lunchboxes because children tend to lose spoons and you do not want to risk losing your expensive cutlery. Various manufacturers manufacture different kinds of disposable spoons and they come in different sizes and numbers.

To know about the factors you must look for before buying these spoons, read through the following section. By the end of this post, you will know very well how to tell a good disposable spoon from a bad one.

What to Look For

The first thing you must look for in disposable spoons is the material from which they are made. Most of these spoons are made from plastic or wood. When buying plastic spoons, make sure the plastic used is strong and good-quality. You do not want to end up with weak plastic spoons which bend and break easily.

If the spoons are approved by organizations such as USDA or CFIA, nothing like them. You can safely go for them. When you buy wooden spoons, do check they are made of natural wood and not synthetic that looks like wood but are made of some other material.

Secondly, you must carefully see the length of the disposable spoon you have selected. Some spoons have length closer to 6 inches while some are close to 3 inches. Depending on the possible reasons you’re planning to use these spoons for, you could decide whether to go for the longer or the shorter spoon.

Thirdly, take a look at the design, pattern, and color of the disposable spoons you are looking to buy. The reason for this is most often disposable spoons are used for parties and it is important that they go well with the table and the occasion.

Do not buy spoons that look odd as this could mess around with the core theme of your parties.

Next, check how many pieces of spoons come in one pack and if there are different options in terms of the number of spoons you could order. While most spoons come in packs of 100 pieces, some come in 25, 50, or even 600 pieces as we saw previously.

Finally, we come to the price factor. Some disposable spoons cost less despite managing to give you a high quality. Make sure you check out various disposable spoons for sales options before deciding which one you should go for. You could end up getting some great deals and offers.

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