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Best Dog Beds - Complete Buyers Guide - Dog Bed Buying Tips

Dog owners and lovers know that the joy of having a dog is one of the greatest experiences one can ever have. Most people would agree that dogs really are man’s best friend and go out of their way to show their sweet puppy love. There are so many ways to show your dog that you love and appreciate them. Most people think of certain kinds of foods, treats and toys but dog beds are one of the best things you will ever give your pup.

Whether you’re on the fence about gifting your dog a bed or wanting to know what your options are, we have you covered. This article will serve as a guide for anyone wanting information on the best dog beds around. By the time you’re done with this guide we’re sure your mind will be made up. Without further ado—the best dog beds.

PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge in Premium Edition

PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge in Premium Edition

PetFusion really had large breed dogs in mind when they created this big kahuna. In fact, this memory foam bed can actually fit two large dogs (if they’re willing to share space). This dog bed is decked out with a durable blend of polyester, cotton and twill. The design was crafted to keep your dog from sweating and is even waterproof. This tear resistant dog bed was made to be super easy to clean and care for. If that isn’t enough you’ll probably be excited to learn that the bed will not scoot if your dog goes to sit down on it. The cover is machine washable making keeping your pup’s bed sanitary simple.

BarksBar Large Orthopedic Dog Bed

BarksBar Large Orthopedic Dog Bed

This BarksBar bed is another great option for larger breeds or for pet owners who like to give their small to medium dogs a lot of wiggle room. The bed itself can hold upwards of 100 pounds (about 45.5 kilograms) and is even great for dog owners with multiple small breeds. As with most luxury dog beds, this bed comes with a premium top made of a soft quilted polyester blend. The base of the bed is made with a foam while the bed itself is padded with thick cotton pads to ensure optimal comfort. This bed is of the orthopedic variety and is great for animals with any kind of joint or bone issues. This dog bed has some rubber on the bottom to ensure that it doesn’t slip on tile/wood surfaces. The cover on BarksBar large orthopedic dog bed is machine washable.

Armarkat Pet Bed

Armarkat Pet Bed

Armarkat is all about the spice of life—variety. In fact, this bed comes in over 7 different size options so you can make sure that your fur-ball gets the most out of their new go-to chill zone. The Armarkat pet bed can be thought of as a nice plush cloud for your pup to rest on. This waterproof dog bed has a base that won’t slide all over slippery flooring. Unlike some of the other options, the comfort from this bed is created by chocking it full of poly fill. This dog bed is made by durable materials and can be used heavily. The cover zips on and off for ease of washing and changing whenever necessary. Thisextra large dog bed is biggerin general but some options are way bigger than others. It’s probably one of the best dog beds for large dogs.

Serta Orthopedic Quilted Pillowtop Dog Bed

When you think Serta you think heavenly comfortable beds. The tradition continues through their dog bed line. This quilted pillow top dog bed was made with relaxation in mind. This bed was created to support your dog’s body so they aren’t just plopping onto a shapeless blob that is sure to deflate over time. This, by the way, is another great orthopedic dog bed for those of you looking for something appropriate for dogs with bone or joint problems. This bed is made out of a gorgeous foam that can act as the perfect therapy to all dogs. The zip cover makes cleaning and maintenance as easy as breathing. This beautiful bed comes in both large and extra-large options so there is definitely something here for everyone.

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Pet Bed

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Pet Bed

MidWest makes comfort cute and stylish with this charming deluxe pet bed. This dog bed is like a firm supportive cushion so if your dog loves hopping on the couch this just might be the perfect solution for you. The bed is made out of faux fur and has an anti-slip base. These beds range in sizes from 18 inches all the way up to 48 inches and are great for placing padding into your dog’s cage during transport to the veterinarian. You can even throw one of these in the car if your dog likes to go on trips with the family. A third option would be topping crates with this luxe cushion bed. Each of these solutions are great and effective ways to use your deluxe pet bed to the max. Please note that this bed can hold up to 90 pounds so if your pooch is larger you may want to look at other options.

Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

This lil’ guy’s so cute!

This Sheri OrthoComfort bed is an absolute must-try for small dogs. This bed was crafted to simulate cuddling which will keep your small dog warm and happy. The back of the bed is intentionally higher than the front to help relax the dog’s body into the cushion. The bed is made with an extra soft Sherpa fabric that can be machine washed and dried. The bottom of the bed is made with a stiff nylon that is resistant to both dirt and water (how cool is that?). This cute little bed comes in various different color options including a bunch of pinks, blues, browns, reds, and of course black. The weight limit for this little guy is a tiny 25 pounds. Although the title of this guide is ‘Best Dog Beds’ this is a great option for those of you who also own cats.

MidWest Paw Print Reversible Fleece Stuffed Bed

MidWest Paw Print Reversible Fleece Stuffed Bed

Another MidWest option for you guys. This dog bed is a great affordable option for those of you who don’t want to go too far and don’t really want anything to extravagant. The bed is plush with faux sheepskin on the bottom. The MidWest stuffed bed was actually designed to keep your pets nice and temperature regulated—especially in the warmer months. This dog bed is not as thick and plush as the other options so if you are looking for something with just enough padding for your dog to lay comfortably this guy just might be what you’re looking for. The entire thing can be washed and dried without a problem. This bed has over 6 size options ranging from 18 inches to 54 inches. The weight limit is 90 pounds.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

Coolaroo was made with (you guessed it) keeping your pets cool in mind. This elevated dog bed is a really cool option that is different from the others because of the fact that it is raisedand made with a kind of fabric that most wouldn’t have thought of for a dog bed—polyethylene. This bed is very mobile so if you and your loved ones are hanging out on the porch, balcony or yard your pets can relax with you. There are a few amazing things that you should know about this bed. The first is that this bed is resistant to both fleas and mites (unbelievable, I know) and the second is that is has the potential to ward off both mold and mildew. Talk about bang for your buck!

AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed

AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed

AmazonBasics’ padded pet bolster bed just had to have a spot on our list. This bed sticks out from the pack because of its gorgeous cushion rim allowing your dog to rest their head in a comfortable and natural position. The bed itself was made (like some of our other options) to be used in various ways. For example: in a carrier or even for crates. The bed is made with fleece and comes in various sizing options from 21 inches to 46 inches. The bed has a loop in it to secure to crates or your dog’s carrier. The piece itself is machine washable but because it is fleece you may want to wash it on an as-needed basis.

K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper

K&H Manufacturing Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper

K&H Manufacturing is an interesting and mindful brand and company. This product is self-heating which means that your pet can warm up without the help of electricity. One of the most fascinating things about this gorgeous heated dog bed is the fact that it is actually chock full of fill from recycled materials. The no slip bottom makes this bed perfect for active pooches. The bed touts simple maintenance and comes with a year warranty which is just icing on the cake. Just looking at this bed you can tell that is stuffed to the max and something tells me that your dog will thank you for this cute little gift. This K&H Manufacturing dog bed comes in small, medium and large. Be sure to click and do research for specific dimensions.

Sofantex Ultra Soft Pet Bed

Softanex crafts that classic dog bed that you know and love specifically for small to medium sized dogs. The bed is made with a buttery soft blend of fabrics to ensure that your pooch is comfortable. If you are new to dog beds or fear that your dog just might destroy their bed this may be a great option for you. The bed itself is reminiscent of the fluffiness of a regular pillow. This dog bed is straightforward and easy to use and wash. Aside from being extremely affordable it comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Pet Bed

This is a great medium thick dog bed for doggies that don’t like anything too extravagant. The bed looks almost like an old fashioned quilted cushion and comes in colors that will fit your home décor. The bed itself is made out of a faux fur and has an anti-slide bottom so you can feel confident setting it just about anywhere. This dog bed is very lightweight—it actually weighs less than two pounds (less than a kilogram). The suggested weights for these beds range from 40 to 70 pounds. The dog bed comes in a bunch of size options ranging from 18 inches to 48 inches. Can be thrown in the washer.

Aspen Pet Round Bed Animal Print

Aspen puts together a super cute and chic animal print bed for your small pet. The sides of the bed are elevated to ensure that your pet stays warm and comfy. The Aspen round bed is stuffed with recycled polyester fiber so you can be green and treat your pet at the same time. The bed itself is chocolate brown and the size is around 18 inches. This bed can be tossed into the washer for easy cleaning and is super affordable. This bed doesn’t come in options for medium and large dog breeds. A few things that makes this bed different from the rest is that it doesn’t with a rubber or slide resistant bottom and is not water proof.

K&H Manufacturing Crate Pad for Pets

Another K&H Manufacturing piece for you here. The top is actually made of microfleece so despite being a pad it is still very soft and comfortable. No prison beds here. What is unique about this product is the fact that it has slits in the siding to make sure that it stays on your dog’s crate. This dog bed was designed specifically for crates and comes with a lot of different options to choose from. The sizes of these crates pads range from a tiny 14 inches to a decent medium 37 inches. There are three amazing styles to choose from. These include self-heating, memory foam and odor control. The three color options that accompany the styles are gray, mocha and tan. Each of the styles include nonslip bottoms. This piece is machine washable and comes with a one year warranty.

The Best Kinds of Dog Beds

71amuse0bl-_sl1500_When it comes to dog beds, just like basically any and everything else, finding the best of the best depends on your wants and needs. There are thousands of different dog beds available on the market today. The good news is that finding the perfect dog bed isn’t a very daunting task if you actually know what you want and what you are looking for (we’ve got you covered a few sections below).

The thing is, there are actually tons of ‘the best dog beds’ sitting on shelves. We don’t know about them because it isn’t a topic that is usually discussed though you have learned a substantial bit about many of the products available in most stores at the beginning of this guide. The dog beds on our list are not the only ones available on the market but are largely the most popular products amongst consumers like you and me.

The purpose of this section is to teach you a thing or two about the main kinds of dog beds on the market. Within these categories are hundreds of beds that would be perfect to bring home for your pooch’s pleasure. There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when you go out to purchase a dog bed that we will cover in a bit. The list below is comprised of a bunch of different types of dog beds listed by fabrics. Within each of the subheadings you will read tips and heads-ups about different kinds of beds and materials.

Side Note: Please note that the kinds of dog beds listed below are suited for all kinds of dogs unless otherwise stated. You want to always be mindful to do some light research to figure out what you think will be the best option for your pup.


Unbeknownst to many, Sherpa is actually a material that was created to mimic the look and feel of sheepskin. One side of the material feels like a super soft and malleable suede while the other side feels like angel soft clouds of warm wool fleece. This material is actually a kind of faux fur though it can include animal byproducts depending on the brand for all of you who are cruelty free. The material is generally used to make things to keep us warm. Blankets, jackets and more. The reason why this fabric and dog bed style is the top of the market is because it is easy to modify.

To maintain your Sherpa, you want to wash it in cold water with a very mild detergent and always, I repeat, always dry it with low heat otherwise you might just end up with a burnt and matted mess. Another way this fabric becomes matted is with heavy consistent use so keep that in mind while making purchases.

Our Recommendation:Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler


Most of us are familiar with fleece. This fabric is a go-to for retaining heat and warmth without an issue. Fleece is an amazingly soft fabric and dog bed style that is actually created from recycled plastic bottles or things such as polyethylene and/or synthetic fibers. This option is another great one for those who are going green or want to choose something that’s better for the environment than traditional fabrics. Interestingly enough, this fabric allows for ventilation meaning that it won’t make your fur baby overheat while resting in their bed but will keep them warm.

I would like to add that if cared for properly this kind of dog bed will have moderate longevity. This fabric is similar to Sherpa in the fact that it has the same washing regulations. You do not want to ever wash or dry synthetic fabrics with heat. Doing so will destroy your dog bed.

Our Recommendation:MidWest Quiet Time Fashion Pet Bed


The self-heating variety of dog beds can be made with a variety of different materials and generally are. These are great for the cooler months when you want to make sure that your dog is warm and comfortable. This fabric is also a good option for people whose homes are especially drafty or cool. Self-heating dog beds are not powered by electricity and therefore will not harm your dog.

We noticed that self-heating dog beds tend to be made from recycled material which is just icing on the proverbial cake for our eco-friendly friends.

Our Recommendation:American Kennel Club Self-Heating Solid Pet Bed


Dog beds made of polyester tend to be very durable and strong because polyester itself is an extremely durable material. The benefits of polyester dog beds are that they will not shrink on you, they aren’t ever going to wrinkle up and guess what? They do not mildew!

Something that make polyester dog beds unique and different compared to other dog beds is that they are what’s called hydrophobic which makes them have really fast drying times. The fabric itself is normally used to insulate and is known for retaining its shape which is why it’s used for outdoor dog beds so often.

If you just happen to have a dog that likes to rough things up a bit, a polyester dog bed is probably your best bet. When researching dog beds, you will probably notice that those that are written off as tear resistant contain polyester. Even if you just want a longer lasting product, polyester is probably one of the best choices for you.

If you choose a polyester dog bed you will reap the benefit of having a quick and simple wash and dry routine.

Our Recommendation:Carhartt Gear Camo Dog Bed


Plush is basically just a pile of soft luscious fabric. Plush can be made various ways but nowadays it generally consists of silk or a mixture of both silk and cotton. Another cool way plush is made is by the use of synthetic fibers such as (you guessed it) polyester. Contrary to popular belief, plush and silk are actually not the same thing. Plush is not as dense and hard as velvet which, when it comes to dog beds, make a world of difference.

Most of us are familiar with the softness and comfort that plush gives us. It’s why we couldn’t let go of that teddy bear when we were a kid and why we just can’t help but doze off on grandma’s couch. Plush makes for perfect dog beds especially when packed to the max with fill.

Our Recommendation:Nuzzles & Paws Plush Pet Bed

Pillow Top Memory Foam

Memory foam is the cream of the crop when it comes to any kind of bed. A memory foam bed will support your dog’s joints and bones even as they are resting. Memory foam offers balanced comfort and support like no other while shaping itself to the contour of your dog’s body. Memory foam dog beds tend to be therapeutic so they are perfect for dogs with hip dysplasia (or any other issues with their limbs or body).

Does you pup wake up multiple times during the night? Sleep studies have shown that because memory foam shapes around the body sleepers are less likely to wake up in the middle of the night to change positions. You may notice that memory foam dog beds tend to consist of the more top of the line products. The great thing is that you actually can get one into your home at an affordable price.

Our Recommendation:Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed


Cushions are the perfect dog bed forsmall dogs even though there are options for bigger dog breeds. Cushion dog beds are made in a variety of styles and materials so you’ll have to do your homework to see which one is ideal for your pup. These dog beds tend to be very plush and firm. They do a great job of supporting lighter weight breeds but as I’ve said before there are a slew of options for big dogs. If you have a large breed dog you may want to look into getting a quilted cushion dog bed since they displace the weight in a way that won’t instantly flatten out the bed.

These beds are reminiscent of throw pillows and some of them even look like couch cushions so if your dog is addicted to hopping onto the sofa this just might be the solution for you.

Our Recommendation:AmazonBasics Padded Pet Bolster Bed

What to Look for When Purchasing a Dog Bed

81dn3szfiel-_sl1500_Okay. Now that you know why you should get a dog bed and what kinds of dog beds are available on the market we are going to teach you about the things that you should consider when you finally decide to go out and purchase a dog bed. The fact that dog beds are affordable is great but the last thing that should be considered when purchasing a dog bed is the price. There are many things that can be considered so we went ahead and listed the top four things that we feel should be prioritized when making your purchase.

The thing about purchasing a dog bed is that there are countless numbers of options meaning that no matter what your preferences are, chances are there is something out on the market for you. This section will teach you about the things you may want to think about when making a purchase. Things that can make the difference between your dog bed lasting and being adequate and it becoming another one of your dog’s little toys.

We’ve already told you about the fabrics and their pros and cons. Now it’s time to put it all together and actively begin to choose what kind of bed you want to get for your pup. The four topics that we are about to discuss will affect how your dog will feel while using their bed, how the size of your dog will affect your purchase in a big way, and how the breed of your dog will have to be taken into consideration while choosing fabrics. We will also tell you a bit about how the size of the bed will greatly influence what you can do with the bed and where you can put it. Other key topics include ease of maintenance and use.


When thinking of what kind of fabric to consider for the bed you need really think about your dog’s personality. Are they rough or dainty? Do they actually enjoy sitting more than playing? Do they like picking things up with their teeth? Do they claw at things?

If your dog likes being rough you’re going to want to go for a more durable kind of fabric. You options will mainly consist of synthetic fibers such as polyester. If your dog is a little rough with their things you do not want to purchase them soft velvety fabrics such as plush (unless it’s merely on the siding—even then it might not be a good idea). Another thing about fabric you want to consider is whether or not there is rubber on the base or some kind of other anti-skid fabric so that the bed won’t slide every time your dog sits on it.

Dog Breed and Size

The size and breed of your dog makes a world of difference. You need to consider the size of your dog because it will largely affect the kind of dog bed that you get and the size of dog bed you need for your dog to be able to comfortably use the bed. The breed lets you know how much shedding there would be but even with these two considered, you know your dog better than anyone else.

If you have a large breed you will want and need more support. Large dogs develop a lot of wear and tear on their bodies over the years and get tired quicker and more frequently than small dogs. For this reason we generally recommend therapeutic memory foam dog beds (this is obviously just a suggestion you will ultimately get whatever you feel is best).

Size of the Bed

Often people get dog beds that barely fit their dogs. If both of their front and hind legs are hanging off of the front and back of the bed, it isn’t big enough. Finding the sweet spot for size is as easy as taking your dog’s length and adding at least 15 inches. Getting a bed that just barely fits is better than getting a bed that is entirely too small though you should shoot for something you know is bigger than your dog.

When considering the dog bed think about this. The bigger the bed is the more likely the dog will spend time in it with their toys, playing and sleeping. Getting smaller dogs bigger beds is a great idea because it gives your little energy ball lots of space to bounce and play. Just remember, the more space the better.

Ease of Use and Simple Maintenance

Always read the instructions that come with the bed. How is the bed washed and cleaned? Does it come with a cover? Is it stain resistant? Does it require delicate cleaning and drying? What kind of detergent is supposed to be used with the bed?

These are the questions you need to find the answers to in order to ensure the longevity of your dog’s new bed. When we covered kinds of dog beds we went over a slew of different fabrics that are normally used for the most popular dog beds. In those blurbs you learned that the kind of material your dog bed is made of highly affects how long it will last.

Note: The softer the material the more likely it is to shrink in hot water and burn in heat.

10 Reasons Every Dog Owner Should Have a Dog Bed

If you’re like most other pet owners, you’ve more than likely collected your fair share of knickknacks over the years. The problem with pet owners is hardly ever not having enough things rather not having the right things. Your pets have probably tried all the treats and played with pretty much every toy on the market but the one thing that tends to slip pet owners’ minds are beds for our pets to comfortably rest and sleep on. This seems like an obvious idea and yet it goes over our heads.

I know what you’re thinking. Your pet has probably already made your bed or couch their home. And sure, while that’s true, there are plenty of reasons why you should still go out and get your dog a dog bed. It’s kind of funny. We don’t go searching for excuses to feed our dogs all of the crazy snacks or spoil them with all sorts of toys but whenever something other than those things are involved, there’s this huge question mark hovering over our heads. The fact of the matter is that many people leave their fur ball to sleep on the cold hard floor, or even worse, outside. We don’t want them on the bed at night and we’re tired of taking sticky tape rolls to the couches to pick up all the shed fur. So what do we do?

No dog owner wants to feel like they’re neglecting their pooch, but that’s exactly what ends up happening when we inadvertently leave our pup to their devices. We don’t even like the idea of our dogs feeling the slightest discomfort, which is one of the main reasons why getting a dog bed is so important. There are probably thousands of really good reasons why dog owners should buy their dogs beds, but here are ten that I thought of right off of the top of my head.

71ozkbbrknl-_sl1500_Reason No. 1: Comfort

This is obvious enough. Dog beds get our dogs up off of the hard cold floor and into something they can actually feel relaxed in. This concept is similar to the idea of not wanting to sit on a hard floor instead of in a comfortable cushy couch. One thing that we don’t consider is that by our dogs constantly walking, jumping, playing, sleeping, and resting on hard surfaces we are actually aiding to joint and bone problems.

Our furry friends are sentient just like us and feel pain and discomfort much like we do. Not having a comfortable position to lay at night can hurt their necks or make it near impossible for them to actually relax enough to get a good night of deep sleep. A lot of dog owners talk about how their dogs are up walking around at night and of course they protect us, but they also don’t like relying on cold stiff surfaces for comfort.

Reason No. 2: Gives Your Pups a Place to Sleep

Most pet owners know how important it is to let your dog have its own things. Getting your dog their own beds seems like a pretty logical thing to do. Think about it. When dogs aren’t playing they’re resting. Finally, giving them their own space to rest and enjoy the deep sleep that they deserve.

Like we said in reason number one, comfort is big for dogs. Buying your dog a bed can be the difference between them enjoying their life to the fullest and them living one full of aches, pains, and soreness. As you’ve read from the summaries above, many dog beds are therapeutic and are actually designed to support your dog’s joints and bones. We love the idea of sleeping on our soft cozy state of the art pillow top mattresses so we should jump at the idea of being able to give our pooches the gift of comfort and rest too.

Reason No. 3: No More Doggy on the Couch

While many pet owners don’t mind if their dog jumps on the couch or dining room chair, we have to think of the repercussions of doing so. Shed hair has the uncanny ability to get everywhere. Having to vacuum and clean after our dogs is like breathing for most pet owners but there is another way to at least lessen your dogs need to roll all over the couch.

I don’t know about you but dog hair on the couch and other household furniture can lead to an onslaught of problems. Especially if you have family members or friends that are allergic to furry animals. Your dog should have their own space anyway but actually giving them a dog bed means less shedding all over the house. If you’re having odor issues with your dog and your furniture there are actually odor fighting dog beds that can help out with that as well.

Reason No. 4: They’re Humane

Dogs are meant to be free and roam around. It’s common knowledge that your dog shouldn’t be locked up at all times of the day. Instead of banishing your pup to the doghouse or hardwood floor give them a reason to want to rest. We’ve talked about it before and can’t say it enough—our dogs’ health matters. If you want your fur ball to stick around you’re going to have to ensure that they have the means they need to thrive and be healthy.

So many people think they have to lock their dog up in a cage—this is just not true! Simply getting your dog a premium dog bed can make all the difference in the world. It will give them a reason to be happy about sitting and resting and staying calm without throwing them outside like they’ve done something wrong.

Reason No. 5: They Can Keep Your Pooch Warm

With new kinds of natural technology some dog beds are naturally self-warming while others are extremely plush and padded with thick cushions giving your dog the simulated feeling of being cuddled. Many of the fabrics are designed to maintain warmth while being cloud-like and soft. If the siding of the dog bed is raised your dog will enjoy the added benefit of not being hit with cool air (especially if you live in a particularly drafty home). There are even options for those of us who want the best of the best with beds that incorporate size, premium material, softness, support, and memory foam for optimal results.

The greatest thing about self-warming dog beds is that they don’t use an electricity and are made with green materials (a win, win for the eco-conscious buyer).

Reason No. 6: They Give Them Somewhere Squishy to Play

Our family dogs love rolling around and dragging their toys to their dog beds. Aside from being super cute it helps prevent your dog from making messes all over the house. It seems like most of the time our pups are concerned with finding something fun to do around the house. This often leads to mysteriously bitten clothes, shoes, socks, and knocked over trash cans. Dropping your dog’s toys into their dog bed is a great way to get them to play in a smaller area making clean-up a breeze.

Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying that casting your dog onto their dog way is the way to go. But we are saying that they will more than likely enjoy their dog bed in a big way. This rings true for dogs of all sizes. The only thing you have to do is make sure that they have a dog bed that gives them a little space.

Reason No. 7: They May be the Key to Solving Your Shed Fur Issues

We talked about this a bit in number three but we’re going to reiterate. It sucks when you can’t have family and friends over because of the dog hair and pet dander that is tracked all over the house. Even if your family isn’t allergic, dog hair and shed fur can make your young ones sick—especially if it gets in their noses or mouths. The issue is worse if your pooch loves going outside and rolling on the ground and doesn’t get regular baths.

Let’s take it a step further. You’re going out of the house with dog fur all over your clothes and in your hair making people think you’re crazy and let’s not even begin to talk about the smell. Because dogs generally like dog beds they will spend more time in them than they will trying to jump on other household furniture. Getting your dog bed will be the perfect time to train your dog to not get on the couch or other heavily used household furniture.

Reason No. 8: They Can Cuddle in Them When You’re Asleep or Busy

Sadly we don’t always have the time that we want and need to play with our dogs to show them affection. Sure dog toys work sometimes—maybe even a bone but what dogs really need is something that feels like the real thing. Cuddling with their bed while you do work around the house or on the computer is a great way to keep your puppy busy. We all know how much they love to watch and observe us—with a dog bed you can bring the dog to wherever you are inside or outside of your home.

If you are doing garden work you can set your dog’s bed on the porch or patio for when they are done exploring the yard. If you’re writing a paper or doing work at your home desk you can sit your dog bed in the office so that you can enjoy each other’s company.

Reason No. 9: Allows Your Dog(s) to Relax

Dog beds give your dog a lot of options about where to sit and go. If they are big enough, they can bring their bed with them wherever they like and if you have multiples you’ll find that there is little to no walking during the night because your doggies will be able to sit and rest wherever they like. If you’re one of those pet owners that don’t like your pets in your room at night and find your dog scratching, pawing or crying at the door you can easily set your dog’s bed in your room for the night. I think that what most people will find is that their dogs become surprisingly comfortable with their beds and don’t really need another option to be satisfied or able to relax once and for all.

Great places to have a dog bed include in the family room, sunroom and by the front door (we know how much they love seeing who’s coming to visit).

Reason No. 10: They’re Affordable

Interestingly enough, there are many different fabric options to choose from—the one thing that they have in common is that they are all pretty darn affordable which is why having multiples won’t break the bank and isn’t a big financial deal. This is also generally the case with large dog beds crafted with hugebreedsin mind. With dog beds, lower price doesn’t mean sacrificing quality and there are a ton of different style options to choose from. There are even dog beds designed to help with certain issues (such as stench or sweating).

Obviously, some options cost more than others, and if you really want to invest in a comfortable, time-tested dog bed you are probably going to pay more than simply purchasing your dog a dog pad to slap onto a crate. No matter what your purpose there is definitely a solution out there for you.

5 Real Benefits of Having a Dog Bed

61qwaes2erl-_sl1500_Either you’ve probably already made the decision to go out and purchase your dog a bed or you are kind of on the fence or stuck wondering whether or not you should actually go ahead and get your dog(s) one (or a few). The answer is a resounding yes. A million times yes.

Dog beds really do save you and your pup a lot of hassle. They won’t take the mischievous out of your pooch but they will definitely work to help curb their need to be jumpy and messy all of the time. Let’s face the music folks, bending over to vacuum, sweep and mop after ourselves and our kids is hard enough. The last thing we need is Lassie inadvertently dirtying up our home. Guess what? As you will learn in a little bit, dog beds can help with that.

Our dogs are a part of the family. If you’ve had your dog for a while now or are a lifelong pet owner you know this by now. Much like we have a place to eat we give them a place to eat. Much like we have our gadgets we give them their toys. We like indulging in goodies every now and then and we give them that same slice of happiness. We need to wash up and care for our teeth and so do our fur babies. We have our beds to rest and lay in whenever we want and so should they.

Earlier we gave you 10 reasons why you should actually go out and purchase a dog bed. This section is geared towards reiterating the benefits of having a dog bed in case you still aren’t quite sure whether or not you want to go ahead and purchase your pup a bed that they can finally call their own.

They Encourage Your Pooch to Chill

Your dog will have a little chill zone of their own. You have your place on the couch and now they can have theirs on the dog bed. Because they’ll love it so much they will be encouraged to play and rest there instead of having to sit on the cold hard floor.

When you are gone away from the house your dog will have somewhere to sit and wait for you. Setting them by the window can be a great way to get the exposure to the sun if you don’t have a doggy door installed for the back yard. Your dog will also be able to drag their dog bed (if it isn’t too big) to change the scenery during the day.

If you are personal about your space then giving your dog their own space just seems like a logical plan of action.

They Give Your Dog Their Own Personal Space

Instead of chasing your dog around picking up all their toys and snacks you can set their toys inside of their dog bed and their snacks just outside of it so that they can sit and chill just like we do. If your dog is a wanderer getting them a dog bed just may help settle their nerves. They’ll know that the bed is theirs and that they can sleep, rest or play there whenever they’d like.

Aside from rest and sleeping, some dogs like having their snacks near their dog bed. I know our family dog does. The space they get with a dog bed is different than giving them a play corner because dog beds can keep them warm, prevent them from getting too cold because of nuisance drafts, and when they’re tuckered out from playing they have a place to go rest.

Giving your dog their own comfortable space to just hang out is a great way to help your pooch stay healthy while showing them that you love and care for them just like they love and care for you.

Your Pup Will Finally Have Somewhere Cozy to Rest

This is especially true if you choose one of the self-warming options for your dog. Having somewhere warm to rest is essential for your pup because dogs like humans are mammals that get cold as well. Dog beds are a great humane way to treat your dog instead of making they sit in a cold dark cage or out in a makeshift doghouse.

Let’s officially put an end to make our beloved friends and fur children sleep on hard floors. It isn’t comfortable and it also is not very good for our dog’s bodies. If we want to enjoy our pets for a really long time we need to make sure that we are doing the utmost to care for their bodies so that they can move, explore, and love hard like they’re supposed to.

If your dog is a wanderer, this is definitely a part of your solution. No more walking around looking for somewhere warm to sleep for your dog.

Your Dog Will be Less Likely to Track Shed Fur All Over the Furniture

If shed fur is a huge problem for you, getting your dog a bed to place in their personal space can be a part of the remedy. We all know that dog hair has the ability to get pretty much everywhere. In our clothes, in our shoes, all over the furniture. When our guests come over it gets all over them up their noses and into their mouths and ears possibly making them sick and God forbid they be allergic to dogs.

Getting your dog a bed will make convincing your dog to go to their bed to play instead of jumping on the couch so much easier. The translation is less of a mess and more time to enjoy your family and your dog outside of the vacuum cleaner. Like we said, a dog bed isn’t a prison sentence. Dogs actually enjoy dog beds so getting one sort of seems like a no-brainer.

They Show Your Dog that They’re Part of the Family

Nothing shows your dog that they are part of the family like buying them something to sit comfortably and rest easy with us. Our dogs do a lot of watching and patrolling for us so it only makes sense that we give them the most comfortable perch available. By now you already know that dog beds are great for preserving the health of our dog’s bones and joints. They also help your dog achieve better rest and deeper sleep.

Your dog will be able to sit and play in your company or sleep by the couch or by your bed without shedding all over your furniture so you won’t have to worry about obsessing about cleaning every other day. Gifting your dog a premium dog bed is a great show of affection that will affect the way they live every day of their life.

Dog Bed Precautions and Safety Tips to Consider

71amuse0bl-_sl1500_Dog beds generally come all together in one piece but there are still some things that you should know about the beds. Fabrics are not suited for every person and animal. Some synthetic fibers might make your dog (or you) itch. Others can turn the laundry room into a fire hazard if they are not washed and cared for properly. The chances of either of these things happening are slim but still worthy of mention since some of you have small children and most of us wash our own clothes and things.

Learning about the fill that is used in your dog bed is essential. You want to know what exactly it is and what it is capable of. Contrary to common belief, fill can cause allergic reactions and be a choking hazard if the bed is ripped open and shaken by your dog. Other kinds of fills may contain chemicals that are harmless while they are in the bed but can irritate mammals if directly interacted with.

You can prevent your dryer (and dog bed) from being ruined by following the laundry instructions included with your purchase. Generally speaking, dog beds need to be washed in cold water and dried in very delicate temperatures. Never dry your dog bed on high or you will run the risk of melting it and possibly ruining your dryer and dog bed.

A summary of things to be mindful of when caring for your dog bed:

  • Small Parts can be choking hazards if you have small children.
  • Dog beds that heat up (through electricity) may be fire hazards.
  • Be vigilant about tears and rips. If the bed becomes too worn to use simply toss it and purchase a new one.
  • Always be sure to wash your dog bed consistently to keep it safe and sanitary for your pet’s use.
  • Pet beds require being washed with a very delicate detergent. Consider baby detergent for your cleansing needs.

Dog Bed Recommendations and Buying Tips

61ms6dkxtol-_sl1200_Our recommendation and buying tips are pretty straightforward and simple. Always be sure to do your own research and take what other reviewers might have to say with a grain of salt. Make sure to consider everything in our ‘What to Look for When Purchasing a Dog Bed’ section. This will help you brainstorm and allow you to really hone in on what your dog needs to be happy with their new bed.

Be sure to read the list of materials carefully, especially if you are a vegan or vegetarian and don’t want to purchase animal products. Always read the tags and follow the wash protocol as closely as possible. If you are interested in a dog bed that is made with a material that was not described in this article then don’t hesitate to do your own research and make sure that the bed is health safe for your dog (and your small children).
For a first time dog bed, we always recommend something made of polyester. Polyester keeps dogs warm and is extremely resistant to mildew so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting wet and plopping down onto their bed. Polyester will also give you all the benefits you’ve read about thus far and will last longer than most other kinds of beds.


Buying a dog bed is quite possibly one of the best things that you can do for your dog and their health. Dog beds are generally made out of recycled material which is a great bonus for the eco-friendly and are affordable which is a definitely win-win for everyone. What’s your favorite dog bed?

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Until next time folks!


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