Best Dog Car Seat Reviews 2017

If you are a big dog-lover, you know how it feels to leave your dog at home. The sad look in their eyes can be too much! Some dogs have separation anxiety but it can be a great hassle bringing them for car rides. Manufacturers of dog car seats have created some awesome seats such as the ones listed below, starting off with the best dog car seat in the market! Long gone are the days of sad puppy eyes and here come the days of adventure with your best friend!

Epica- Deluxe Pet Bench Car Seat Cover

Stain and water resistant, this large car seat was designed for the messiest possibilities! So durable that chewing ain’t no problem! Attach this dog seat to the car backseat headrest and lock it in or to the backseat seat belts! This product is super easy to wash (won’t damage your washing machine), and super comfortable to ensure that bringing along your pet becomes much more of a pleasant experience for the both of you!

This car seat stays in place no matter how much your dog moves around and its microfiber layer makes sure that people can enjoy a good car ride without worrying about any spilling of drinks getting on your car seat, this isn’t just for dogs! This is a generic brand that fits any car with backseat headrests and at this price for this quality, it’s definitely one of the best deals for the market!

Whether your pet is big or small, or you just have messy kids and friends, Epica Deluxe Pet Bench Car Seat Cover has you covered and stress fee about keeping your car clean!

NAC&ZAC Waterproof Hammock Pet Seat Cover

Another durable product, this time made of three layers of polyester! Comes with a Lifetime Warranty that you most likely won’t need anyway. A wonderful thing about this product is that you can opt for one with a clear silicon bottom layer so that no color will rub off onto car seats with lighter shades. This product is absolutely safe with no toxins or any weird scents.

It has a velcro strap for the seat buckles to prevent dog hair from slipping in between those dreadful crevices for an easier cleanup. This product is also washing-machine safe. The price may be a bit high for some people but this pet car seat has a great fit for a large variety of cars.

The bottom layer is a bumpy silicon which is great for seat grip to prevent it from sliding around and keep it steady for your dog, the last thing you want is your dog getting sick but with this product, that’s not even much of a problem anymore as it is waterproof and easy to clean! The side flaps that are tucked in under the seat will help keep it in place and catch all the shedding hair and keep you stress-free after every ride.

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars

Much like the above product, this heavy-duty waterproof polyester also has velcro flaps for your seat belt and flaps to tuck in under the seat to ensure full coverage. But unlike the above product, there are no options for a clear silicon bottom layer, instead, BarksBar uses a color-fast system to prevent color from transferring to your car seats.

This car seat cover comes equipped with pockets for storing treats, toys, and other accessories that you might need to bring along for your furry friend! BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars is so durable that the strongest and sharpest of nails won’t affect the material, so you can count on the long-lasting durability at such a steal of a price! All the straps have a big range of ability to adjust to make a great fit and keep sturdy for all kinds of cars.

To clean this car seat just shake off all the hair and dust, and water it down. You can also stick it in the washing machine as it’s flexible enough but hosing it down with some soap is the quickest and safest way! Who ever thought cleaning up after a car ride with your dog could be so easy?

Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover Waterproof 2 Bonus Pet Car Seat Belts

Are you one who loves to spoil their pets with luxury? Then this is the perfect car seat for your dog! This soft, quilted and fancy looking pet hammock seat for cars has a very classy metallic dark grey color to it, and would look fantastic in any car! Again, this seat has a bottom layer of silicon grip to keep it in place as well as velcro buckle straps, headrest buckles, side seat flaps to tuck in, and adjustable straps to secure your magnificent looking pet seat in place.

This product comes with two dog seat belts and 2 harnesses to keep your worries at bay and prevent your dogs from getting hurt in case of any accidents. Layers of polyester under the soft diamond, sewn quilt will keep your pet feeling like royalty in any car ride and adds to their comfort to help them relax. You can choose to hang up the front side to the back of your front seat headrests to create a hammock-style seat or you may leave it down, it’s all up to you! It’s best to manually wash this seat however, as it’s a pretty thick car seat, nevertheless, it’s still super quick and easy to wash!

Incredibly easy to install, gorgeous looking in a car, luxurious comfortable top layer for your beloved pet, amazing fit for all cars, the price is absolutely worth it for this kind of quality and experience!

Snoozer Lookout Pet Car Seat

If you have a smaller pet, this Snoozer Lookout Pet Car Seat is just like a little box covered with lamb’s wool on the inside for an ultra-soft, relaxing, and warm car ride for your little friend. This dog car seat is perfect for single car chairs, too, so that one chair in the van that no one ever wants to take can finally be of good use! But no matter what car you use, your dog will love the comfort of this car seat so much, he’ll be jumping for joy every time it’s time to go for a ride!

You can hook this car seat up to the seat belt to connect to the harness and the whole thing only weighs around 5 pounds! Lock it in, take it out, it’s all so easy! The stability of this dog seat is crazy, too, it barely moves, preventing dogs from getting too car sick, and taking away most if not all car anxieties that dogs usually get.

Unlike hammock types, this dog seat is a little harder to wash, but if you’re more concerned about the comfort of your dog, it’s definitely worth it. Even with a price like this, your dogs will have a great experience, you can sit them in the front seat safely and they can jump up and lean on the soft edges to look out the window, and for you to see their adorable little faces! Just don’t get too distracted by the cuteness!

Solvit Tagalong Pet Booster Seat

Here we have another box-type dog car seat, or also known as a “booster seat”. This dog seat is much more affordable and a great deal for its excellent security and comfort for your pet. This booster seat has a cut out at the front which is perfect for dogs who easily get anxious from feeling constricted, beat that kennel claustrophobia! It connects to not only seat belts but also headrests to ensure the safety of your furry loves! Just make sure those furry loves are not over 12lbs! It’s not the best for your dogs to stand up and lean on the edges but this booster seat raises your pup off the regular level of the car seat so they can look through windows and enjoy the view anyway, they won’t need to stand up to take a peek!

The soft inner lining can be easily removed to provide a quick, easy and stress-free cleanup. Just put it in the washing machine and it also works great in the dryer! This seat is fitted perfectly for any cars with headrests and seat belts (assuming that all cars have seat belts, I certainly hope they do!).

Etna Pet Booster Seat

This booster seat boasts of security and safety, which is our very priority when it comes to taking our dogs out for a car ride. It won’t slide around and has adjustable straps for your headrest and seat belts. Pets of up to 10 pounds are perfect for this car seat and the sheep skin inner lining will keep them warm and comfortable during the ride. It can accommodate a 20 pound pet but I recommend this for pets much smaller than that so they have room to move a little bit and lay down comfortable without feeling to strapped up.

Installing this thing is fool proof! This booster seat can be attached to any car seat, has an adjustable height to perfectly match your pet and has a removable inner lining for an easy wash. There is also a built-in harness for those dogs who are extremely restless, and you need to keep them secure when bringing them along for the safety of both you and your pup. The faux sheepskin doesn’t fully cover the interior of the seat so it’s recommended you put a soft towel or blanket at the bottom for your pet to curl up on. But for this price, it’s definitely a steal for a safe and comfortable little road trip with your dog!

4Knines Rear Bench Seat Waterproof Non-Slip Cover with Hammock

Another luxurious hammock-style pet car seat, with the same diamond quilted design just like the Plus Paws Pet Seat! The stitching on this thing have been perfected to make sure that soft, quilted top layer stays together through chewing and scratching, making sure you don’t have to constantly repair/replace to keep your dog nice and comfy during those long car rides!

This dog car seat covers around 54 inches wide and any excess can be tucked in under the seats to keep your whole car protected from hair, slobber, and other not-so-pleasant things that your dog might do in the backseat! Just like most other car seats, the material of this product is soft and flexible enough to go into your washing machine, or simply just vacuum and water down. UV coatings are used to make this dog car hammock even more durable!

4Knines really love their doggies! For every product purchased, 4Knines has promised to donate $1 to ASPCA and other rescue groups.

What to Look For

Depending on the size of your dog, you’d want to think about which style suits best for you. Although booster seats have bigger options, there is no such thing as too big of a dog! So if you have a gentle giant coming along with you on the ride, you might want to consider purchasing the hammock-type, which allows your whole back seat to be covered, comfortable, secured and safe for your big dog. These hammock-types are also good for smaller dogs who like to roam around, if you don’t really need all the extra space. When it comes to hammock-types however, it is very important to consider the durability of the material to prevent chewing mark and scratches on your upholstery. Make sure it is waterproof or there would almost be no point in buying one. Pet Car Seat Covers are great and not only for pets! They work for children as well (and messy adults)! Plus, they are super easy to clean and have awesome grip!

If you have a smaller dog however that is prone to separation anxiety and any kind of anxiety for that matter, you should opt for a booster seat, this allows your pet to sit and lay down in a cozy, comforting box of heavenly softness. You can also have them sitting in the passenger seat with you this way. Get to know your dog and find out which would best suit him or her to keep the both of you stress-free during car rides.


The prices vary for each type of dog car seat, the products listed above work amazing, it’s all about knowing what suits your dog- the size, the personality to find which is best to keep not just your dog comfortable, but also you and everyone else in the car. Now that we’ve given you a variety of information about dog car seats, we trust that you’ll make the right decision in purchasing the best dog seat fitted for your car, and your dog’s needs.

From hammocks to boosters, cheap thrills to luxury, there is a wide array of choices. Make sure you think about what best fits your budget, and what keeps you stress free, especially the clean up part. These seats will make your life a whole lot easier and a whole lot more fun for your pet!

You can finally breathe and drive easy the next time you bring your pet along, vet visits and taking your pets around to show them the world has never been as stress-free as this, because we all know that everything and every place is better with man’s best friend!

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