Best Dog Carrier Reviews 2017

Dog carriers are portable bags, cages or boxes used to transport animals like cats and dogs. It’s used by most pet owners so their pets are easier to take care of. Do you have plans travelling with your pet? Then we suggest looking into the best dog carriers in town. Want to know more? Check out our list below.

Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers

The Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers is most definitely the most prominent dog carrier in this list. It’s available in different dark colors such as plum, delta black, original black, brown, gray and multi-colored. It’s installed with patented spring wire frame that allows the carrier to be push down even in under-seat requirements. For privacy and ventilation, it has mesh windows, top and side entry zippers.

For your convenience, it has side pockets where you can place their leash, bags and treats whenever you’re on the go. With this one, you don’t have to worry about getting approval from airlines because it’s pretty prominent among dog owners. This item goes with padded straps that are adjustable, carry straps, luggage straps and faux lambskin liner. The Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers is available in small, medium and large sizes to accommodate a lot of dog sizes.

Pet Travel Portable Bag Home

The Pet Travel Portable Bag Home is an airline approved pet carrier. It has a dimension of 18″ x 11″ x 10″, a good size for puppies, cats and other small sized dogs. Additionally, it’s installed with soft sides along with padded floors so your pet won’t feel uncomfortable inside. This item only weighs 2 pounds and therefore easy to travel with.

Since it got a suitcase style design and a removable padded shoulder strap, it’ll be easier for you to carry this around. Looking at the carrier, it has plenty of ventilation so your dog won’t get suffocated. Lastly, for easier storage, this item can be folded flat but still holds its shape if you’re planning to use it again. All in all, he The Pet Travel Portable Bag Home is an affordable dog carrier that is certainly trusted by many people.

AmazonBasics Pet Travel Carrier

The AmazonBasics Pet Travel Carrier is available in small, medium and large size. It’s designed to guarantee that your dog is safe and protected inside. With its sleek black look, this carrier will help you carry your pet by the plane, car or monthly trip to the vet. Furthermore, for improved ventilation, this one has mesh panels on 4 sides.

This one has adjustable shoulder straps as well as carrying handles for easier carriage. Additionally, travelling with this one will be better as it conforms to under-seat sizes of most airlines. With its dual loop handles, your carrying wouldn’t be that hard. Along with the AmazonBasics Pet Travel Carrier is the base insert, fleece pet bed and the shoulder straps. Lastly, this item is backed with AmazonBasics 1-Year Limited Warranty so it’s almost ensured that you’re covered.

Pawfect Pet Carrier for Dogs

The Pawfect Pet Carrier for Dogs is made of quality materials as it’s made with sturdy support frame and microfiber material that provides an optimum shape. For better security, this one also goes with a top zipper which also offers your dog an emergency exit. It’s ideal for dogs and even cats no more than 18 pounds.

For your dog’s comfort, this one also has a soft fleece bed that is washable and a rigid insert panel so they stay relaxed all along the trip. It has a size of 17.7 x 12.2 x 11.8 inches and fits on most under seats. More importantly, if you want to make your travel easier with your dog, this one has available shoulder straps as well as a bonus e-Book for a stress free life.

AmazonBasics Pet Kennel

As one of the most affordable dog carrier in the bunch, the AmazonBasics Pet Kennel surely deserves a chance. This item is available in 2 sizes that measures: 23x15x13 inches and 19x12x10 inches. It has a 2 door design for easier loading and unloading. To make sure that your pet is safe and sound inside, it’s made with durable plastic along with a front door made from steel wire.

For smoother opening, it’s equipped with spring loaded latch. Additionally, to make sure that your dog stays fresh inside, this one has ventilation on all sides, including the top part. More so, for added convenience, it also has a top door where you can simply pick up your dog. Once your pet is inside, it’s already assured that they’re safely kept within is area.

Mr. Peanut’s Pet Carrier

The Mr. Peanut’s Pet Carrier has a size of 18.5″ L x 11.4″ W x 13″ H and is an airline approved dog carrier. It’s available in variety of colors but mostly deja blue and uptown beige. To assure you that your dog will be able to breathe inside, this item has an open air mesh windows on all sides as well as on top. Additionally, to help you pack their other essentials; it also contains multiple pockets around.

For easier and no-pain carrying, this dog carrier got hand carry handles and padded shoulder strap. More importantly, to guarantee that your dog is securely placed inside, it includes a lockable zipper along with a lost and found tag in case your dog carrier gets missing. Because it’s made of oxford 2 tone fabric, this one is made with oxford 2 tone fabric that is washable through dry clean.

Premium Pet Carrier Pet Peppy

The Premium Pet Carrier Pet Peppy is a luxurious dog carrier that any dog lover would love. This product has a size of 18 x 11 x 11 inches and is airport friendly. Unlike others that stays as they are all the time, this dog carrier is expandable from two sides to create a wide comfortable are for your pet as it gets better air circulation.

Its frame is made from sturdy wire frame lines along with a stable base to prevent it from having bunched up edges and sagging corners. For improved safety and better convenience, this carrier also includes an extra layer of protection as well as side pockets where you can place their medicines or treats. The Premium Pet Carrier Pet Peppy is ideal for pets 14 pounds and below.

Airline Pet Carrier by Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co.

The Airline Pet Carrier by Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. is a first class product we’re proud to introduce. This one is TSA approved as it only measure 18”L x 10”W x 13”H. For better air circulation, this one involves a 360 degree mesh panel. Furthermore, because this item is made from 1680D polyester shell, it’s puncture resistant and therefore has longer lasting durability.

With the rigid bottom and 2 washable fleece pads along with this purchase, your pet’s comfort is definitely guaranteed. Likewise, to make sure that it will stay in its shape, this carrier features a flexible plastic support. It has 3 versatile carrying options such as the adjustable shoulder straps, side tote strap and integrated carrying handles. Lastly, for less hassle, this one includes a zippered feeding window that provides you access to cater them without having to remove them from the carrier.


Most pet owners agree that their dogs have made their life significantly better. As they become part of the family, it’s not a shocking fact that owners want to bring them anywhere they go. This includes places such as parks, malls and to the vet, even to faraway places like on vacation places.

A dog carrier doesn’t just ensure that your dog is safely placed inside, but to also guarantee that they won’t be a danger to other citizens, even though you don’t own a dangerous canine. Moreover, if you’re planning to take your pet faraway places and you’re getting on a plane, then an airline approved dog carrier is recommended.

Travelling with pets is never easy. Trains, airlines, even buses have strict policy when it comes to dogs as well as cats travelling aboard. There are certainly many things to consider before getting a dog carrier. Even if you opt for an expensive one, it’s not guaranteed to give your dog the most comfortable temporary home.

The overall decision will still be yours after giving you a list of possible dog carriers that you can buy. If you must know, dogs are very smart so despite leaving them inside the carrier, they will still be able to get out if the carrier isn’t good enough. Good thing, the dog carriers in this page ranges from cheapest to affordable to the most luxurious you could ever find.

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