Best Dog Collars Reviews 2017

Having a pet dog is no joke. You have the responsibility to take care of a living, breathing animal. But dogs are no ordinary pets. They are loyal and they become part of the family. You need to take consideration of the people around you and for your dog, too. That is why purchasing a dog collar is a must. Finding the best dog collar can be tedious since there are a lot of dog collars in the market. Some are made for design, while others have distinct purposes. Whether you’re looking for a dog collar you’ll need for your everyday walking, for training or for identification purposes, looking for the best dog collar is something a dog owner will have to face in your lifetime. Here’s a list of best dog collars in the market.

Custom Embroidered Dog Collars

Here’s a dog collar most dog owners would’ve purchased at least once in their lifetime. A dog identification collar is important for you and your dog. Dogs can be flighty at times. What would you do if your dog suddenly goes bolting out of your reach while you are going for a stroll, and you have no means to locate your dog? Making sure that your dog has a name and contact information on their collar is important.

This dog collar is stylish, though. The name and information needed to guide those who were able to locate the dog are embroidered on the collar. This serves as a personalized ID collar for your canine. Your pet’s name and your phone number are placed there so that you can be reached easily in case your dog gets lost.

This dog collar is made of durable stuff. Nylon material is used for the collar, while a special machine embroiders the information on it. Having it embroidered makes it permanent so you won’t be troubled whether the ID would be lost. It is a custom-designed collar every dog must have.

Pet Tech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar

A popular dog collar for those who are training their dogs is the Pet Tech Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar. Because this dog collar is no ordinary collar, it is quite expensive. It has a rechargeable system and the collar is waterproof so you won’t be scared to use it near any body of water. The remote-controlled function has an amazing radius of 400 yards wide. This dog collar can fit large breed dogs at most.

Expert dog trainers swear by this product. This is actually very popular in the market and for first-time pet owners, this is a must have if you want to train your pet dog. Correcting your dog’s bad behavior is easy when you have this. During walking and leash training, you can use this to guide your dog what’s the right way that is convenient for you. Its lithium-ion battery is long lasting, making this product a good buy indeed.

KONG Cloud E-Collar for Cats and Dogs

This is a very comfy dog collar for your pet. For dogs who have a nasty injury, or those who underwent surgery, this Cloud E-Collar is the one they need to help them recover fast and prevent further injury. This is also good for dogs who are suffering from severe skin rash by preventing them from scratching or reaching the affected part of their body.

Unlike those unsightly post-surgery neck braces we often see in the market, this dog collar does not interfere with your dog’s peripheral view. Drinking and eating are also not affected in any way. The material used here is washable, and the design is made to be scratch and bite-resistant. What’s also good about the soft material this dog collar is made of is it won’t scrape your furniture. This dog collar has a sizing chart you can check out for small, medium or large breed dogs.

Petrainer PET998DBB Waterproof Shock Dog Training Collar

A best-seller dog training collar from Pet Trainer is another dog collar we would like to recommend to you. If you’re planning to train your dogs, or if you’re a dog trainer who is in need of a durable, convenient and amazing dog training collar, then you’d love to check this product out.

This dog training collar is waterproof, so if your dog ever gets in the water the collar will not be destroyed even though it runs on energy. This dog collar is remote-controlled. Whether you’re near your dog or is yards away, you can deliver the right training option to the special device on the collar. It can deliver a beep, shock or vibration to your dog which would suit your dog training style.

Bark Solution’s Anti-Bark Dog Collar Training System

There are dogs who are very noisy and tend to bark at anyone and anything. Some might be innate in their breed, but others are caused by behavior problems which can be corrected after proper training and guidance by a seasoned dog trainer or experienced dog owner. With the help of the right tool, you can make your dog refrain from too much unnecessary barking. This product is a reputable dog collar which can help you in that area.

Bark Solution’s improved Anti-Bark Dog Collar Training System is guaranteed to safely and efficiently decrease the incidence of the excessive barking of your dogs. What’s good about this dog collar is it’s a humane way of behavioral conditioning your dog. Don’t you just hate using those nasty, scary-looking “barbed wire”-looking correction dog collars some use? This anti-bark dog training collar won’t harm your dog. Medium-sized and large breed of dogs are suited for this product. Included with your purchase are a receiver operating manual and a 6-volt replaceable battery.

LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable by Illumiseen

If you’ve tried walking your dog at night, or if you’re living somewhere secluded and has tried walking along the darkening trees, then you probably know the difficult bind you’re in if your dog got lost during the dark. Having some kind of indication where your dog is located is helpful. This dog collar is built-in with LED lights which can illuminate your dog in the dark. It also comes with a matching LED leash, perfect for those nightly strolls for you and your dog.

From afar, cars coming will be able to see the LED light on your dog’s collar which is an advantageous feature and prevents any disaster from happening. Your dog’s life won’t be put in danger thanks to this ingenious product. LED Dog Collar is made of a lightweight and durable material. It comes with a USB rechargeable battery able to give up to 5 hours of illumination for your dog. This dog collar is so strong and durable it could last for a long time.

Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs

There are actually dog collars that can make your dog and puppies feel at ease. Introducing the Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs. It has a lavender and chamomile fragrance that can make your dog feel calm, safe and secure. A special ingredient from the dog collar can trigger the release of pheromones to calm your dog up to 30 days.

Each pack you can buy on the market has 3 of these special dog collars. For such an affordable price, you’d want to try this one out. Sometimes dogs can get too agitated and anxious for some reason. Whether it’s the addition to the new dog family or a loss of a favorite dog buddy, dogs have emotions that only dogs can understand. Sometimes dog owners don’t know what to do when dogs become anxious for some reason. Here’s a dog collar which can help you and your dog out.

Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

Now this is a familiar dog collar you wouldn’t shy away from. It looks normal and doesn’t have any weird and complicated attachments to it. It’s just a dog collar meant to be just that, a collar for your dog. But don’t underestimate this product. It’s not just an ordinary dog collar, this one is made of leather and it doesn’t come cheap.

The materials used for this product is of top quality leather made in Amish, USA. You can choose from a variety of colors and check their size chart which will suit your dog. It has soft, lambskin padding your dog will be comfortable with. Its classic style will never go wrong. Although personally, using animal products is abhorrent, but this one is too beautiful to pass. What’s good about this dog collar is it’s made of strong material and can withstand strong strain and pressure for an active dog. It can last for a long time as long as it is well-kept. Your dog would be the “belle of the park” with this dog collar for sure.


Dog owners want to showcase their dog in any way they can. A dog collar can help you in that department. But dog collars are not only for ornaments to your dog, it has distinct functions and there are different dog collars in the market which can deliver those said functions. Whether you want a dog collar as an ID for your dogs in case they get lost, or a dog training collar for behavior managements and training, or you just need a dog collar for your dog walks, having a dog collar that suits you and your dog’s needs are important. We hope you are able to familiarize yourself with the different dog collars in the market and find the best dog collar for your dog.

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