Best Dog Cone Reviews 2017

They call it the Elizabethan collar, buster collar, the “cone of shame” or in proper words, a dog cone. This product is often used to an animal suffering from injuries, to prevent them from licking or scratching their wounds, which can aggravate it further.

Are you looking for the top rated and best dog cones in the market? We have it all collected in a list! To know more, check them out below.

Comfy Cone Pet E-Collar

The Comfy Cone Pet E-Collar is the leading dog cone in the market of all dog cones. This item is available in 5 sizes from XS, S, M, L and XL. It’s a comfortable e-collar that’s patented soft cone shaped collar meant for both dogs and cats. To let your dog pass through doorways, this one has a unique e-collar design that conforms to most passages. It’s very easy to clean and is water repellent, making it extra convenient.

Since it’s a vet’s recommendation, we also take pride into endorsing having this one. It features reflective binding, so your dog is extra visible outside. The collar can be reversed in case your dog is suffering from upper back injuries, IV lines or shoulder pain. Moreover, to keep it secure on your dog’s neck, it features a thread for the pet’s own collar with its elastic loops.

KONG EZ Clear for Dogs

The KONG EZ Clear for Dogs is a safe, lightweight, humane and comfortable dog cone. Currently, it’s being offered in 5 sizes to accommodate different breeds of dogs. For better visibility, it has transparent sides to help your dog see more. Moreover, it features a padded neckline for a more relaxed feeling. This item will surely help break the itch to scratch and lick bites their wounds without any harsh restraints.

For easier installation, this one has Velcro straps to make it easy to take it on and off. To help fasten their recovery, this item ends self-inflicted aggravation. As one of the leading item in this one, we believe that the KONG EZ Clear for Dogs is a decent item that you must consider having.

ZenPet ProCollar Pet E-Collar for Dogs

The ZenPet ProCollar Pet E-Collar for Dogs is designed and trusted by veterinarians to protect your pet from reaching their injuries, post-surgery wounds and rashes. It’s very durable proven with its outer protective jacket along with a durable canvas material for them to resist bites and scratches.

Currently, it’s available in sizes of XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. It’s very easy to inflate as you can simply locate the valve on the other side of the collar and blow it. Additionally, this one is installed with 3 inner rings and once it’s inflated, the ZenPet ProCollar Pet E-Collar can function as a soft deterrent. Furthermore, this one is fastened through Velcro straps so it can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

FOREYY Recovery Pet Cone

The FOREYY Recovery Pet Cone is a dog cone that’s safe and humane to prevent dogs from scratching dogs from irritating a wound or injury. Additionally, it helps them overcome itch-scratch cycle, lick-bite and wound mutilation. This lets pets rest more easily with its soft breathable mesh edge to let them lay their head in a comfortable position. More importantly, with its clean plastic cone feature, it’ll be better for your dog to see through their peripheral vision.

With the extra stainless steel d-ring, this one is much more enjoyable for your dog. Likewise, it also has a plastic snap closure for safety fixing and so your pets won’t have to bend over. The FOREYY Recovery Pet Cone is available in 3 sizes from M, L, XL and is offered in colors of blue, black and pink.

Lion Collar by Petoga Couture

Do you want a cute and adorable dog cone for your dog? Then you’d love the Lion Collar by Petoga Couture. This one is available in XS, S, M, L and XL. It works not just for dogs, but also for cats. Furthermore, this one is ideal for rashes, post-surgery wounds or injuries. Despite its cute lion aesthetic, this one is lightweight, soft and comfortable to make your dog comfortable while wearing it.

For simpler application, this one contains unique Velcro closure which enables you to tighten or loosen the item when necessary. Moreover, due to the flexibility of the cone, it lessens the chances of your dog reaching the injured areas. Lastly, if you love your dog and doesn’t want them to feel the cone of shame then you’d be glad to offer them the Lion Collar by Petoga Couture.

Recovery Collar Cone by PETBABA

The Recovery Collar Cone by PETBABA is offered in two sizes with the small having a dimension of 5-6 x 4 inches and the medium with 6-9 x 5 inches. Moreover, it can also be bought in two colors namely rose and blue. It’s made with extra fine materials to give you an item you can use for a long time. It uses PVC along with a padded liner with soft velvet edge to make your dog as comfortable as possible.

For better pulling force and accurate fitting, it’s sewn with double stiches and with the button closure; it’ll be easier for you to put it on your dog. The Recovery Collar Cone by PETBABA is exclusively made to treat dogs undergoing a post-operation recovery. For your peace of mind, this one is backed with 90 days warranty if the item disappointed you somehow.

Soft Cone Plastic & Flannel Collar for Dog

The Soft Cone Plastic & Flannel Collar for Dog helps break the lick-bite stigma that usually happens when your dog is suffering from allergies or an injury. It’s recommended to be used by small pets such as cats, rabbits and dogs of smaller breeds because of its neck circumference of 8.25 inches, depth of 3.55 inches and neck diameter of 2.38 inch.

It’s made from durable yet lightweight flannel and transparent plastic for full visibility. As one of the cheapest dog cone in the market, getting this Soft Cone Plastic & Flannel Collar will be a good decision on your end. Now, we know this item may not be as popular as the other ones, but if you want to save money then definitely opt for this one.

FOREYY Recovery Pet Cone

The FOREYY Recovery Pet Cone is another adorable yet humane dog cone in this list. It’s an Elizabethan collar to help pets prevent from aggravation their injuries or wounds. The outer layer is a fabric that’s easy to clean while the inner layer is made from soft sponges. As a result, pets are able to rest easily and comfortably because it’s very light and comfortable.

In other news, it also features Velcro closure which makes it easier for you to take it on and off on your dog. The soft material of the item makes it possible for your dog to drink and eat normally, unlike other dog cones. For the moment, the FOREYY Recovery Pet Cone is available in S, L and XL sizes.


Animals are used to treat their wounds by licking and scratching it, leading to worse results and leaving their injuries damaged than before. Which is why when dogs suffer from certain injuries or cases, they’re commanded to wear a dog cone. A pet cone or Elizabethan collar lessens a canine’s peripheral vision to reduce their drive to irritate their wounds.

Even though dogs hate wearing a dog cones, it tremendously helped their healing time, making it convenient for a lot of owners as well as veterinarians. It’s attached to the dog’s neck or where the collar is located and it mimics the head a of a lamp shade. Some dogs adjust with it very quickly, while the others goes completely motionless whenever they’re eating or drinking, so it must be temporarily removed.

Dog cones are affordable tools to help your dog heal faster. As of now, there are traditional dog cones and modernized dog cones available in the market that is offered in case your dog doesn’t like the other one. Of course, if you want to help your dog recovers faster, it’s important to strictly implement rules and don’t remove the dog cone unless they’re fully recovered.

We all love our little furry friend at home, but sometimes incidents happen when they need to wear a dog cone. And we know that you hate making your dog wear the cone of shame as much as they do. Still, it’s a job that must be done. We believe that we’ve already done our part in sharing with you a good list of dog cone items you may want to try.

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