Best Dog Costumes Reviews 2017

Don’t you just love it when dogs are made to wear cutesy and adorable costumes? It makes you think Halloween has come early, or it’s always Halloween at your house. Whatever the occasion may be, your pet dogs are a sight that can make you laugh. Share your memories with your family with the best dog costume in hand. Whether it’s your dog’s birthday, a holiday celebration, or there’s actually no event at all you just want to see your dog in a costume, donning your dog with a costume is fun and entertaining. There are many dog costumes in the market. You can check our list of best dog costumes below.

Dogloveit Dog Costume Lion Mane for Dog

You’ve probably seen those cute and adorable “lions” on social media recently. What would you do if you saw a lion with its tail wagging with delight when you’re holding a dog treat? Nope, it’s actually not a lion but your pet Labrador with a Lion wig costume on. Isn’t that hilarious?

The most popular dog costume you’d find on the market is this Lion Mane dog costume. You can use it for your dog during Halloweens or for a school play, or just for pranks. That would give a huge laugh to anyone who’d see it. When you’re trick-or-treating, having your dog carry your basket with this wig on would definitely garner you a few “haha’s” and lots of candy.

This wig is made of polyester and is very durable. It is also easy to wash and comfortable for your dogs. When you purchase this, a lion tail is also included. Your dog will be the life of the party with this Lion costume. Medium-sized dogs and large breed dogs are suited for this dog costume with a neck size of 60 cm to 80 cm.

Rubies Costume Star Wars Collection Pet Costume

Just looking at this costumes makes me cry with glee. This is just too cute, it’s beyond words. You’re probably familiar with the Ewoks from the Star Wars franchise. Have you seen how cute they were, despite their fierce disposition? This is the cutest dog costume in the bunch. Furry and cute medium-sized dogs are better suited for this to achieve the goal of an adorable little Ewok.

This dog costume includes a headpiece very similar to the Ewok costume seen in the movies, as well as a cute jacket. Although this is not limited to any size of breed or dog size, you can try it on your dog and see for yourself. There is a size chart you can look into. Caution, though, some might not fit all breeds. This is a perfect addition to your Star Wars cosplay or Halloween costume with your dog as an Ewok in tow.

Animal Planet PET20104 Triceratops Dog Costume

For such a cheap dog costume, this one is one of the cutest out there. Although it’s quite affordable, this Triceratops costume delivers a top-notch, cuteness level for your pet dog suited for any occasion. Your dog will be a knock-out in any parties you attend to, they’d be the top of the food chain for sure!

This dog costume is a Triceratops costume with a realistic-looking headpiece that has horns and faux dinosaur skin. A Velcro strap goes under your dog’s chin to secure the headpiece to your dog. Your pet dog will surely look fierce-looking with this dog costume. Don’t you just love it when your dog attempts to look scary but has this adorable costume turning it comical? Try this dog costume for your dog in any occasion you’d attend.

Rubies Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume

The Justice League would not be the same without the hottest member of the bunch. And when we mean the hottest member, we are referring to Wonder Woman. Your dog can be the hottest member of the Justice League, you just have to make your dog wear this super chic and super sexy Wonder Woman costume and she could go up, up and away with her super doggy powers.

This Rubies Costume featuring Wonder Woman dog costume is composed of a replica headpiece and costume dress with a printed design very similar to the original. It has an extra-large size for dogs with 24-in chest measurement and 28-inch length from neck to tail. Some of the dog breeds which are suited for this dog costume include the Springer Spaniel, Bulldog, Collie, Brittany Spaniel and other dogs with similar sizes. This dog costume is officially licensed by the Warner Bros. Entertainment, how cool is that?

Rubies Dapper Dog Pet Costume

Your dog can look cool and dashing with this dapper dog costume we’ve encountered in the market. It looks like a formal tuxedo complete with a jacket with tails, a row of buttons in the front of the suit, a white shirt on the inside, and finishes the look with a top hat. Some dog breeds are better suited for this, and there are sizes which you can choose from. You can check their online shop and see for yourself which size or shape suits your dog.

Consider getting a bigger size for your large breed dog if this dog costume snuggly fits the chest area in order to make sure your dog will be comfortable on it. For special occasions your dog needs to attend to such as weddings, Valentine’s Day or a date with another dog, this is the dog costume suited for your dog. You can coordinate this look with a bride costume for better appeal and for the amusement of viewers.

Despicable Me 2 Minion Pet Costume

Who doesn’t find the Minions cute? They even got their own movie, that’s how popular the Minions are from the original movie Despicable Me. Now who wouldn’t want to see their pet dog in an adorable Minion dog costume? This is too cute you can’t help but laugh with glee.

For such an affordable price, you’d get a durable outfit for your dog suited for any occasion. Whether it’s for your Halloween get-up or for a dog-friendly party, this dog costume is the bomb. This product can fit small to medium-sized dog breeds. It’s made for dogs with sizes of 17 inches chest measurement and 15-inch from your dog’s neck up to its tail. Dog breeds suited for this costume are Jack Russell Terrier, Pug, Maltese, French Bulldog, and other similar sized dog breeds like the Boston Terrier.

Casual Canine Lil’ Stinker Dog Costume

This dog costume is hilarious and stinky at the same time. No, it’ actually not stinky. It looks so cute and realistic you’d go screaming in the opposite direction. Your adorable dog will look like a real skunk with this Casual Canine Lil’ Stinker Dog Costume. This skunk costume is made of 100% polyester. The material used is durable thanks to its high-end quality fabric. Velcro straps are used to secure the full-body costume.

Cleaning this dog costume is no hassle at all. You can hand wash this in cold water and it won’t get damaged at all. Available sizes for this skunk costume include a medium size of 16 inches length. Your pet dog will be the life of any occasion with this deceiving skunk dog costume.

Fitwarm Cute Penguin Xmas Pet Clothes for Dog Pajamas

A perfect dog costume for this Yuletide season is this Fitwarm Cute Penguin Xmas Pet Clothes specially made for dogs! This Christmas season, enjoy the warm holidays with a cute dog wearing Christmas pajamas made of soft and comfortable fabric. These cozy dog pajamas is designed with 4 legs that can fit your dog’s limbs perfectly. It has an elastic waist for better comfort and security.

There are many sizes you can choose from with this design. You can check the size chart provided on their site to better gauge the right fit for your dog. Your fur baby will be the perfect partner and snuggle-buddy during this Christmas with this cute dog costume.

Elf Pet Costume

Another fun costume for your dog this Christmas is this Elf Pet Costume. For puppies and adult small-breed dogs which are in the mood for some elf-loving dog costume, this one is suited for them. The cute dog costume is colorful and looks just like a real elf. You need to hand-wash this in order to preserve the pom-pom design. This is an excellent dog costume for a dress-up this season.

The costume includes a green tunic which features red pom-poms shaped like jingle balls. The cutest thing about this dog costumes is the little Santa hat of green shade with matching ankle cuffs made of the same material and design. Medium-sized and small breed dogs will look super cute in this. This fits perfectly with dogs having the following measurements: 15-inch from neck to tail and 17-inch chest area. Try this dog costume for your pet dog this Yuletide season for a very merry Christmas indeed.


Your pet dog can be anything you want them to be, that is, with the right kind of dog costume you can purchase on the market or you can make one yourself. For any occasion you’d like to attend with your dog in tow, there are many dog costumes you can select in any store. They’re very cute and affordable you can’t help but buy lots of them. With this list of best dog costumes, we hope you have additional ideas for your next dog costume adventure. Feel free to try one after another. As long as you and your pet dog have fun with it, being adventurous with your dog’s outfit is an amazing feat.

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