Best Dog Diapers Reviews 2017

Is your pet suffering from urinary incontinence, excitable urination, or male marking? Or perhaps you’re planning to take your pet dog on a trip or to a friend’s house and don’t want them to spoil their house. No matter what the problem, the dog diapers are a great way to deal with them. But, if you’re a new pet parent or don’t know much about these diapers, worry not!

In this article, we’ll help you understand everything there is to know about these diapers. We’ll first begin our discussion with the features of some of the top-selling dog diapers that are available for purchase on the markets!

Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers

Pet Megasin presents to you the best dog diapers you could ever lay your hands on. These reusable diapers come in a pack of 3. They have 4 sizes – Extra Small (small puppies), Small (Waist size 8” to 15”), Medium (Waist size 14” to 22”), and Large (Waist size 17” to 26”). Each diaper comes in a unique color – green, blue, and purple.

Needless to say, these washable diapers give you more value on your money than the disposable ones rendering them an economical and environment-friendly option. The diaper will serve you well if you have untrained puppies, females in heat, or for dogs that suffer from excitement urination.

The design of the diaper is such that its absorbent capability is increased significantly. There is a waterproof outer layer that helps prevent leakages. Therefore, your floors, carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture do not suffer any damage. What’s more? These machine-washable diapers are soft and comfortable with easy-to-use Velcro closures that won’t stick to the fur. This is undoubtedly one of the most affordable and reliable dog diapers available out there!

Wiki Wags Brand 12 Male Dog Disposable Wraps

What’s better than a bellyband for your pet that is comfortable, stays on, and disposable? Yes, we are talking about this fantastic disposable wraps brought to you by Wiki Wags. The wraps are fully capable of providing you with extra protection against leaks. The soft gussets add to a more comfortable snug fit so there’s no level of discomfort experienced whatsoever. The wraps are designed especially keeping in mind the male anatomy.

It works well for your puppies even during the housetraining phase. The wraps keep your dog drier for a long time by wicking away the urine from their body. They come in 4 different sizes which you could pick depending on the waist size of your dog – X-Small (6” to 13”), Small (12” to 19”), Medium (18” to 35”), and Large (25” to 30”). Every pack contains 12 disposable wraps.

Vet’s Best Comfort Fit Disposable Male Wrap

Vet’s Best brings to you one of the most comfortable disposable wraps for your male dogs. These wraps come in three sizes – Small (Waist size 12” to 18”), Medium (Waist size 18” to 23.5”), and Large (Waist size 23.5” to 31.5”).

This wrap is perfect for your dog if they suffer from urinary incontinence, excitement urination, and male marking. The wraps by Vet’s Best have a wetness indicator which will notify you when it’s time to change. That way, even if you’re busy with work you need not keep track of the track since you last changed your dog’s wrap.

Additional features such as a leak barrier, fur-safe fastener, and repositionable closure; all make this a user-friendly and pet-friendly disposable wrap. Each pack contains a count of 4 wraps!

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers

Excellently designed and built, this is yet another fantastic dog diapers that you’d find on the market. These washable male dog diapers come with an easy clean feature which makes the clean-up a hassle free task for you! The diaper wicks away the moisture to leave your dog with dry body without any irritation. There is a reusable pad inside each diaper which soaks up the liquid. This pad ca be used for heightened leakage protection or during prolonged use such as when traveling.

This diaper is lined with a waterproof outer layer which prevents leakages thereby making sure your upholstery, carpets, and rugs are free from any damage! They come in 5 different sizes which you could select based on your dog’s waist sizes. The sizes are X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. Whether your dog is big or small, Wegreeco will have a size that fits them perfectly.

Even after buying the right size, you can make further adjustments with the help of the Velcro closure. A comfortable fit for a diaper is an absolute must for every dog! Best diapers for problems such as excitable urination, incontinence, male marking, etc. Every pack contains 3 pieces, each having a different color. Wegreeco’s diapers come with a 2-year warranty.

Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diaper

Simple Solution brings to you these disposable dog diapers, specially made for your female dogs. Female dogs in heat, having urinary incontinence, or excitable urination; can all use these highly absorbent diapers keeping them truly comfortable at all times.

The diapers come in two sizes, small and medium. The comfort leg fit makes sure the diaper stays intact and fits snuggly. There are fur-friendly fasteners that prevent the fur from getting stuck in them. Plus, there’s a tail hole for added comfort.

The breathable outer layer prevents leakage ensuring your furniture, floors, and carpets are clean and don’t undergo any damage. For the times when you need added protection, use the diaper with a Simple Solution liners that are also disposable!

EZwhelp Washable Belly Bands / Male Wraps

This inexpensive pack of male wraps is brought to you by EZwhelp. These wraps are especially designed for increased absorbent power enabling the diaper to soak the liquid completely and wick away the moisture. Built with an aim of providing comfort to your pet at all times, these diapers can definitely be called your dog’s best friend!

The polyurethane waterproof barrier complete with full edge serging makes sure there is no leakage whatsoever on the outside. The wraps are machine washable and can be easily reused for a long time. The design involves quilted facing and the lamination technology which adds to your pet’s comfort. Backed by the trust of EZwhelp, this is definitely one of the most sought-after male dog wraps out there!

Vet’s Best Count Perfect Fit Washable Male Dog Wrap

Vet’s Best is back with their perfect fit washable male disposable wraps. The small/medium sized wraps are best for your male dogs have the waist size of 12” to 23”. Whether your dog suffers from urinary incontinence, excitable urination, male marking, or even when they are in their housetraining phase; these wraps will help them immensely.

The wraps are designed with a view to provide a snug fit for every dog which is why they come with repositionable closures. Even after wearing the wrap, your dog will be fully free and comfortable to move around without any trouble. However, the flexibility doesn’t reduce the leakage protection or absorbency in any way.

Additionally, these reusable male wraps come with a moisture-wicking liner, microfiber pads which are great absorbents of liquid, and a leak-proof barrier. Vet’s Best is the brand that enjoys the trust of a lot of pet parents and you should try it too!

Washable Dog Diapers By Pet Parents

Pet Parents bring to you these high absorbent washable dog diapers. Being among the top doggy diapers on the market, these male and female dog diapers are widely used by a large number of pet parents and are happy with the results!

The diapers are extremely useful for puppies that are untrained, female dogs in their heat, dogs that suffer from excitement urination, and more. Every pack contains three diapers each having a unique color either, gray, rust, or black.

These diapers are best for your dog if they’ve never used a diaper before. They are soft and highly comfortable to use. They have Velcro closures for quick fitting adjustments.


There may be various reasons why your dog might need a diaper. A female dog needs it when she is in heat while a male dog might need if they suffer from urinary incontinence, excitable urination, and so on. While your pets deal with their problems, you want to there for them. Right? One of the best ways to show your care is by using dog diapers. They not only help keep your pets dry and comfortable even during these times, but also in maintaining your house items, upholstery, and carpets.

When buying the right dog diapers, make sure the leakage protection offered by them is extra-ordinary. Do they have moisture-wicking property? Check whether they come in a size that’s perfect for your pet. See if they are disposable or washable and pick the diaper that suits your preference. Finally, take a look at what type of fasteners are available for added fit.

Once you’re convinced about all the above factors, go ahead and make the purchase and keep your pet happy and healthy at all times. After all, they do deserve the best care in the world. Don’t they?

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