Best Dog Frisbee Reviews 2017

Who doesn’t love playing frisbee fetch with their beloved dogs? I can’t imagine anyone not being mesmerized at how cool it looks when a dog jumps up and catches a fast, spinning flying disk in mid-air. It reminds us of how majestic our little best friends really are. I certainly wish I had mouth-frisbee catching skills like that, however odd that may seem. But you know what? Maybe with a little practice we’ll all be able to do so, but let’s start with taking a look at the best dog frisbee that the market has to offer us.

Kong Rubber Flyer

Made from a natural, non-toxic rubber, Kong Rubber Flyer is one of the most durable frisbees you can get! This dog toy won’t hurt your pup which has a surprisingly soft catch to it. This frisbee is available in two sizes to suit your dogs needs.

Due to its durability, you won’t have to worry about chewing damage, even tooth marks are super rare on this thing. Kong’s frisbee has a steady and firm feel to its throw and travels really fast, so for those who don’t have as much muscle power can play with their dogs even longer than usual, since this toy needs a lot less effort to keep your dog running and fetching, and probably very happy at the end of the day!

This frisbee is easy to wash, just water it down or wash it with any kind of soap that is safe for your pet! The Kong Rubber Flyer comes in Red and Black, although black is a few more dollars, it looks super sleek!

Canine Hardware Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

Now this is definitely a cool-looking frisbee! Made to look like a 2D cartoon squirrel, this makes playing with your dog so much more fun, especially for the kids! The frisbee comes in 3 sizes and 2 colors, take your pick from Green & Blue or Orange & Blue color combinations, and guess what? THE PAWS GLOW IN THE DARK! Too cool to handle!

The aerodynamics are incredible seeing as it seems to just be a simple dog toy. The shape will stay put even though the material can be flexible. You won’t have to think about avoiding bodies of water as this thing floats! It’s like taking fetch to a different level, make it a run-swim challenge for your pet! Gives you a nice swift throw and a soft catch for your dog! This will last you a long time and definitely such a cool frisbee to have at a price like this!

Booda Tail-Spin Flyer

Here’s another fetch toy that floats on water! Brought to you Booda, this frisbee can also be used as a water bowl for your pet! Comes in 3 sizes- 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch frisbees. I love how bright this frisbee is, similar to neon, definitely something that would encourage the kids to play as well! Super safe for your pets teeth and gums as it is made from a soft, flexible material with sturdy stitching. This frisbee is flexible enough to put in the washing machine or can be easily washed with a wet cloth and some soap.

This frisbee shouldn’t be left with your dogs to constantly chew on, as this is more for your dogs comfort when it comes to catching, but it still has a high chance of enduring such. However, if it is only used as a frisbee then you can be absolutely sure it will last you a very long time.

West Paw Design Zogoflex Zisc Guaranteed Tough Flying Disc Dog Play Toy

West Paw looks like your classic frisbee, only with a bold embossed paw right in the center! It comes in colors Aqua, Glow, Granny Smith and Tangerine! You can choose from two sizes, the Mini (6.5 inches in diameter) is a little more cheaper and best for small pomeranians, while the Large measures 8.5 inches wide.

This is so durable that you can play tug-o-war with your pet on this thing and teeth marks won’t be a problem. The soft plastic ensures that it won’t hurt your dog while pulling on or catching it. This is non-toxic and FDA approved so even if your dog has shark teeth and rips it apart it won’t harm your dog if he eats a little piece, though, I would recommend trying your best to steer clear from that.

Active environmentalists breathe! This frisbee is 100% recyclable! Woohoo! Has an awesome throw on it AND it also floats! Easy to wash and is sure to get your dog nice and tired!

Chuckit! Paraflight

This popular line of dog frisbees is starting to really impress me. This frisbee is nothing like the Chuckit! Flying Squirrel, a whole different concept! It’s a durable net-type cloth with rubber edge surrounding the frisbee and solid stitchings. Another feature this frisbee has is the super durable foam that helps in flying and allows it to float, both in the air and water! Has an awesome throw! With the way this thing flies, you’ll feel like a professional frisbee athlete and you might even enjoy the session as much as your dog does! Comes in Small (5.5 inches) and Large (9.7 inches).

This is definitely one of the safest frisbees so bring it to the park without the fear of accidentally hurting someone. You can toss into the washing machine or handwashed, both work great and are easy to do, and then just air-dry. It’s flexible which is a great quality to look for in a dog frisbee. Try not to let your dog chew on this too much, as it is stitchings and cloth.

Chuckit! Small Zipflight

This stylish little frisbee floats and is soft and durable and comes in orange and green! This is made of a high quality plastic that isn’t easily punctured and makes it enjoyable for your pet to catch, this comes in small or medium, depending on the size of your dog. Throw it just like you would with a classic styled frisbee and watch it spin and float so beautifully in the air! Takes minimal effort to throw a good distance to keep your dog happy.

These disks come in a variety of color and even comes in glow in the dark which makes it extra fun to play with during evenings where there is still a little light left. Your dog won’t know what’s going on with it, but it will definitely make it even more fun! This is lightweight but doesn’t bend, staying sturdy throughout many frisbee sessions to come!

JW Pet Whirlwheel Flying Disk Dog Toy

Looking for something that’ll make the other dogs jealous? This is the frisbee for you. The Whirlwheel is soft for dogs to catch, at the same time tough enough to double as a teether! That’s not all- in the center of the disk is durable squeaker added to make a game of fetch even more fun for your pup!

This disk is a little heavy but who’s ever regretted a little workout? It still flies wonderfully and looks really hypnotizing at it spins, it throws pretty far, too!

Made from a durable and non-toxic natural rubber, this disc is easy to wash. This is definitely a cool looking frisbee, resembling a wheel. Comes in two sizes and 2 colors; orange and green. These colors won’t fade! Don’t underestimate how durable this is just because of how soft and flexible it feels! Another fun thing about this frisbee is JW Pet Company has added a vanilla extract to this frisbee! Making it only even more pleasurable for your dog. Squeaks, doesn’t break, soft, AND smells good? JW, you already had me at “squeaks”!

StarMark Triple Crown Easy Glider

StarMark Easy Glider Max, TCEGMM, 11", (Colors Vary)

Take your pick from a 9 inch width or an 11 inch width frisbee! Starmark brings you a super soft flying disk that is made of foam which allows it to float on water and makes it absolutely heavenly for your dog to catch. The colors come in purple, yellow, and blue and though made of foam, are actually quite durable! Of course you want to avoid your pet chewing on this toy, unlike the JW Whirlweel which can also be used as a chew toy, this one is intended for a very safe session of just frisbee. These are absolutely perfect for dogs of age and sensitive teeth.

Since this is very lightweight, it floats and catches the breeze so effortlessly you can throw it at ease and still be sure it’ll look like frisbees are your thing. This disk is suitable for even young children and toddlers as it’s soft and the only thing you’ll worry about is foam bouncing off someones head. Not really something to worry about anyway, unless you have the hand of the hulk.

What To Look For

There is a wide variety of dog frisbees available on the market. Let me guide you in finding the right one. You have to think about functionality, durability, cost, size, and material. I separated durability from material because it is imperative that the material is soft enough and safe enough for your dogs delicate mouths to catch. Golden Retrievers, for example, have mouths so soft that some claim you can put an egg in their mouth and it won’t break, so for dogs like these, consider a super soft frisbee. You don’t want to hurt your dog or damage any teeth and gums. At the same time it has be durable, you don’t want anyone or any pet to get hurt from chewed up and damaged parts, and you definitely don’t want the need to constantly buy a new one.

Functionality is important. If you have a disk that won’t throw as great as you want it to, then it’s as good as useless. You want to enjoy this special bond you have with your pet, not feel like you have to endure it. Functionality also refers to how many uses it has, can it double as a portable water bowl? Can it double as a chew toy? It’s up to you if you feel these extra features could really be of use.

Cost is pretty much self-explanatory, choose the right frisbee for your budget, and don’t be afraid to make a good investment in a quality toy so that you don’t have to buy another. Make sure to read on the products properly! Sometimes a cheap product can have even better quality than some more expensive brands. Size is also very important, choose accordingly to the size of your dog, obviously if you get something too big your little house dog isn’t going to want to drag it across the floor for you.

Some additional stuff is to make sure it’s safe especially if you are going to let younger kids handle the frisbee session in a park, and if you’d like a floating frisbee, and what kind of frisbee you will be using on windier days. Take these things into account before purchasing just any dog frisbee so you can get the best frisbee suited for your and your furry friends needs!


With such a big selection from multi-functioning to simple and specifically created “just for fetch” dog frisbees, it would definitely be a little difficult in trying to pick the right one. Hopefully this article helped in broadening your knowledge when it comes to the importance of finding the right kind of frisbee for your pup.

Chuckit! Seems to be a super popular line of dog frisbees while Kong is on top of the list. All the frisbees listed in this article is sure to give you and your pet a fun-tastic time together!

It will never hurt to ask experienced friends and family members on their advice before making a purchase, it’s always best to be sure! However, always take into consideration that every dog is different and it would help to do some research on your dog to find the suitable material for your dogs mouth when trying to also find something that is sturdy and will last. Always make sure that the frisbee you choose is a win-win for both you and your pet, it’s always best if you’re sharing moments like these while mutually enjoying the process.

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