Best Dog Grooming Clippers Reviews 2017

Grooming your pet is undoubtedly one of the most difficult tasks for a dog owner. Mainly because of the resistance from your dogs. They find grooming one of the most boring tasks because they are often restricted from moving around during these sessions.

As a pet owner, you want to make this experience as hassle-free for them as possible. Therefore, you want highly efficient clipper kits so the job gets done perfectly in the least amount of time. Worry not! In this post, we bring to you some of the best dog grooming clippers that are present on the market.

Scaredy Cut Silent Home Pet Grooming Kit

Go silent with your pet grooming with this noiseless grooming kit brought to you by Scaredy Cut. If your pet is easily annoyed or bothered by the noise or vibration caused electric clippers, this non-electric kit is the perfect alternative. The kit consists of a scissor and attachment combs. There are 7 attachment combs of various lengths available in the kit. You can pick the ones that’d work well for your pets as the requirement of each pet would be different from the other.

The scissors come with removable gel finger inserts to give you a more comfortable custom fit as also to take care of your fingers from fatigue caused due to long use. The grooming kit also includes the tension adjustment knob and a serrated blade. It comes in two colors, blue and pink.

Different buying options include Left-Handed, Right-Handed, Right-Handed With Le Salon Mat Breaker, Right-Handed With Safari De-Matting Comb, Right-Handed With Tiny Trim. Pick the one that suits your requirement and you’re good to go!

Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 7-Piece Clipper Kit

Andis, one of the leading pet grooming kit manufacturers, introduces you to their EasyClip 7-piece clipper kit which is one of the most sought-after pet clippers out there. Despite the powerful, rotary motor for heavily coated dogs, this kit works on a quiet operation. The detachable ceramic blades are built to stay sharper and cooler even after long use. As they are detachable, they are extremely easy to change and clean. The blade oil is also a part of this 7-piece kit!

You can be sure about the longevity and durability of this clipper kit despite using it for years. It comes with 12” heavy-duty cord which is break-resistant. A highly important feature for a pet kit. The four attachment combs come in 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” for deeper cutting lengths. It also has a hard storage case so you could store all the pieces of the kit in an organized fashion.

Oster Professional Turbo Detachable Blade Pet Clipper

This top-selling pet clipper is brought to you by the top pet grooming brand, Oster. This professional clipper is powered by a heavy-duty universal motor which comes with 2 speed settings; the low speed of 3000 SPM and the maximum speed of 4000 SPM (strokes per minutes). It can go from zero to the maximum speed in a fraction of seconds. Now, if that’s not super speed, we don’t know what is!

This turbo clipper can be used on pets such as dogs, cats, horses, as well as livestock. The detachable feature of the blade system allows you to change and clean the blades with great ease. The kit includes Blade oil, Clipper Grease, Cleaning Brush, and Replacement Carbon Brushes.

Although, the price of this kit is slightly on the heavier side, the quality, durability, efficient and powerful performance easily make up for the price. It is backed with a one-year warranty!

Wahl Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Clipper Kit

Brought to you by one of the giants of the pet grooming industry, Wahl, this dog grooming clipper kit is definitely one of the best kits you could lay your hands on. The success of this highly-versatile kit lies in its strong and durable blades that give you great precision. The self-sharpening, snag-free blades are made to stay sharper for longer periods of time calling for little to no maintenance.

What’s more? The kit is accompanied with a step-by-step “How to” DVD that takes you through the entire process of grooming by using the kit. The use of the powerful cutting system has made it possible for this clipper to cut even the thickest of hair by providing up to 30% more power.

In addition to the clipper, the kit also includes blade guard, blade oil, storage case, cleaning brush, scissors, styling and four guide combs, mirror, and the DVD. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Although, this kit is top-drawer when it comes to quality, it’s priced quite reasonably.

Wahl Dog/Pet Home Grooming Rechargeable Clipper Kit

One of the top dog grooming kits out there, this rechargeable clipper kit is sure to make your lives a lot easier. The lithium-ion battery is capable of delivering high power for greater efficiency. With the run time of about 2 hours, this kit packs enough power to last for a quick grooming session for your pets anywhere you want.

It supports noiseless operation which is a great blessing for owners with pets who are bothered by the sound of most electric clipper kits. The blades that are included in this kit are built to give you powerful precision strokes, so your grooming session becomes short and efficient. The shorter the time required for clipping, the happier your pet will be!

It comes with a 5-year warranty. This is an inexpensive clipper kit that you don’t have to think twice before the purchase. It comes with color guide combs so you can easily pick the one with the desired length!

Andis 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper

This detachable pet grooming clipper set is brought to you by the top brand, Andis. Backed by the trust of Andis, this clipper is definitely the favorite of most pet owners in the US. It provides you with two speed settings, 2700 SPM and 3400 SPM. Select the speed you want considering your speed requirements and the length of the coat, and you’re all ready for an efficient grooming session.

This clipper kit is built for quiet operation despite the heavy-duty operation it is capable of performing. The advantages of the shatter-proof housing cannot be exaggerated and any pet owner would vouch for that fact. The smart cool-running design eliminates the need of fans or vents which pose a problem of getting clogged with hair. The clipper and the blades work well together to give you and your pets a great grooming session. The body of the clipper gives a good grip to the groomers making their jobs easy and convenient.

Sminiker Rechargeable Cordless Dogs and Cats Grooming Clippers

This cordless rechargeable dogs and cats grooming clipper is brought to you by Sminiker. This lightweight clipper has a fantastic design facilitating its use. The charger comes along with the kit which makes cordless operation possible. It provides a run time of about 70 minutes when charged for about 5 hours.

The specially made durable and strong blades that come along with the kit provide you with extra precision cuts. This makes sure no hair gets stuck in the blade. The efficiency of the blade is over 3 times as good as ordinary blades.

The kit comes with 3, 6, 9, and 12 mm combs, which you can select based on the length of the hair coating. The professional quality trimming allows even trimming all over the body. The powerful motor is equipped to make less noise and create reduced vibrations, making it a pet-friendly clipper kit. This pet grooming kit includes a clipper with internal battery, cleaning brush, charger, adjustment combs, pet comb, pet scissors, etc.

Dogloveit Electric Grooming Scissors & Nail Clippers

Dogloveit’s electric grooming scissors and nail clippers is quickly becoming one of the most popular pet grooming accessories available on the market. The kit includes a nail trimmer as well as a hair clipper and Dogloveit gives you a choice of either buying them separately or together as a kit.

This electric cordless clipper works as a fantastic gift idea for the pet owners you know. In addition to getting professional results, these clippers run on a powerful rotary motor. The grooming operation is performed by producing less noise and vibration in the process.
The high performing battery works for longer durations of time and is easy to replace. The nail clipper is fully equipped to remove even the thin layers of nail with great precision without causing any pain to your pet.

In addition to the nail trimmer and hair clipper, the kit also comes with a kit cleaning brush, 2 attachment combs, and 4 sizes comb head!


So, you’ve now seen some of the best dog grooming clippers present out there. You also know their features and the things you must look for when buying one for your pet.

A good pet grooming clipper kit can make your job of grooming your pet a lot smoother and fun for you as well as your pet. All you must do is pick the clipper that works best for you two!

If your pet doesn’t like the noise generated by the normal electric clippers, go for the ones that work noiselessly. Likewise, you also get to buy clippers that generate reduced vibrations, which could also bother some pets.

The time required by a good clipper would be far lesser as compared to an inefficient clipper. When buying an electric grooming clipper kit, always check the speed of the motor. Speed is usually measured in strokes per minute. Anything speed between 2500 – 4000 SPM is good enough.

We would also recommend you to invest some time and money in finding the clippers that give you results comparable to the professional quality. We’re sure you won’t regret spending those extra bucks!

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