Best Dog Grooming Scissors Reviews 2017

To be a reliable dog owner takes a lot of patience and responsibility. Your pets depend on you for their basic needs and one of them is dog grooming. So now, we’d like to give you the most significant tool in grooming and we’ll help you choose the best dog grooming scissors to prepare for the perfect bonding moment with your beloved dog.

Pet Magasin Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

Do you have large and fury breed of dogs? Check out one of the Best Sellers in this list, the Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors Kit with 2 pairs of scissors, 6.5-inch and 6-inch long shears. The longer pair of shears is designed for trimming your pet’s fur on its body while the smaller shears is intended for trimming the face, nose, ears and paws. It’s made from surgical grade stainless steel and has rounded tips, so you’ll never have to worry about accidentally hurting your pet. The 6.5-inch pair of scissors has smooth blades while the 6-inch scissors has micro-serrated blades made for short-range trimming.

The shears are perfectly sharpened that it can snip through the toughest tangles and thickest fur. It’s also equipped with soft finger ring inserts and finger rest to ensure the comfort during long grooming sessions. The set of scissors comes with a 2-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee from Pet Magasin.

Conair PRO Dog Home Grooming Shears

Are you having a difficult time trimming your dog’s hard-to-reach areas? We advise you to check the Conair PRO Dog Round-Tip Shears, Dog Home 7-inch Grooming Scissors. This uniquely designed grooming shears comes with a rounded ends that guarantee safety while trimming even when you go over the delicate areas of your dog’s body.

It offers an EverGuard coated blades which creates a non-stick and soft surface. To ensure durability and strength, this lightweight and comfortable dog grooming scissors is manufactured based on professional pet groomer specifications. This scissors presents a unique soft-grip finger holes and built-in finger rests to be able to perform the grooming easily and comfortably. For the first time dog groomers, this scissors is ideal for fine finishing work and achieving the right coat style and length.

Alfheim Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Grooming a dog is easier said than done and getting around this issues and choosing a good grooming scissors can be quite a headache. Introducing the Professional Pet Hair Grooming Scissors Set from Alfheim. This 4-piece grooming set consists of 6-inch Straight-Edge Scissor, 7-inch Up-Carved Scissor, 6-inch Thinning Scissor and 7-inch Down-Curved Scissor as well as a classy scissor case.

This item is made of pure stainless steel material to ensure durability and long-term use. It’s convenient and easy to use as it protects your arms, hand, elbows, shoulders neck and back from being stiff. It offers curved handles and fingers rest for convenient grooming. It also comes with a blade-sharp edge to guarantee safety and smooth trimming as well as detailed edging. Your pet will be thrilled when you use this handsome scissors the holidays has to offer.

Andis Premium Dog Grooming Scissors

Detailing work for small dogs is not an easy job as it has a lot of hard to reach spots. Pointed pair of scissors could do the job a lot easier but it would be a lot dangerous to frisky pets.

If you are looking for a pair of scissors that can work on hard to reach spots and still safe for the pet, Andis Premium Pet Grooming Tools with 6.25-inch straight shears is the best solution to your needs. It has a semi-pointed tip that can cut on steep spaces, yet it won’t hurt the pet if accidentally poked, perfect for toy dogs.

The easy to grip and perfectly finger-fit handles are designed to be used comfortably even on long hours of work. The shears are made from high quality Japanese stainless steel to ensure its durability and have a long life-span.

Gimars Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Scissors Set

Have you tried a heavy duty stainless steel, titanium coated scissors in grooming your pet? Introducing our own Gimars Pet Grooming Scissors made with all-stainless-steel material, titanium coating and cold treatment to ensure durability, toughness and long-term use. The blades are sharp and smooth, reducing the friction to the shears.

The set includes thinning, straight and curved scissors. Each scissors has an adjustable screw for tightness. Shears are also separable for cleaning and sharpening purposes. A rubber is also placed on handles to absorb the noise the scissors create while cutting. Handles are carefully designed for user’s maximum comfort and finger ring guards are made of plastic.

It comes with a cleaning cloth to easily and conveniently wipe all tools. It’s also equipped with a steel comb which has wide teeth with 2 separate size teeth to get rid of tangles, loose hair, mats and dust. This 7-inch pet grooming scissors set is perfect for pets with long and short fur.

Kingstar Professional Pet Dog Grooming Scissors

As the king of scissors in this list, we give you the opportunity to discover the beauty of the Kingstar Professional Pet Dog Grooming Scissors. This handy and high quality all-stainless-steel with titanium coating grooming set gives you the assurance of a long and lasting usage. The package comes with 7.5-inch Cutting Scissor, 7-inch Thinning Scissor, and 7.5-inch Curved Scissor. It also includes Grooming Comb, Oil, Scissor Case and cleaning cloth.

In order to reduce the friction in cutting your pet’s hair, the blade of scissors comes very smooth, sharp and strong. Cold treatment guarantees the hardness and strength of the scissors. The scissors also offers a bright and smooth surface and a strong sense of balance.

LILYS PET Professional Pet Dog Grooming Shears

What would you consider first before grooming your dog? Of course, the correct grooming scissors to use. You’d surely love this item, the LILYS PET Professional Pet Dog Grooming Shears. It’s a right-handed dog grooming scissors set that contains 7-inch cutting scissors, 7-inch thinning scissors, 7-inch up-curved scissors, and 7-inch down-curved scissors. The package also includes scissors case to neatly organize the tools and a grooming comb to get that final finishing style.

Handcrafted to perfection, this scissors are titanium-coated and made from 6CR stainless steel material to ensure durability, strength and longtime use. The sharp edge of the scissors is especially designed for contouring and shaping the hair to obtain a final look. It also features an easy-to-grip handle which provides extra control and comfort to avoid accidental injury.

Sharf Dog Thinning Shears

Dogs with thick coats are harder to manage during hot seasons. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for your electric bill to provide the comfort of air conditioning for your dog, you may choose to make its coat thinner by going to a pet groomer.

If you still want to save more, then you got to thin your pet’s coat yourself. Sharf Gold Touch’s 6.5-inch, 42-Tooth Thinning Shear for Dogs can help you a lot in making your pet to feel more comfy. The shears are made of 440c Japanese Stainless Steel. It features a shiny polished finish and gold accent screw with removable rubber comfort rings. It also comes with a snap-closed case to protect the scissors.

Master 5200 Series Dog Grooming Shears

If you’re starting to groom your dog, a versatile pet grooming shears would be a good option as you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for different kind of tools.

Master Grooming Tools Stainless Steel 5200 Series has a 6.5-inch, 30-tooth finishing dog shears that’s perfect for thinning, finishing and blending. It has offset handles that reduces fatigue for the groomer and silencers to keep the pet from being stressed out from the sound of the scissors. To ensure its sturdiness and durability, this scissors is made from high-quality stainless steel. It’s also easy and comfortable to use because of its lightweight.

The size of this tool is perfect for small dogs. A 46-tooth is also available for a thinner finish and 7.5-inch, 42-tooth model is also available for larger pet dogs.

Micio Micia Curved Dog Grooming Scissors

Are you a new dog owner and wants to groom your pet for the first time? Take a look at the Micio Micia Curved Dog Grooming Scissors. This easy to use sharp 8-inch curved scissors is made of micro-serrated stainless steel and equipped with 3.75-inch blade to ensure beautiful coat shaping and finishing.

This specialized shears is suitable for small dogs such as Poodles, Bichons, Shih Tzu, Doodles and the likes to obtain the best overall rounded look. You can comfortably style and trim the natural lines of your dog’s body, legs, paws and face. It comes with a non-slip rubber padded eye rings and a user-friendly wave handle which offers ease and control, decreases fatigue and stress-free grooming experience.

Micio Micia wants you to be %100 satisfied with this curved grooming scissors that’s why they have a great deal of a 2-year hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Pet Yogo Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

This gift-giving season, the Pet Yogo Grooming Scissors Kit is the perfect gift for your loved ones. This innovative 3-piece grooming set comes with 6-inch Thinning Shears, 6-inch Facial Scissors with Micro-Teeth and 6.5-inch Full Body Hair Grooming Scissors which gives you the comfort of effortlessly grooming your dogs. This high standard and all-stainless-steel blade coated with special anti-corrosion, rust-free formula offers you the security of a long-term usage and durability.

The scissors also feature an extra grip inside the handles for you to have additional comfort and lessen fatigue while grooming your pets. It has a round tips to prevent accidental cuts thus, the blades are very sharp and gets the work done in no time.

As this product is made by Yogo, they offer a 100% money-back Lifetime guarantee to assure you of an easy and hassle-free shopping without any doubt.

Caldwell’s Long and Short Haired Dog Grooming Scissors

Why do some dog owners prefer to go to professional groomers instead of grooming their own pets? Simply because they want their dog to have a safe and sound grooming, but wait, there’s something we’d like to show you. At Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. safety is their family name, safe for you and your pet dog.

The big rounded ends of this scissors will avoid any accidental stabs, making them safer than sharp scissors. This helpful scissors set contains 1 pair of round tipped / ball tipped safe edge trimming shears for closer trimming around the areas of ear, nose, face, and paw. It also comes with 1 pair of thinning shears that removes tangles and supports to put the final styles on your pet’s hair.

The blades are made with stainless steel materials and pre-sharpened or oiled to a perfect cutting edge.

The practical design as well as the extra finger rest makes this thinning shears easy to use. The 2 pairs of scissors fit both left and right handed users. To ensure your security, Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Alfie Round-Tip Home Dog Grooming Scissors

This holiday season, why not grab this Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – 3.5-Inch Dog Pet Round-Tip Home Grooming Scissors and spend time with your dog and have a great grooming session? This potential scissors is creatively designed to come with 3.5-inch round tip which guarantees a safe and sound trimming. It’s also ideal to use on sensitive parts such as ears, nose, around the eyes, paws and even the face area. When it comes to finishing touch and styling your dog’s coat the perfect way, this shears gets the work done in no time and without any fuzz.

To ensure the long-term use and durability of this item, the material used was high quality stainless steel. It’s also easy to use because it’s lightweight. This listed brand is manufactured based on professional pet groomer standards.

Dubl Duck Dog Grooming Scissors

Fond of having big dogs in the house and you want to groom them by yourself? We’d like to help you as we introduce the Dubl Duck Economy 10-inch Straight Dog Grooming Scissors. This scissors is made up of stainless-steel material to ensure the toughness and long-time use. Of course we want you to have a nice and happy grooming time that’s why this item comes with 5-inch blade length and is ideal for shaping your dog’s coat and hair. This specialized scissors is just right to use on particular large breed of dogs as you get the ideal finishing cut and the perfect style you want to have on your pet.

Straight Dog Grooming Scissors by Micio Micia

As a new item in this list, we’d like to present our especially developed Straight Dog Grooming Scissors which goes with style and comfort in grooming your darlings. This scissors offers a great deal of sharp 3.75-inch all-stainless-steel micro-serrated blades and an 8-inch shears which gives the assurance of a clean cut and no pain grooming. The un-sharpened tipped edge is especially intended to trim your pet’s hair, the ear mats and around delicate areas like the face, paws and pads.

It covers a well-designed non-slip rubber padded eye rings and wave grip that provides ease, comfort and lessens fatigue to both you and your pet while grooming.

This product is made by Straight and they offer 100% customer satisfaction or you can have 30-days money-back guarantee to ensure a worry-free shopping without any hesitation.


Now that you’ve already acquainted yourself with different types of Dog Grooming Scissors, we trust that you’ll be keen and smart in choosing which scissors fits your need in grooming your pet dog. It’s a bit tricky of course as these scissors are almost the same and offers a great deal of good features and benefits. Always remember that in choosing grooming scissors, consider the size and breed of your pet dog as well as their attitude and behavior.

In general, dog grooming is very important not only in your pet’s physical appearance but also in maintaining a good health condition and also a way of spending time with your pet. The most important thing to do is follow the proper guidelines in grooming your pet dog.

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