Best Dog Leash Reviews 2017

Having a pet dog needs a lot of responsibility and tender, loving care. Dogs are not just pets, they are part of the family. One of the important activities dogs love and need is a good exercise every day for optimum health. There are dog breeds who have a tremendous amount of pent-up energy that needs to be released every day in order to decrease behavioral problems. Having a good stroll or jog with your dog is not only beneficial for you but also for your dog. You’ll need a sturdy and reliable dog leash for that. We’ve gathered a list of best dog leash that’s available on the market.

Flexi Explore Retractable Dog Leash

There are dogs who love to wander around during dog walks. Whether they’re sniffing or checking out different sights and scenes during a dog walk, it can be tedious following your dog around or get pulled unnecessarily when they bolt and follow something that catches their fancy. This retractable dog leash is a good buy for dogs who love to explore.

Flexi Explore Retractable Dog Leash is the most popular dog leash sold on the market to date. This leash has a retractable tape dog leash which can extend up to 26 feet, how amazing is that? You can go on and walk your own leisurely pace without sacrificing your dog’s explorative adventure. Whether your dog would go far searching for objects, as long as he’s attached to your leash, he’ll come back to you and won’t get lost.

The dog leash is made of a strong material which can withstand the strong energy of even large breed dogs weighing up to 110 pounds. This product also includes a matching safety collar and a pamphlet with directions included in your purchase.

Flexi Neon Leash 16ft Small-Large

Another Flexi dog leash product which conveniently is also a retractable dog leash is this Flexi Neon Leash 16ft made for small to medium dog breeds but can also withstand some large breeds. Its neon color is attractively bright, you might like it if you’re into bright colors. The neon color is actually made of reflective material. Dogs who weigh up to 44 pounds are suited for this smaller yet still sturdy dog leash.

The reflective stickers of this dog leash add improved visibility for you and your dog in case you are dog walking during the wee hours of sunset when the world is getting darker. It has a special feature of pressing the brake button and stop feature using only one hand. With the 16 feet length of the dog leash, your canine can have more freedom in moving about during your dog walks. It’s made of sturdy, lightweight material that’s compact and suited for dog walks.

PetsLovers Premium Dog Leash

Introducing to you another dog leash product we’d like to recommend is PetsLovers Premium Dog. This is a heavy duty dog leash you can use for your dog walks which come in ambient, various colors you can choose from. For leisurely walks with your dog, you’ll need a tough dog leash such as this which is made with double layer design, stronger than any dog leash made of normal nylon. Although it is made of stronger material, this is surprisingly lighter than a leather dog leash, chain leashes or rope dog leashes. Some people even use this for bigger animals such as a horse, how crazy is that?

This dog leash has a handle with a pad to protect your hand from getting rug burn especially when you have a very strong and active dog who pulls you constantly during your walks. You can have absolute control of your dog and not hurt in the process. Another thing which makes this dog leash appeal dog owners is it’s very comfortable to use. You can buy this dog leash for your dog or purchase it and give it as a gift to someone you know who needs it. It comes with a very nice package too.

TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash

Another retractable leash which has garnered good reviews from dog owners is TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash. With this dog leash, you can walk your dog freely in any open area using only one hand in operating its handy options of the brake, release, and recoil system. You can control the length of your leash with this, so even though your dog has the freedom to walk or run ahead, you’re still in control.

The material used for this dog leash is nylon with the length of 16 feet. It’s very strong and durable construction that can smoothly retract and release with ease. Its handle is made of strong ABS plastic with a casing designed for ergonomic grip and has an anti-slip feature. Its handle is comfortable and will fit your hand just like a glove. Any dogs weighing up to 110 pounds is a match made in heaven with this product. Dog breeds from small, medium and large will be comfortable with this dog leash.

Primal Pet Gear dog leash dual handled with Red Padded Handles

This is another dog leash which may be the answer to your long search of a good and compatible leash for your dog. Primal Pet Gear dog leash is designed with two handles. It has a red, padded handle that protects your hand from getting hurt. One handle is connected at the end of the leash, the second one is attached 1 feet away from the leash’s clip. You can choose either from two handles. When you need to keep your dog closer or allow them to have a wider coverage, you can shift your handle the way you like it.

The longer leash is usually used during casual walks. If your dog is in the mood for loose walking involving lots of sniffing here and there, then use the handle at the end. For crowded areas where you’d need to control your dog more, use the shorter one. You can control your dog in an instant. Protecting your dog and other people will be easy thanks to this dog leash. This product can withstand medium to large dog breeds, but you can also use this for your smaller dogs. This high-quality product even has a 1-year replacement guarantee which is so cool.

PetSafe Leash

Sometimes you just get tired carrying a heavy and bulky-looking dog leash when you go out for a stroll. What you need is a soft yet durable dog leash for leisurely dog walks. Small dog breeds can’t withstand heavy dog leashes, too. Can you imagine how tiresome it must be when you go out for a walk with a heavy leash attached to your neck? How pitiful your small dog would be if your dog leash is not made of lightweight stuff.

The PetSafe Leash is good for small dogs. It’s made of soft and strong nylon material which has a variety of widths and lengths that you can choose from. Small breed dogs and puppies would love to have this as their dog leash. This product is quite affordable too. For such a simple yet inexpensive product, many dog owners attest how great this is. Reviews and ratings of PetSafe Leash are quite good and a lot of dog owners are satisfied with its performance.

URPOWER 26-Feet Nylon Retractable Dog Leash

If you have a frisky small or medium size dog who’re very active during dog walks, you’ll need a good retractable dog leash. You don’t want to hinder your dog from having their freedom once you go outside for a walk. Most of the time, when your dog is cooped up for so long inside your home, getting a breath of fresh air during your dog walks excite your little canine so much he’d go ballistic and run about once you hit the pavement. Who can blame them? With this product, your dog will have all the fun yet you are still in control of them.

This dog leash has a unique system of brake and locks safety system with the use of only one button. You’ll have the ability to adjust the length of your leash the way you want it. You can also keep the length of your dog leash constant, whichever way you want it. It has the length of 26 feet and good for dogs weighing 66 pounds below. What’s also good about this product is it’s made of an Eco-friendly nylon. The plastic casing of its handle is made of earth-friendly materials which are non-toxic and emits no harmful odors. Its handle has anti-slip feature for easy and enjoyable walking with your dog.


Walking your pet dog is needed and should be a routine for you and your dog in order to maintain a healthy and striving canine. As what a famous dog trainer said, your dog needs “discipline, exercise, and affection”. You can give discipline in various ways, usually a dog leash is needed for that. In giving exercise, having frequent dog walks is a must. You don’t want to keep your dog cooped up inside your home for too long; that would be too cruel for your dog. Having a compatible, strong and efficient dog leash is important. Make sure your dog leash gives your dog enough freedom, but you still maintain control over your dog. We hope this list of the best dog leash in the market has helped you in choosing your dog leash.

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