Best Dog Nail Clippers Reviews 2017

For pet dog owners, having the best dog nail clipper is important. One of the responsibilities which come in keeping a pet dog is having them groomed well and frequently. You can do some simple grooming yourself if you’re not in the mood to drive your dog to the pet grooming shop. One of the grooming needs your dog will need is a good nail clipping. Having the best dog nail clipper will make your job easier and faster. You should keep your dog’s nails short and well-kept in order to keep your dog comfortable and prevent injury, as well as keep your home and yourself safe and damage-free. Having a dog with long nails can really hurt, you know, especially when they energetically jump on you. Here’s a list of the best dog nail clipper you can check out.

Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer

The most popular dog nail clipper in the market is inexpensive yet it delivers its purpose. Safari Professional Nail Trimmer is made of stainless steel so you won’t be worried of early and damaging rust on the metal. It has a safe design which prevents injury for your dog. In using any dog nail clipper, always make sure you are only cutting the nails and prevent harming the sensitive meaty parts of your dog’s nail. Grooming and clipping your dog’s nails will be easy you won’t need to go to a professional dog groomer for a professional dog nail trimmer.

It always good to maintain your dog’s nails. Having it well trimmed with a good dog nail clipper will make you and your dog happy. For proper pet grooming, this product is made of sharp stainless steel with a cutting edge side for quick and easy clipping. It can also last for a very long time thanks to its high-end materials used. This dog nail clipper is ideal for dogs which are small to medium size. Its handle is rubber-coated for easy gripping during clipping.

Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel

This is a dog nail clipper recommended for professional. If this is recommended for professional use, it speaks volumes how great this dog nail clipper is for any dog owners out there. This product is specially designed for easy pet grooming by animal trainers, professional pet groomers, veterinarians and dog owners alike. Medium and large sized dogs benefit from this product. You can even use it for your pet cat.

Its performance is sublime. Every time you use it to cut your pet’s nails, it always has a clean cut unlike other nail clippers in the market. It’s sharp and powerful enough to trim your pet’s nails in just one cut. Its stainless sharp steel blades are guaranteed to stay sharp for how many years. You’ll have stress-free, quick, smooth and sharp nail cuts for your dogs and cats. What’s more, this product is designed for a comfortable, non-slip and easy to grip construction. It’s very user-friendly and safe for your pet.

Omega Pet Dog Nail Clippers with Quick Sensor

Grooming your pet dog is going to be easy when you use this amazing dog nail clipper. This product is surprisingly very easy to use and the output of its cut is precise and clean. You don’t need to put extra pressure when cutting your dog’s nails, it’ll cut through easily and smoothly. What’s even more amazing about this dog nail clipper is it has a safety guard which ensures safe cutting for your dog.

This professional dog nail clipper is designed for a long-lasting clipper made of heavy duty stainless steel so sharp it will deliver a good and fast result. The product delivers precise, clean and straight nail cuts for your pet dog. Its handle is made of ergonomic construction made extra long and has a non-slip material for stronger grip. Whether you have big or small hands, this product will fit your hand like a glove. Giving your dog a pedicure will be easy with this dog nail clipper in hand.

GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs and Cats

Another great product we’d like to recommend to you is this very affordable yet durable dog nail clipper. This is a high-quality clipper which can last for a long time. Many dog owners who purchased this product gave good feedbacks about how amazing this product is that’s why it’s worth a try. This dog nail clipper can be used for medium and large sized dogs, but you can also use it for your cats. Included in your purchase is a nail file for free. This is used by professionals and dog owners alike.

You won’t worry about hurting your dog when using this to clip their nails. It’s 3.5 mm thick and high-quality stainless steel is guaranteed to keep its sharp feature for many years. Production includes a tried and tested function which delivers smooth, sharp and quick nail cuts which will satisfy your wants and your dog’s needs. It has a special sensor which will notify you when you’re cutting dangerously close to the fleshy part of your dog’s nails, how cool is that?

Koodella Dog Nail Clippers With Quick Guard

Here’s another dog nail clipper used by the professional dog groomers, veterinarians and dog trainers that you can purchase for your own dog. Dog owners can have this nail clippers for themselves too. If you’re afraid of cutting your dog’s nails every time because of the danger of hurting your pet, then you might like to try this pet grooming tool and be assured that no harm will befall your darling pet.

This dog nail clipper not only gives sharp and clean nail cuts, it also is safe which is made possible with its special feature of the quick guard which prevents you from cutting too closely to the meaty part of your dog’s nails. It also has a safety lock in order to prevent any danger befalling small children who might happen to get a hold of this grooming tool. Its unique design guarantees easy usage and it also very easy to store.

Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper

Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper is am simple yet efficient dog nail clipper you can try for your dog. It has sharp stainless steel which is a good cutting blade. This is made in Italy and constructed using heavy duty materials. Professionals use this to trim dog’s nails and dog owners gave quite many reviews about this saying it is an amazing dog nail clipper they used for their dogs.

Dog’s nails can be large and very tough to cut especially if you have a large dog breed. Sometimes when you try to clip their nails, the nails gets broken and what you have is a very messy outcome. You need to polish the broken nail with a file if that’s the case, and that’s an additional work for you. Who would want to have a tedious grooming session? No one. With this product, you won’t feel frustrated during grooming sessions. It is inexpensive and durable, you’d never go wrong with this purchase.

Resco Original Deluxe Dog and Cat Nail/Claw Clippers

Last but not the least on our list of best dog nail clippers is this Resco Original Deluxe Dog and Cat Nail/Claw Clippers. Yes, you got that right. You can also use these dog nail clippers for your pet cat. What you’d notice first-hand with this product’s design is it has a guillotine style. Actually, it was Resco brand who came up with this guillotine style of dog nail clippers a long time ago. You can have your blade replaced by the company with their patented system of replacing blades for customers who needs to.

You’ll find that these dog nail clippers is very comfortable and easy to use with its deluxe handle and premium powder stylish coat for total performance. It has a lifetime warranty and this is made to last for a very long time with its high-quality material. Your dog won’t have any chipped, uneven nails if you’re using these dog nail clippers, even if you have a large breed dog. This can be used for dogs of any sizes.


In looking for the best dog nail clippers, you’d find that it’s not easy especially with the numerous choices available in the market. How will you ever find the dog nail clipper that will be able to deliver an easy, clean and efficient nail cuts? Whether you’re a professional dog groomer, veterinarian, dog trainer or a dog owner in need of a great grooming tool to make your life easier, finding the perfect dog nail clipper isn’t easy. Making sure that your dog won’t be hurt during the process is tantamount. Good thing we have this list of best dog nail clipper. We hope this has been a great help to you and your dog.

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