Best Dog Nail Trimmer Reviews 2017

Dog nails, huh? Why is trimming your dogs nails the PROPER way so crucial? Unlike us humans, a dogs nails is part of the bone of his his legs. If you cut too far up, you could hit a nerve. If you don’t cut them and they aren’t doing the exercise needed to naturally grind down their nails, they could grow too long and eventually lead to arthritis. On the underside of the toenail, there is a notch, cut a few millimeters towards the tip to avoid bleeding, make sure you use the best nail trimmer you can find!

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer, Standard

Popular because of great quality, this dog nail clipper is easy to use as it comes with locking blades and a safety stop. Be careful of how sharp this is, though! It needs to be this sharp so that cutting your dogs nails is smooth and comfortable for the both of you! The stainless steel blades and rubber grip make for a steady and swift trim, steering the nails away from chipping and keep a smooth edge!

There are different sizes to choose from to match your dog or cat- or whatever pet you have that might need a nail trim. It’s lightweight and gives you full control. This product is long-lasting and super durable, something you wouldn’t expect to get for a price like this!

The safety stop allows you to control how much you are cutting off so that you won’t accidentally injure your pet. Since this is sharp, there is a feature that enables you to lock the blades shut before storing it away into a safe place away from pets and children. Even if you’re not a tight budget, these clippers are a great investment and makes grooming your pet so much easier and safer. They come in Small/Regular, Medium, and Large.

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

This amazing invention, a pet nail grinder, allows full control for you to grind and even shape the nails of your pets! If you find it hard to keep your dog still for clipping, or if your hand just isn’t that steady, this rotary tool is perfect for you! It’s safe and effective, and is less likely to injure your pet on accident. There are two speeds on this thing so you can pick which one is more comfortable for your dog and gives you better control. I would recommend starting on the first, slower speed before trying the faster mode.

One cool thing about this tool is that it’s cordless! After use, you can pull out the battery and charge it back to full which can last up to 3 hours of use. The tool heads which are called drums and bands can be changed according to your preference in roughness and size. This is a great price for such an incredible tool. You’ll have you and your pet feeling the salon vibe, and your dogs nails will look amazing without burning a hole through your pocket!

Epica Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

f you’ve got a medium to large dog, this pet nail clipper brought to you by the popular pent brand Epica, is a great product to look into! With its top quality stainless steel, cutting your pets big strong nails becomes an easier job! It’s durable, affordable and has many cool features that makes sure you have complete control over the clipper.

The rubber handles is awesome on this, its got the touch of velvet and a strong grip which is comfortable and prevents the clippers from slipping out of your hands unlike a cuticle trimmer, which seems to be what most people use before discovering pet nail clippers like this one. The safety lock allows for the blades to be locked shut to help prevent accidents and the blades won’t rust or scratch, keeping them looking brand new for a very long time.

The blades will cut through the nail so fast and smoothly you’ll have all of the nails groomed by the time your dog realizes or starts to get restless. The guard will prevent you from cutting up too far into the nail as it helps align your clippers properly to how short they should be.

PediPaws Dog Nail Grinder by BulbHead

This one of a kind rotary pet nail grinding tool is quiet! Which is a more important feature than you might think. Dogs can startle and get jumpy when they hear any kinds of noises and a nail trimming sounding similar to a dentist office might be something they aren’t looking forward to.
It’s the perfect way to shape and grind down your pets nails without waking them up or stressing them out. They might not even realize what you’re doing. It’s lightweight- weighing at around 8oz, and requires 2 C batteries which don’t come with the tool. A cheaper alternative to rechargeable pet nail grinding tools. This tool comes with a guard for the nail which keeps it a safer option to both pet and owner.

Another distinctive feature on this nail grinder is that it has a special cap that not only prevents injuries, but also collects the filings so you don’t have to look for the sharp translucent bits of nails all over the floor. Just take of the cap, empty it into the trash and pop it right back on for the next use!

Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro 7.2-Volt Cordless Rotary Tool Kit

Do you want to give your pet the full nail salon experience? Look no farther than the Dremel 77–=1/15 MutiPro Rotary Tool Kit! This amazing collection complete with a variety of drums and bands allow you to change heads according to the type of nail and how you’d like to trim it. You can shape the nail to bring more comfort for your dog and if you have more than one dog of different size, this is the rotary tool you need! Allowing you to adjust sizes and shapes, you can be sure that nail grooming time will be a pleasant one for you and your pet!

The shaft lock allows for you to switch bits easily, and just like their other dog nail trimming products, has a rechargeable battery and battery charger. This lasts for a 3 hour use.
Actually, this tool isn’t just for trimming dog nails, it can be used for all sorts of cutting and grinding jobs, depending on the drum or band you decide to use. But this is absolutely perfect and safe for dogs!

It is lightweight with awesome grip for easy and controlled handling and even though at this cost, will totally save you loads of money from visiting the pet salon!

Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer by Boshel

If stainless steel blades on pet nail clippers is more your thing, you might want to check out the extra durable 3.5mm blade on this clipper. So sharp you’ll have to be extra careful, but it cuts super fast to make sure it doesn’t bend and dent the nail which can cause a lot of pain for your pup as their nails are connected to their bones.

Boshel wants only the best for your dogs grooming needs! Which is why they included a free pet nail file for you wedged in the handle to perfect and shape the nails of your dogs for more comfort and better play! The safety stopper acts like a guard and prevents you from cutting too far up the nails of the dog to prevent nail bleeding and injury, and the non-slip handle will provide a firm grip for maximum handling ability.

These dog nail clippers come in different sizes to fit different dogs so make sure to find the right size, if you have a small pomeranian make sure to get small, mediums work on dogs like huskies and make sure if your dog is quite big, get the large one to enable you to cut through the tough nail swiftly.

Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite 4.8-Volt Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool

The difference between this Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite and the aforementioned Dremel 7300-PT is that the 7300-PT tool is specifically created to trim pet nails, whereas the MiniMite can be used for multiple filing tasks. They are basically the same thing, this one just has additional accessories like the extra drums and bands that are not needed when trimming dog nails. The 7300-PT can only be used with the Round Sanding Barrel bit as it has a lower RPM.

This kit comes with the same rotary tool as in the Dremel 7300-PT kit, which is 4.8 volts and cordless as it also includes the 3 hour lasting rechargeable battery and charger. With a variety of 8 choices of bits and a wrench, you can use this for more than just nail trimming. This tool almost plays a lower voltage version of the Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro kit.

OmegaPet Dog Nail Clippers with Quick Sensor

Weak grip? No problem! Sometimes not pressing down fast and firm enough on pet nail clippers can cause the nail to bend and crease before breaking, and this is quite a painful experience for dogs. These clippers cut fast without needing too much pressure, so it’s a good option for those who don’t have great grip strength.

These clippers aren’t lightweight but they do have some good weight to them due to the quality material it is made of. Like most nail clippers, there is a safety guard to stop from cutting too far up the nail, but if you know what you’re doing then it’s easy to remove, whatever fits your comfort level. You must remember to push the safety guard all the way to the right to lock in.

There is also a free steel nail file that slips out from the bottom of the handle which is super convenient for filing down and smoothing edges to keep your dog pain-free when playing which also means scratch-free for you!

What to Look For

You want to make sure that the product you pick is what you’re most comfortable using. Dogs can sense discomfort and will often sense what their owners are feeling and personally feel it as well. So it’s crucial to pick the tool that is right for you.

There are clippers in which trims the dog nails quicker and usually cost a lot less than the grinders. When looking for clippers, apart from durability, you want to look for heavy duty razor sharp blades to cut swiftly and smoothly. The grip has to make you feel like spiderman because the last thing you want to do is have it slip through your fingers. Safety guards are a great feature to ensure that you won’t cut off too much at one time, and clippers that have safety locks to keep the sharp blades shut when not in use. Clippers come in all sorts of sizes so make sure to get the right one for your little friend!

Grinders are rotary tools that file down your pets nails. This tool can be a little pricey but you’ll find that although designed for pet nail trimming, has many other uses for the household. You won’t have to worry about super sharp edges with this one. A great thing about this tool is you can change the grinding bits to adjust shape and texture if you have two or more pets of different sizes, or even if you just want to shape your pets nails.


Now that you know some crazy new information on dog grooming, it’s time to pick which products is best suited to you and your pets needs. Thought it was that simple, huh? Well luckily you now have a reference of the best dog nail trimmers on the market.

Grinders or clippers, the choice is yours, ask some friends and family members about which ones works best for them so you know what kind to purchase to keep scratches away and toe pain at bay! After all, the last thing you want is your happy dog turning grumpy from foot pain!

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