Best Dog Probiotics Reviews 2017

Buying a probiotics for dogs may seem a stretch to some owners, but trust us, they need it. It may look and sound expensive, but it’s the best way to increase their physical health and solve their issues such as painful bowel movements. If you love your dogs and want to give them the best dog probiotics then go read our record below.

Probiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics

As the brand with a best-selling product, the Probiotic Miracle Dog Probiotics is surely a must for your dog to try. This one contains 360 doses and has more than 360 billion CFU probiotics inside the jar. It’s made with consistent and high quality ingredients as it solves problems such as loose stool, bad breath, allergies, digestive issues, gut problems, diarrhea, yeast overgrowth and many more.

With the first 60 days of purchase, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee in case the product disappoints you. Unlike products that are offered in tablets, this one is in powder and tasteless, which means it can simply be mixed with your dog’s food or water. It contains ingredients such as acidophilus, rhamnosus, fermentum and reuteri, so as one of the most trusted probiotics in the world, you can take our word that it’s very effective.

Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint for Dogs

We all hate drinking nasty medicines that either tastes bitter or weird. Just like us, dogs hate that too. But, what if a certain medicine tastes like bacon? It’s guaranteed that they’d love the Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic Joint for Dogs. Each bottle contains 120 tablets that are small, easy to chewy and are incredibly tasty. Additionally, as each tablet has a bacon and beef liver flavor, we’re confident that your dogs won’t say no to this.

Got a dog that’s prone to allergies? This one is veterinary science approved & hypoallergenic, it’s also made fresh in a GMP certified facility, which guarantees that all ingredients are safe and made with high class items. With the Amazing Nutritionals Probiotic, your dog will feel and look great in no time as it also contains about 7 billion CFU probiotics to improve immune support and end inflammation.

Probiotics for Dogs by PetVitalityPRO

The Probiotics for Dogs by PetVitalityPRO is available in 2 sizes namely: 60 and 150. It’s considered as the number 1 in high potency probiotics as it uses natural and premium ingredients. As a result, it can increase their gastrointestinal health as well as boost their immune system. Moreover, by offering this to them, you’re also enriching their diet with bioavailable vitamins, antioxidants and increase their food consumption.

Furthermore, to reduce their stress during training as well as travels, this one can also support their digestive and overall health. With the Probiotics for Dogs by PetVitalityPRO, you don’t have to worry about age limits as this one is perfect for all dogs. It’ suggested to be given to dogs with gastrointestinal disorder, allergy issues, skin and coat conditions and immunity deficiency.

NutraPet Probiotics Chewable for Dogs

The NutraPet Probiotics Chewable for Dogs is positively one of the most affordable dog probiotics if not in the market, in this list. As of the moment, it’s being sold in 60 counts and 120 counts. It’s going to be perfect for your little furry friend as it contains twice the CFU and lasts longer than other brands. As it’s formulated by veterinarians, this one is made of acidophilus, plantarum and casei.

Because it contains real chicken liver, these chewable tablets will surely make your dog crazy over its new medicine. To prevent yeast overgrowth and itchy dry skin, this probiotics is gluten and grain free with increased vitamins A and B12. The NutraPet Probiotics Chewable for Dogs can be given to dogs as treat or can be crumbled and mixed together with their food.

Finest For Pets TummyWorks Probiotics

The Finest For Pets TummyWorks Probiotics isn’t just a probiotic for dogs, but also for cats, in case you have two animals inside your home. It’s a probiotic powder that helps to reduce gas, bloating, constipation, yeast infection, diarrhea and many more. As it’s made of 10 unique probiotics as each scoop contains about 2 billion CFU.

Depending how large your pet is, but the recommended dosage for your pet if they’re 15 pounds and below is half a scoop, daily. If they’re over 16 to 49 pounds then give them 1 scoop. Any dog larger than the said weight can take 2 scoops daily. Are you not satisfied with this item’s performance? Finest For Pets offers a risk free guarantee if you’re not delighted with their powder.

Probiotic Dog Treats by Buddy & Lola

The Probiotic Dog Treats by Buddy & Lola is a treat with benefit as it almost tastes nothing like medicines. It’s the cheapest product in this list, so we’re pretty ecstatic that you’d love trying it. Each treat contains about 120 million CFUs that effectively boosts their immune health and reduces diarrhea, gas as well as bloating.

Additionally, each soft chews are made with high quality and natural ingredients infused with delicious duck flavor so dogs will love it even more. If taken regularly, this one will be able to improve your dog’s overall health and prevent the growth of bad bacteria as it’s perfect for furry ones with sensitive stomachs. In case your pup’s not happy with this, Buddy & Lola offers a money back guarantee.

H3 Essentials Probiotics for Dogs

The H3 Essentials Probiotics for Dogs is another affordable item that your dog will definitely love. These treats are probiotics but tastes like chicken, so dogs will surely love it. Unlike pills and powders, this one is chewy yet solves problems such as digestive issues to create a perfectly healthy stomach. Because of abdominal issues, a lot of dogs suffer from stomach pain, good thing H3 Essentials makes sure that dogs are relieved moments after eating this.

It’s has a natural coprophagia deterrent which fights off intestinal parasites that often gets into canines. The H3 Essentials Probiotics for Dogs contains about 1 Billion CFU as it can be taken 2 times a day, no matter what size your dog is. To assure you that it’s safe, this one is microbiologically tested for E. coli, coliform bacteria, yeast, mold, salmonella and many more.

PRO-Pets Probiotics for Dogs

The PRO-Pets Probiotics for Dogs shows 15% more positive results than the average probiotic brand. It contains 6 probiotic strains to support your pet’s immune and digestive health. Each BIO-tract pearl contains about 3 billion CFU, which means that this item has an overall total of 45 Billion CFU. With its irresistible beef flavor, your dog will surely get crazy for this as it can be given directly.

Unlike other brands that doesn’t include a date, which results to organisms dying even before it gets to your dog, this brand has gone through LiveBac manufacturing process, so it has a shelf life of about 18 months. PRO-Pets is made specifically to normalize your pet’s digestive functions and strengthen their GI tract, this is to reduce the possibility of occasional diarrhea and abdominal discomfort.


Just by hearing the word “microorganisms” or “bacteria” sends signals to our brains that it’s dangerous and icky. But, did you know that there are other bacteria that are great for the health? These microorganisms are also called as probiotics. Probiotics doesn’t just help the system get healthy, but also cleans the digestive tract as well as the immune system.

You may be thinking, probiotics are only limited to humans, but you’re wrong. In fact, dogs suffer most illnesses the same as we do. One of the most common cases regarding dogs is their bowel health. Like the effects of probiotics on us, this medicines provided effectiveness on dogs too whether it’s intestinal inflammation, diarrhea or irritable bowel.

Probiotics for dogs are given once it’s noticeable that they’re stressed or sick. Although, we still recommend for you to ask for a vet’s advice to know the best possible way to treat it. Luckily, looking for approved and proven dog probiotics isn’t as hard as we thought, so we were able to gather the best ones in this list.

Veterinarians swear by word that dog probiotics exists and are very effective. If this is the first time you’re looking for dog probiotics then we suggest taking the word from the customers themselves to get unbiased reactions. More importantly, we also recommend checking if a certain brand came from a reputable company, as it can be trusted.

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