Best Dog Stroller Reviews 2017

Pet strollers are an absolute necessity for every pet owner. Whether to take your pet for a long stroll in the dog park, or for a picnic at the outdoors, or even for international trips, a pet stroller comes in handy. They help keep your pets close to you and allow you to take them wherever you want to without having to keep pulling them in the right direction.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the smartest and best dog strollers that are available on the market for purchase. We’ll also be discussing their features along the way!

OxGord® Pet Stroller Cat/Dog Travel Carriage

OxGord’s newly designed pet stroller has everything you’d ever want in a pet travel carriage. Its quality is one of the best you’d find on the market and it successfully meets the GB14748 Stroller Safety Standard. Despite its strength, this is a lightweight stroller allowing you to easily manage and move it around.

There are 2 cup holders, seat belts leash, rear security brakes, and hooded peak top window. Also, the single hand fold makes it a highly user-friendly stroller that you can handle and store easily. It features the mesh screen windows which works as an excellent source of ventilation and also keeps the bugs out. You’ll find a large undercarriage storage space perfect for carrying your pet supplies, toys, meds, treats, and more!

What’s more? The retractable waterproof hood for the rains and protection from the sun allow you to use this dog stroller during any time or season.

Wheel Around Travel Pet Carrier

Snoozer brings to you this wheel around travel pet carrier which is perfect not just for strolling on the roads but also for airline carry. It could be packed flat for easy and convenient storage. They come in three sizes with varying outer dimensions – Small, Medium, and Large. The dimensions of each size could be compared with your dog’s to gauge which size would be best suited for your pet friend.

The stroller has multiple storage pockets and inner leash clip so your dog is safe in there while you move the stroller around. The durable micro fiber used to make the stroller wipes clean pretty easily making it an easy-to-maintain stroller. It not only works as a rolling pet carrier but also as a backpack, bed, and a car seat. What more could you ask for?

VIVO Pet Stroller

This pet stroller by Vivo if fully equipped to carry not only your pet but also to store all the necessary pet items need during your trip. It comes with large protective pet compartments that have zipper on them for safe storage as well as easy access. The stroller could hold weight up to 30lbs.

Plus, this dog stroller has been designed keeping in mind your pet’s comfort needs. They have mesh windows which allows visibility and provides good ventilation for your dog. They come as three or four wheelers and are available in 7 different colors such as Black, Blue, Green, Orange, and more!

It can be folded easily and stored without any difficulty. It also comes with dual cup holders for drinks and snacks. So, every time you have to go out on a trip, for a walk, or to a picnic; this stroller by Vivo would be the perfect choice.

Pet Gear Happy Trails Plus Pet Stroller

This super cool pet stroller is brought to you by Pet gears. For the pet parents who are looking to buy the perfect stroller for the dogs or cats, this is definitely you should consider. The stroller delivers greatly on quality as well as durability and it is great to look at too!

The front shock absorbers make your pet’s ride a smooth and comfortable one. The stroller size is perfect for carrying dogs up to 30 pounds. And when you’re not using it, all you have to do is fold it flat in 5 seconds. The storage or carrying the empty stroller from one place to another is extremely easy and smooth.

There are mesh windows all around the stroller so your pet is always surrounded by good ventilation. It also helps in keeping the insects away. This dog stroller comes in three cool shades – Cobalt Blue, Pink Ice, and Sahara!

BestPet 3 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller

This extra wide 3 wheels dog and cat stroller with rain cover is brought to you by BestPet, a brand that enjoys the trust of many pet parents. This pet-friendly stroller is also very easy to use and handle. It opens and folds in 5 seconds flat without any difficulty or effort. Whether it is a smooth road or a rough terrain, this stroller will make sure your pet has a smooth ride on all terrains!

There is a large storage basket so you could store your pet supplies, treats, snacks, etc. everywhere you go without having to actually carry them in a bag. Additionally, there are cup holders to hold drinks and bottles for your convenience.

The front and rear entry allows your pet to get into the stroller quite comfortably. There is a top, front, and rear mesh window to provide good ventilation and keep the bugs away. BestPet’s strollers come in 5 unique color patterns such as Blue, Leopard Skin, Green, Navy Blue, and Yellow.

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

Pet Gear’s No-zip pet stroller is built for your pet’s convenience. Made by one of the most innovative and trusted brands in the pet care world, Pet Gear, the quality and strength of the stroller is top-class. The no-zip feature allows easy entry and exit without having to struggle with the zippers. They come with a bolster pad and a weather cover so you could use the stroller in different kinds of weather conditions whether it’s rainy, sunny, or even windy.

The stroller has a panoramic window with 3 position canopy so your pet’s view is never restricted. The large 12” air ride tires make for a comfortable and smooth ride even on the rough terrains. The stroller can easily carry pets weighing up to 70 pounds!

Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller

Once again, Pet Gear takes pride in presenting you with their small pet stroller preferably for doggies weighing close to 30 pounds. Featuring the easy-locking no-zip entry, this stroller allows quick and easy access and locking for your pets at all times. That way, you don’t have to deal with the zippers or having to fasten or unfasten them time and again.

The panoramic windows give a great view to your pet. The stroller is made from the 600 Denier material which is has water-resistant capabilities too. This means the stroller could be used when during the rains. The front shock absorbers allows for a smooth ride on all kinds of surfaces. It comes in three colors – Sapphire, Pink Diamond, and Emerald.

Pet Gear AT3 Generation 2 All Terrain Pet Stroller

All Terrain Pet Stroller is yet another stroller from the amazing collection of Pet Gear. Coming with a large protective compartment for storage, this stroller is nothing short of a complete travel carriage for your pet. Everything you might need on a nice and long walk in the park, or for your trip could be easily stored in the stroller. The compartment is zippered so there is no risk of anything falling off from the stroller when you move fast.

There’s an internal fleece pad that come with a waterproof tray. The storage basket and the parent tray provide additional storage space. The stroller supports the easy one-hand fold mechanism. With the interior dimensions of up 28 x 14.5 x 23, it can easily carry pets weighing up to 60 pounds.

Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller

The Promenade pet stroller by Gen7Pets is one of the cutest dog strollers you’d find on the market. Its Smart-Canopy mesh opens up to give your dog more space. The stroller is reasonably priced giving you a high value on your money.

It features a smart-reach handle giving you more kick space when pushing the stroller so you’d have a comfortable pace when walking with it without having to exert much force. There’s a basket for storage with a zipper opening so your belongings will be secure and safe.


Now, you have a fair idea about what the top features the top pet strollers have. If you’re looking to buy a stroller for your own dog, remember to consider these important factors before you make the purchase decision.

The size of the stroller – always compare the dimension of the stroller with that of your dog’s weight ad dimensions. Next, take a look at the storage capabilities of the stroller. A good pet stroller will have compartments where you could store the pet supplies, treats, etc. The cup handles for holding drinks and bottles are also a great feature.

Check if the ventilation is take care of. Ventilation not only keeps the stroller airy and breathable but also keeps the bugs and insects away. Finally, check if the stroller can give your pet a comfortable ride even on uneven terrains. You want to be happy with your purchase, right? It’s a matter of your pet’s happiness after all and you don’t want them to readily get into the stroller. So, considering the above-mentioned factors would be highly beneficial!

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