Best Dog Supplements Reviews 2017

Have a pet dog and are worried if you’re providing it with all the necessary nutrients? Worry not, you’re not alone. There are many pet owners like you who aren’t sure about the nutrient requirements of their dogs and whether or not they are being able to successfully satisfy it.

In this post, we introduce you to some of the essential nutrient dietary dog supplements that you could choose to include in your pet’s diet. Each of these supplements fulfils different needs of your pet’s physical body and mental health. Go through them to understand what they are and how they can help your pet lead a better life!

H3 Essentials – Glucosamine for Dogs

H3 Essentials brings to you the powerhouse of nutrition for your dogs through this top-selling product. Yu can never go wrong with this incredible combination of ingredients such as Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, Vitamin C and E, Yucca Schidigera, Omega-3, and Omega-6.

Providing every essential nutrient you need to take complete care of your dogs including strengthening and repairing joints and cartilages, soothing inflammation and pain. This formula also works well for providing the arthritis relief for your pet.

Has your dog bene reluctant to take supplements before? Well, you’re going to have no problems with these! They are soft and have chicken flavor which your dogs will absolutely love. Plus, they come in different dosages so no matter what size your dog is, they would be able to easily consume the supplements. They also have a Safety Certificate issued by a, independent Lab that performs microbiological testing!

VetriScience Laboratories Bladder Strength Tablet for Dogs

A fantastic herbal supplement for your pet dogs, this product by VetriScience focuses especially on building their bladder strength. These supplements are made from the advanced combination of ingredients that help in restoring and maintaining your dog’s bladder health and enable it to function normally.

The tablet is highly beneficial for spayed and senior pets that might face some problems in bladder control. The pack includes 90 chewable pills that contain the saw palmetto extract which not only helps maintain the bladder health but also helps tone the muscles of your dog. Additionally, the tablet also has Olive Lead Extract which supports and promotes the life of healthy microflora in the GI tract.

If your dog has problems with their bladder control, this supplement will put their problems to rest!

UroMAXX Urinary Tract, Kidney & Bladder Formula

UroMAXX brings to you this herbal dog supplement for the efficient and well-regulated functioning of the kidney and bladder of your cats and dogs. It also cures the urinary tract diseases. This top-grade supplement contains the best quality of all-natural ingredients and is 100% safe for your pets. The unique combination of ingredients includes cranberry juice extract, glucosamine HCL, and vitamin C.

The formula mixes quite easily with wet as well as dry food letting you easily administer it in your pet’s mouth. UroMAXX will prove to be the solution you’d want to go back to after using it for the first time. Why? Because, unlike antibiotic tablets, this formula is herbal and has given excellent results every single time.

Synovial Hip & Joint Flex

Brought to you by Veterinaries Choice, this supplement will undisputedly be the only formula your dog is ever going to need. It takes care of the overall health of your dog so you could be free from the worries and enjoy excellent time with them.

It’s time you stop experimenting with your pet’s health and switch on to Synovial to provide complete support and strength for their hips and joints. Use it regularly and let your dog enjoy the comfortable life it deserves.

The tablets are specially formulated to eradicate the pain right from the source. It can effectively relieve arthritis pain, joint pain, torn cartilages, and stress from orthopedic surgery among many others. It also helps in restoring the stiffness and flexibility in their body after a medical treatment such as a surgery.

Approved by the National Animal Supplement Council, these tablets are completely safe for consumption and are rated very high on quality. These chewable supplements have a chicken liver taste which makes your pet love it immediately.

BIXBI Organic Pet Superfood Daily Dog & Cat Supplement

Bixbi is dedicated to maintaining and taking care of your dog’s health so they could lead a stress-free happy life and bring the happiness to your life too!

They have a range of dog supplements which aims at building immunity, improving digestion, for joints, and for skin as well as coat. Their success stems from the use of 100% natural ingredients in all their supplements which means you don’t have to think twice before buying them.

The supplements are free from the grains and gluten, so the dogs with sensitive stomachs could also use them without any side effects. No preservatives or artificial flavors have been added. Bixbi’s supplements are recommended and certified by USDA Organic and National Animal Supplement Council (NASC).

SynergyLabs Richard’s Organics Pet Calm

Richard’s Organics brings to you this incredible pet calm formula. It aims at relieving your dog from anxiety and stress. The best time to use them would be before any anxiety-causing events such as travel, grooming session, holidays, vet visits, etc. Every dosage helps in settling their nerves and reducing the hyperactivity. They become more relaxed and clam.

This formula could be consumed by dogs as well as cats and have shown excellent results on every pet they have been used on. Each bottle has 2 ounce of the formula. It is made from all natural ingredients and has a good aroma and taste. Your dog won’t have any problem in taking in the liquid at all!

Pure Paw Nutrition Premium Liquid Glucosamine

Pure Paw Nutrition’s Premium Liquid Glucosamine is for your pet if you want to see it healthy, happy, and smiling all the time. Filled with the goodness of fish treats, this formula takes care of the overall growth and development of your pet.

The omega-3 fatty acids from the fish help in treating skin disorders, supports kidney functions, and also prevents cancer. The calcium and phosphorus play a vital role in skeleton development. Glucosamine keeps your dog active and healthy while it helps ease the pain of arthritis.

This toxin-free formula is safe and pure for consumption. It is deodorized, refined, and winterized. The fact that they come in the delicious bacon flavor, a flavor loved by every dog, you’ll have no problems trying to get them to take in the liquid. This is really simple and easy to consume and your pet is definitely going to love it! Try it now!

Vibactra – All-Natural Antibiotic Alternative for Pets

Amber Technology’s Vibactra is one of the most widely used dog supplements! This all-natural antibiotic alternative is greatly beneficial for pet owners as most dogs have known to develop a resistance for antibiotics.

The unique blend of ingredients in this dietary supplement helps your pet overcome the viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. It also helps treat their respiratory problems and ailments, if any. This is the perfect supplement for you if you prefer to not risk your pet’s health and provide them with a natural and organic solution. It works well to build immunity and also cures fever. This versatile solution has also helped in combating allergies.

Having a bottle of Vibactra at your disposal at all times, could be very helpful in giving quick medical aid for any bacterial problems or infections your pet might develop. It could also prove to be a life savior in some instances. So, get that bottle now and see the effects for yourself!

Apocaps CX Apoptogen Formula for Dogs

Apocaps brings to you this effective nutraceutical supplement to maintain and regulate apoptosis in dogs. This biological process is vital to maintain the health and development of your pet’s body. It’s a process which allows the old cells in the body to make way for the new cells.

This is a 100% human-grade formula consisting of all-natural active ingredients, is perfectly safe for consumption. It is backed by the support and trust of a renowned vet who had created this unique formula for his patients at his veterinary hospital. Each bottle includes 90 pills. It is one of the best apoptosis pills out there and you definitely must check it out.


In the above section, we walked you through different dietary supplements that could be a part of your canine friend’s diet. We also discussed how they could benefit from them. We understand that as a pet owner you want to provide the best care and support to your pets. And we want to help you do that!

Before you decide which supplements you should include in your dog’s diet, spend some time in analyzing if your pet faces any problem in particular? Do they have trouble controlling their bladder? Are they able to walk and move around without any difficulty? If yes, they could be suffering from arthritis or other joint problems. Do they get hyper just before their grooming session or when they travel? This could be an indication of stress or anxiety.

Once you’re sure about their problems, you can use the supplements that target those problems. Most supplements are natural which means using them would minimize the risks of occurrence of such problems in the future and regulate your pet’s body functions!

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