Best Dog Treats Reviews 2017

Dogs love it when you give them tender, loving care. Sometimes you just can’t help but to indulge and smother your dogs with treats and give them lots of loving. Although at times this is acceptable, it is important to remember that you don’t want to give them too much attention or tolerate any bad behaviors by using treats to divert their bad behavior in the hopes of making them good dogs. Dog treats should be used to reward them for good behavior and not the other way around. This is good conditioning and is used frequently by dog trainers and dog owners alike. If you’re looking for the best dog treats in the market, you need to consider a lot of things: whether it’s a healthy treat for your dog or would your dog like its taste, among others. Here’s a list of the best dog treats you can choose from for your darling pet.

GREENIES Original Dental Dog Treats

First on our list is an organic dog treat for your dog. This is very a healthy and delicious treat that dogs love and many who purchased it are extremely happy with this find. GREENIES Original Dental Dog Treats is also a dental treat which is good for your dog’s teeth. When you’re dog frequently eats wet dog food, they might contract teeth caries and cavities especially those who don’t brush their teeth often. This dog treat is recommended by veterinarians for home oral care.

If you have a dog with bad breath or have dental problems, you might like to try this product for your dog. It controls plaque and tartar build-up by promoting a healthy mouth environment. Its special shape and hard consistency also promote mechanical cleaning for your dog’s teeth. So this serves a double purpose. It’s a yummy treat for your dog, it’s also a dental management that’s healthy for your pet. This dog treat is made of a natural and soluble ingredient that’s very soluble and can easily break down. This is easy for your dog’s digestion. Aside from its dental purpose, this dog treat is also a nutritious snack for your dog. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals, but low in fat which is good for your dogs.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Healthy Moist Training Treats

This dog treat isn’t the usual type you’d see in the market. This is a moist treat that you can use for dog training. Aside from that, this is also a healthy dog treatyou can reward your dog with. It’s made with real chicken. Actually, its main ingredient is tasty chicken which is very palatable for dogs. If you’re a dog owner, you probably noticed dogs love the taste of chicken the most. Dogs find this dog treat so delicious they’d be begging to have more of this.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Healthy Moist Training Treats is small in its size but large in flavor. This is a good treat during dog training. Its ingredients are composed of organic chicken and wholesome products like whole food cherries. Some herbs that add to its savory taste include rosemary and turmeric. Your dog will love this healthy dog treat and you’d find that their digestion and health will improve with this. Aside from the health benefits, your pet dog will also have optimum health thanks to the ingredients in this dog treat. Many dog owners and veterinarians swear by this product.

Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats

Another great product we’d love to recommend to you for your dog is Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats. This dog treat is not the usual one you get in the market because these are jerky sticks made of chicken, beef or turkey. You can choose any flavor you like or you can purchase all of its flavors and try it out for your dog. Not only is this highly palatable for your dog, it’s quite healthy too. These slow-smoked jerky sticks are packed with lots of flavors.

These jerky stick dog treats are made healthy and natural. No artificial flavors or fillers are added in the making of these treats. If you don’t want soy, corn and gluten added in your dog treat then purchase this product. All-American beef is the primary ingredient in this dog treat. Another ingredient which makes this treat delicious for your dogs is thyme. Making this tender takes 15 long hours of smoking, no wonder it’s very soft and chewy, something your dog will find irresistible. This is a perfect dog treat during your training. You’d find your dog will be begging to be good in their training just to have a piece of this treat. You won’t have any stinky hand when handling this dog treat since it has no artificial flavors, unlike other dog treats.

PEDIGREE Dentastix Large Dog Treats

You might be familiar with this brand and product. PEDIGREE Dentastix Large Dog Treats is a dog treat you can check out if you want a dog treat and a dental remedy for your dog. Not only does this serve as a reward for your dog, you can also give this as a teeth maintenance and treatment for your dog. This is a triple action dog treat. It works in cleaning your dog’s teeth, freshen their breath and reduces the occurrence of plaque and build-up of tartar. This dental dog stick has an X-shape designed for large breed adult dogs.

Veterinarians recommend you to give your dog one PEDIGREE Dentastix a day for maximum oral care. Your dog won’t have any problem finishing this dog treat since it is very delicious thanks to its original chicken flavor. This is an inexpensive alternative to those pricey dog treats in the market. Dog owners find that this product produces the same result. They find their dog’s teeth to be sparkling white and devoid of any dental problems. Dogs will love to eat this every day and the benefits it brings to your dog is amazing.

Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier, Small

This dog treat is an affordable product you can purchase for your pet dog. If you love to give your dogs treats all the time, you’d need an affordable yet tasty dog treat to give them delicious treats every day.Old Mother Hubbard P-Nuttier is packed with delicious peanut butter flavor that your dogs will love. It also has other flavors such as molasses, carrots, and apples.

Dog training will be more fun and easy when you have a delicious reward for your dog in hand. This dog treat is conveniently shaped like a bone and has a crunchy consistency. Even though this is organic and made of all-natural ingredients, you’d be happy to find that this is inexpensive. No artificial flavors and preservatives are used in making this product. For many years, professionals and experienced dog owners have relied on this dog treat and found that this is one of the best product out there.

Wilderness Blue Buffalo Dog Treats

Another inexpensive dog treats we’ve found and we’d recommend to you is Wilderness Blue Buffalo Dog Treats. This product received lots of good reviews and ratings from satisfied dog owners who used this to reward their dogs. Meat-loving dogs will find this as a perfect crunchy treat for them. This dog treat is made with the finest, all-natural ingredients. Some of its ingredients include turkey, salmon, flaxseed and potatoes. They are the top-notch ingredient which promotes optimum healthy digestion for your dogs.

This dog treat biscuits don’t have any filler ingredients and don’t have any grain in it. This is guaranteed to have a high meat portion in each biscuit. These are pretty big biscuits, you’ll have to break them up into small parts for your dogs if you don’t want to give them in big bunches to your pet. You can offer this as a snack for your dog and even as a meal. It’s very big and made of high-quality ingredients that you won’t be guilty to substitute this as a meal for your dog sometimes.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

You’d be happy to find this dog treat in the market. This is very affordable yet it’s so good your dogs would love to eat this as a treat. Dog biscuits such as these are what dogs love as a reward and training treat, and you’d love this too since it is very effective in making your dog happy. This is a healthy snack for your dog since it doesn’t contain grain and other filler ingredients. It also has a crunchy consistency that dogs seem to love.

No additional artificial flavors, ingredients, and preservatives are added in this dog treat. You can guarantee that your dog will have a healthy, delicious treat made with premium ingredients. You’d see the difference almost immediately. Dogs who were given this treat were found to have a better skin condition and have good, healthy digestive condition. Since this has no grain, corn, soy or other fillers, dogs who are eating this have no skin problems at all.

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats

This is a highly recommended dog treat in the market. Dogs love this, and dog owners love that their dogs love this. Each canister contains 40 oz of dog biscuits made wholesome and delicious for a delectable dog treat. It is designed to mimic a real bone marrow. Not only is it tasty, it’s quite nutritious too. Each dog treat is pack with calcium which can make your dog’s teeth and bones strong and healthy.

It’s amazing how people who purchased this dog treat give nothing but good things to say about this product. Many of them claim their dogs love this and that it’s their favorite snack. Dogs can’t help but love this since it’s made of quality ingredients and it was made palatable for dogs of any breed.

Everlasting Treat Chicken

Last product in our list of best dog treats that we’d present to you isEverlasting Treat Chicken made of good quality ingredients. It prides of good performance that is tested for health and safety beneficial for your pet dogs. This dog treat has a unique formula that makes it seem like a real bone which is appealing to dogs. It has a great tasting chicken flavor that dogs naturally love so you won’t have any problems for your dogs in taking this food. The dental ridges of this dog treat help clean teeth and gums making this an amazing dental tool for your dogs.

There are two of these treats in one pack and the price is surprisingly very affordable for such a good treat. If you have a dog who is teething, you’ll probably observe that they are usually very destructive during that time. Your furniture and other household items are usually the ones that get destroyed when your dogs experience tooth discomfort during teething. You’d need a strong yet yummy treat for your dog to divert his pain during this instance. This product not only relieves teeth discomfort, it also helps in maintaining your dog’s teeth healthy.


There are many dog treats available in the market. Most of them have great reviews and ratings. This made it difficult for us to compile a list of best dog treats out there, but we did it for you so that you won’t have any trouble finding the best product in the market. Dogs aren’t only pets, they’re part of the family. Naturally, you’d want what’s best for your family. That’s why finding the best dog treat is very important. Not only will it serve as a tasty snack for your canine, it’s also a handy tool in making your dog training fun and easy by giving some healthy and delicious rewards when your dog does something good. We hope this list of best dog treats helped you in finding the best one that your dog will love. It’s always good to have a tasty yet healthy dog treat around. Your dog deserves the best, give them the best dog treats out there.

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