Best Door Stoppers Reviews 2017

Some doors are not meant to be closed – at least, for a specific period of time. Door stoppers are one of the most underrated house tools that brings a vast improvement in the structure of your workplace or home.

Door stoppers can either keep a door open, keep a door from swinging, or keep it from hitting a nearby wall. Here are the bestselling door stopper brands in the market.

Baltic Living Door Stop, 5-pack

Best Door Stoppers

A 5-in-1 door stopper deal, can help you put a good door stopper in every door of your house. No more struggling to open doors even when you are home alone and your arms are full.

This affordable door stopper features a double-sided super grip tread that wedges a door securely even when it is placed haphazardly underneath your door gap. The door stop height is around 1.2 inches, which makes it a perfect fit under most doors.

You will never have to use a chair or a phonebook as an impromptu doorstop ever again with this purchase.

Stanley Hardware V8208 Magnetic Doorstop

Best Door Stoppers

This cheap door stopper is made of die cast zinc and steel that stops your door from slamming against the wall. The strong magnetic action between the wall’s mount and door’s base can also keep the door open for you.

This ideal for residences who have little toddlers are way too curious to how the doors work as the decent magnetic attraction between the door and the wall can discourage any toddler from trying.

This is one of the most reliable door stoppers for sale.

SleekStopper Decorative Stainless Steel Door Stopper

Best Door Stoppers

This inexpensive door stopper is made of brushed stainless steel with black rubber treads that can grip all floor types from tiles to carpeted ones. Its specially-designed grip can hold the heaviest door with ease without sliding.

It also offers a lifetime money back guarantee scheme so you don’t have to worry if ever you decided that this is not what your door needs.

Wundermax Decorative Door Stopper, 3 Pack

Best Door Stoppers

This door stopper costs a little bit higher than the rest of the door stops in this list, but its high quality is certainly worth the price paid. It is made by SGS-certified odorless rubber and an anti-slip base to provide the ultimate floor grip. They also come with a free holder hooks to hang them at your door when not in used.

It also features a unique, sleek design that can complement any interior décor. It blends elegance and functionality without difficulty.

A top door stopper that can easily topple others.

Wedge-It The Ultimate Door Stop

Best Door Stoppers

You don’t always have to choose the classics when it comes to buying a door stopper for your home or workplace. The Wedge-It door stop is made highly durable Lexan plastic that holds the door open to 90 degrees. You can attach it from the door’s top, hinge, or the floor.

A very versatile tool, its new door stoppers also come in a variety of bright colors.

What are Door Stoppers?

Door stoppers are practical, little devices that can hold a door open, keep it from opening widely, to control the direction in which the door can open, or prevent the door from hitting a wall.

Virtually, anything can be used as a door stop – from unused chairs to bricks and thick phone books. As long as the object is heavy, it can be used to keep any door from closing. The problem with using just about anything as a door stopper is the risk of an accident as everyday household things are not made to be skid free, meaning the door can slam in your face regardless.

Specifically designed door stoppers can either be a wedge made of solid block material or attaching a door, stopping mechanism on the door’s top or hinge, or on the floor.

What to Look For

Before purchasing a door stopper, you would need to decide the main purpose of why you are going to need one. Your purpose can dictate what type of door stopper you should buy and use to address your needs.

If you are thinking of door stoppers to keep your doors open, for whatever practical reason, then you should consider buying a wedge type. Wedges can be made from wood, steel, and rubber. These wedges usually have a steep slope design, like a half-pyramid, with the base that has the smallest angle wedged to fill the gap between the door and the floor.

Wedges made of wood are effective because they are heavy and are not easily moved by strong winds. However, wood has no anti slip properties and may end up scratching your floor’s surface in the long run. The same can be said with those made of high grade steel.

Door stoppers made of rubber are more suitable to be used a door wedges since they are soft enough to not cause any deep marks on your floor and at the same time, solid enough to hold even the heaviest doors.

Wedge doorstops are inexpensive and highly portable so you can bring them anywhere. The only caveat with wedges is the fact that they can effortlessly be displaced by anybody (like a toddler, for instance). Also, depending on the weight of the door, there will times that it is necessary to use two wedges to hold just one door.

If you are looking for a door stopper to stop your door from creating damage to your wall and floor with the constant slamming, you can try a magnetic door stopper. These are usually composed of two parts: one mounted on the wall and the other to the base of the door.

The two parts have opposite magnetic sides that attract each other, thus keeping the door open. The considerable distance between the wall and door protects your wall from ever getting in touch with your door knob. A slamming door knob can cause miniature cracks or dents on your wall and can invariably destroy your wall’s paint.

The disadvantage of using a magnetic door stopper is that you have to consider your door’s weight in purchasing this door stopper. That would be because the heavier the door, the larger and stronger the magnets should be. Also, the alignment of the two parts is really important as even a powerful magnetic door stopper can be rendered weak, it the alignment between the two magnets is not perfect.

Another type of door stopper that can protect your walls from bumping a doorknob is the rigid door stopper. Basically, it is just a thin tube of short metal screwed directly to the wall with a rubber tip stop the door and the wall from being damaged. Although, this can effectively protect your door and wall, it cannot keep the door open.

Door stoppers can also be used to control the direction of the doors. These door stoppers are normally mounted on the top of the door (at a 90 degree angle) to keep the door from swinging both ways.

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