Best Doormats Reviews 2017

It’s there to welcome you home and keep your house clean – doormats are simple household devices usually made of fabric or rubber and are usually placed in front of your doors to keep the interior floor clean.

There are a number of good doormats out there. Hence, here is a list of the top-selling doormats for sale in the market today.

Dog Gone Doormat, 31×20 inches

Best Doormats

An affordable doormat that understands a pet-owner’s woes when it comes to keeping the floor clean. This special mat features a gripper non-skid to prevent any type of movement or displacement whenbeing run over by your pets. Durable and long-lasting, the microfiber strands in this mat are machine washable and can dry five times faster than ordinary doormats.

The deep shag design helps keep out muddy paw prints and other dirt particles your pet have unfortunately brought home with him.

Just put this in front of your pet door and let it do its magic. This is the top doormat any pet-owner should have.

Apache Mills Masterpiece Home Stones Doormat, 18×30 inches

Best Doormats

This inexpensive household doormat is made of 90% recycled rubber, which makes it environment friendly as well as stain and water resistant. It features a specialized shoe sole-scraping fibers (designed to look like actual stones but are actually made of rubber) that helps clean everyone’s footwear before they can enter the house. It also has anti-slip backing to prevent it from skidding.

An elegant outdoor mat that you will be proud to display outside your home.

GrassWorx Doormat High Traffic, 18×30 inches

Best Doormats

This doormat costs more than the regular mats, but only because it’s made of genuine Astroturf grass. This doormat brand is both moisture and mildew-resistant, plus it’s easy to clean. Just shake the mat to rid of dust or wash it down with a garden hose.

The grass fibers function like a brush that cleans your footwear soles as you enter your abode. The mat has a rubberized back so it doesn’t slip much and heavy enough for it not to get carried by the wind.

This is an ideal doormat deal for households with high traffic as it cleans efficiently.

Apache Mills Iron Lattice Entrance Mat, 18×30 inches

Best Doormats

Admittedly, this is not a cheap doormat. This heavy-duty outdoor mat knows certainly how to take a hit as you can use it on any type of extreme weather – rain, cold, snow or sleet. Made of recycled rubber base and water-absorbing molded carpet surface, this proves to be worth every penny.

If you are considering to buy a doormat that has commercial-grade qualities, this should be it.

Alpine Neighbor Door Mat

Best Doormats

This new doormat actually features an antibacterial rubber and polypropylene fibers that helps to keep your house clean. The combination of rubber and soft fibers also makes this mat stain-resistant and can trap dirt and absorb water from any footwear.

Its thickness is also specially designed so your mat wouldn’t always get caught by swinging doors.

Overall, a great indoor mat.

What are Doormats?

Doormats are basically a flat rectangular- or round-shaped material made of either fabric or rubber that helps protect your floor from stains, dirt, and other foreign elements by trapping those in their lattices.

Also known as welcome mats, these household devices are usually placed in front of a door for maximum usage. Hence, most doormats carry the greetings ‘welcome’ on their surface or any type of humorous variations to depict that you are entering someone’s home (some even have the opposite message, ‘go away’).

What to Look For

Though they may all look the same, not all doormats can be suitable for use outdoors as not all doormats are recommended to be used indoors. The material in which your doormat should be made solely depends on which side of the door you are thinking of placing your doormat.

The common place where you are most likely to see a doormat is right outside an entrance hall or door. As a first line of defense against dirt, an outdoor mat should be thick and durable enough to withstand being walked over by high foot traffic.

Rubber doormats are the most popular material for an outdoor mat because it is stain-resistant and virtually waterproof, which makes it perfect to be left outside even in the most extreme cold weather. Rubber mats are also the cheapest and most durable of all mat materials, though a pure rubber mat will be slippery if wet and is prone to cracking when cold.

The rubber surface is also ideal for scraping off mud though you might need an additional mud scraper to do the job properly. Fortunately, there are rubber mats that already contained a textured surface or grit-like fibers that can scrape the mud and dirt off shoes without the help of other equipment.

Doormats made of fabrics, on the other hand, are best used indoors as they are more suitable in water and moisture absorption. Indoor mats act as the second line of defense for all those dirt particles and added moisture the outdoor mat failed to retain outside the door.

For this reason, some households prefer to place two doormats in a single entrance door – one put outside exposed to the elements and one put inside as an added protection from stubborn filth.

The more recent doormats are a hybrid or a combination of rubber and fiber to provide maximum protection for the price of one. Although initially more expensive than the regular mats, these hybrid mats can actually add more to your savings in the long run as opposed to using two different mats.

The next consideration is the doormat size. Choose a large mat that most will find hard to avoid walking or jumping over. For example, small welcome mats will prove useless to households with large dogs as they can just skip it over and proceed to enter your premises with muddy paws. Big door mats eliminate that risk as your pets will be forced to walk over the doormat in order to get inside your home.

You should also consider the gap between your door and the floor when choosing a doormat. Some doormats can prove to be too thick for your use that it might always get caught with each swinging of the door, thereby displacing them. A doormat should always stay in place as to not miss any chance of cleaning the incoming foot traffic.

Last, but certainly not the least, consider the methods on how to clean your doormat properly. Machine-compatible doormats exist, though it is much preferable if your doormat can be cleaned by just shaking, vacuuming or washing it down with a hose before air drying.

The most important thing to remember is to regularly clean your doormat. A dirty doormat is not much use for anything else and can just add more dirt on your home’s floor. Choose a doormat that is easy and practical to clean. Washing doormats by machine tends to be tricky as some self-proclaimed machine-safe mats can leave some discoloration on your washer.

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