Best Down Pillows Reviews 2017

Pillows are one of the comfiest things that ever exist in the world. A soft and fluffy pillow will always ensure a good night’s sleep for everyone. But one of the best kind of pillows are the down pillows. It actually contains feathers mostly found in the belly of a bird. Once you sleep on it, you can feel your head being cooled because of the airflow down pillows provide. It is a very comfy experience everyone must have.

Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow

The Pacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow is the most popular out of the bunch, and for good reasons: 300 thread count, made of 100% cotton, and approved by the American Lung Association. But that isn’t why this pillow is so popular. Instead, it’s about how the pillow is made. It actually is a “pillow-in-a-pillow” design, where inside the AllerRest fabric is the core pillow that contains EuroFeather fill covered in down.

But that might be the biggest caveat of the product: it isn’t 100% down feather.People who came from a full down pillow immediately recognized the difference, but for those who started from this pillow where satisfied with it. Otherwise, it’s a great product to consider if you want both comfort and support of pillows in one amazing package. Do take note that one of the most helpful customer review for the product is a complaint that the pillow lost its firmness in less than a month.

Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow

Next on our list is the Royal Hotel’s Down Pillow. These are covered with 100% cotton, and has 500 thread counts. The feathers consist of 90% down and 10% small feather: a great improvement as opposed to the previous one. It is also a mix between firm and soft, so you would feel the comfort but also its consistency. That would be the perfect balance for those who have trouble sleeping or for those who have neck problems. It also is allergy-free!

You can witness its elegance with just one look; these are the kind of pillows you would probably see in 5-star hotels.This point is further proven by its price tag. It may be costly but for those who have it, it was the best pillow they’ve ever laid their heads on. This 2-set pillow wouldn’t get that high of a rating if it is bad, right? Some have complained that the pillow goes flat, but we think it’s more of a getting-used-to thing more than the product itself. Overall, it’s perfect for pillow enthusiasts.

Continental Breeding100% White Goose Down Pillow

This is the first full down pillow in this list. The Continental Breeding 100% White Goose Down Pillow is made up with 100% cotton with 233 thread count. The size of this pillow is more standard compared to the other two. That’s it. It’s straightforward, and people who bought it liked that aspect of the pillow. No gimmicks, just a pillow with nothing but white goose down.

Another thing to consider is its price. At this price range, it’s hard to find a 100% down pillow. This makes it great for a first buy or if you are saving up for something else. This pillow is also considered to be favored by side sleepers, so if you are one, then you can’t go wrong with this pillow! Customers loved how the pillow stayed firm even at longer use. One complaint when it comes to pure down pillow is the smell from the feathers, and this hasn’t been an issue for this product.

Manchester Mills Down Dreams Standard Pillow Set

This is another interesting pillow, like thePacific Coast Double Down Around Pillow. The Down Dreams Standard Pillow is actually made up of two layers: one inner chamber that consists of 100% duck feather, while the outer contains 75% duck downs. So basically it isn’t a pure down pillow, but a hybrid that should provide with the proper amount of comfort and firmness. It is also made up with 100% cotton like the other ones, with a 233 thread count.

These kind of pillows aren’t that popular but it gives a solid experience for the customers. Having a dual layer of feathers in a pillow brings out different aspects of the material: comfort and resilience. For some, having a full down pillow can be unstable when trying to get a good long rest. And while other feather pillows are sturdy, it might not be that comfortable to rest with, leading to sore muscles when waking up. These kind of pillows can get you that sweet spot in between. Added trivia: apparently, these are the pillows used for Hilton hotels, so quality is rest assured.

Downlite Extra Down Soft Pillow

All of the pillows above mostly cater for back or side sleeping, but this one is a little different. The Downlite Extra Down Soft Pillow, while still can be used to sleep with in a more traditional position, its advertised as a stomach pillow for stomach sleepers. No, it doesn’t mean that you put this underneath your stomach. Stomach sleepers with their bellies lying down instead of their backs or their sides. It is made of cotton with 250 thread count, has full white duck down inside, and is hypoallergenic.

What makes this a very good competitor with the others is the price tag. Budget-wise customers who don’t want to spend much on a pillow but still wants to experience full comfort should definitely give this a chance. With a very high rating, most of those who bought this pillow sure had a wonderful sleep. As a full down pillow though, this might lack a bit of firmness. There are testimonies that you can even squish the pillow into a ball. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly welcome to the list.

Downlite Sealy Posturepedic Hypoallergenic Soft Down Pillow

Here comes another product from Downlite! These guys sure know how to make affordable down pillows without compromisingquality. Having the same basic features as the Extra Down Soft Pillow, the Sealy Posturepedic Soft Down Pillow is also a full down pillow made up with cotton, but only has a 230 thread count. It’s also a bit smaller, having a standard size of 20 x 26 compared to the Extra Down which has larger options.

This is the cheapest in the list. The pillow is pretty much WSIWYG: a full down, standard sized, hypoallergenic pillow without the unnecessary additional stuff. Don’t be fooled by the price, though; the quality of this product is amazing, almost on par with more costly alternatives. It has one of the highest average customer ratings on this list, so that testifies to its excellence. This is perfect for travelling if you want to take those naps while ona long trip. These are also advisable for stomach sleepers, as well. You can never go wrong with this product.

Puredown White Down Pillow

Puredown has a lot of available pillows in the market, but this one specifically is their down pillow version (they also have mixed ones that are worth checking out) whichdoesn’t have any quills inside. A 233 thread count 100% cotton pillow has white duck down inside, protected by another dobby pattern cotton. These are extremely soft pillows that sinks your head for that wonderful feel.

Don’t get fooled by the pictures, though. Recent feedback shows that the pillow is somewhat “too soft”, to the point that when you rest your head, there’s a tendency that you hit the mattress. The equal distribution of the down inside the pillow causes this, since there are more room for the content to move around. Others might be bothered by this or not. Regardless, the softness of the pillow is no joke. The quality of the stitches as well are very high. It’s still a very good candidate for your next down pillow purchase.

Queen Anne Pillow Company’s The Original Queen Anne Pillow

The last entry for this list sure is a mouthful to say. The Original Queen Anne Pillow, as the name kinda implies, is a very reputable product. Enjoyed by cruise lines and hotels around the world, this full down pillow is a very elegant looking one. By its looks alone, it’s well suited for a princess’ bedroom, if she wants her pillows to be as plain looking as possible. The content here is 80% down and 20% down micro feathers, which are basically the same as down. But this is more of a government policy, as it is assumed that full down pillows can’t have feathers. Other than the French goose breast down, it is made up with a 330 thread count 100% cotton.

The item is very simple yet it gives a extravagant feel to it. There are different fills that are optimal for various sleeping positions, and even though it is full down, it managed to find the balance between soft and firm; only mixed pillows can achieve this with ease. Although there are reports that their pillow isn’t soft enough. This concern is definitely a change as opposed to the entries above. And you can order either a firmer one or a softer one. It actually caters to everyone’s needs. It is safe to say that the Queen Anne Pillow is a good all-around down pillow.

What To Look For

The down pillow hunt can be fairly difficult; there are a LOT of listed products that isn’t actually down, but down”alternatives”. These are more widely-accepted, but it can never give the feel down pillows can. It’s like comparing mechanical keyboards to rubber dome ones. Always consider the thread count, the material used for the cover, and the overall “feel” of the pillow. Mixed down pillows can have quills (from the feathers) that might stick out of the pillow. One thing to note as well is that these items have varying sizes and fills as well. It is better to do a little research as to what you prefer on a pillow. It can also help to read reviews to know other opinions about the firmness and comfort of the product.


We always thought that pillows are all the same: they just elevate your head when you sleep. But the introduction to down pillows are very eye-opening. Down pillows are a treat. It’s a totally different experience compared to foam or feather pillows. The comfort it brings to your sleep is wonderful. It also is a big help if you’re having problems sleeping. You can never go wrong with one of the available products above.

Prices for these can get pretty high, as downs are harder to obtain compared to just feathers or foam. But don’t worry,once you lay your head on it, it’s all worth it. Make sure that you are getting the best option for your budget. Have a good sleep!

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