Best Drafting Chair Reviews 2017

We all know how important it is when it comes to picking the right drafting chair. Most of us look for comfort as our first priority, and second comes looks and functionality. Although these qualities are needed for the perfect chair, you’ll notice I’ll stress about how important lumbar and back support are, because the support of the chair will affect your posture. Some of our jobs have us sitting for hours at a time, so picking a the best drafting chair perfect for your size, job, and has great ergonomics to it will definitely help boost your productivity!

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

This ergonomic office chair is bound to keep its promise of comfort and spine support as you work hours away in your office. The mesh back support won’t get your back all hot and sweaty because it allows for airflow.This sturdy little chair can provide support for up to 225 pounds.

Many people seem to love the seat cushion, it attached on the plate, you have to put this seat together yourself, but it comes with clear instructions and labeled parts to make the assembly process as fool-proof as possible! The seat has an adjustable height and proper support to ensure a healthier posture from all those hours off sitting. This can adjust from around 16 to 22 inches off the floor.

You can opt to install the arm rest as well, but if not, you can screw them in securely underneath the seat of the chair to keep them safe for a time you’ll need them. If you’re on a tight budget but need a great quality drafting chair, AmazonBasics has just what you need. Support, durability, comfort, and options, all in one chair!

Boss Office Products B245-BK Be Well Medical Spa Stool

The back support on this Boss Office product is caressoft vinyl upholstery. Super easy to clean! This chair is like the classic little black dress of drafting chairs, minimal and classy. This ergonomic chair does not only look good, but feels great and does wonders for your posture! The adjustable height range is 6 inches, from 21 inches off the floor to 27, so pick a height which best suits you and feels right.

A dual caster that can support around 250 pounds, this sturdy little chair has 5 legs and has a firm seat to keep your lumbar and spine fully supported. The seat is very thick, around 3 and a half inches thick to be precise, and won’t wear down or go flat easily. The casters on this chair are best for rugs as they are hard. If your chair will not be rolling around on the rug then it’s recommended you buy a pair of softer casters for better control of the chair. At this price, getting another set wouldn’t be much of a problem, it’s sure to be worth your money with comfort, style, and quality material!

This chair is easy to assemble and because of it’s high quality comfort and functionality, doctors, especially dentists everywhere actually love to use this chair through long hours or surgical procedures, and it doesn’t just come in black, in also comes in beige, and other very classy-looking colors.

Boss Office Products B16245-BK Be Well Medical Spa Drafting Stool

This chair is very similar to the one above, from the same manufacturer. It has all the features the B245 by Boss Office has, like the caressoft vinyl covering, the firm, 3.5 inch thick seat that gives great support for your back through long hours of sitting down, dual caster wheels best fitted for rugs, again you can always replace these casters with softer ones for hard flooring, I find this important so you don’t slide around too much, certainly not something you’d want your surgeon or dentist to do, as these chairs are best known for such medical purposes.

What sets this chair apart from the Boss Office B245 Be Well Medical Spa Stool is the height range. While the B24B can be adjusted from around 21 to 27 inches off the floor, this B16245 drafting chair is a high chair, going from a minimum height of 28 to 34 inches. Don’t worry about this chair being too high for medical procedures, it comes with an optional chrome foot rest ring that is placed around 13 inches off the ground, you can choose to not install it, though.

This chair is super durable, you can tell when you see it how well it’s been manufactured. Assemble it yourself and see how it easy it is!

Flash Furniture LF-214-WINERED-GG Vibrant Wine Red and Chrome Computer Task Chair

Flash Furniture had definitely picked the right name to suit their products, especially with this chair! It doesn’t just come in wine red, there are 17 colors to choose, from “Apple Green” to “Candy Heart Pink”, a great way to pop some color into your office. Although if you’re not much of a fan of bright colors, they also have the minimalistic-looking silver, white and black.

If you have only a small space to spin around in, this chair is only 17 inches wide, perfect for small places. It may not be cushioned, but you’ll be surprised at how comfortable this chair is, and it’s molded to make you sit up properly, giving your back great support and shape while you work.
The adjustable height range is around 6 inches and starts at 19 to 25 inches high off the floor.

Flash Furniture’s Task Chair is extremely durable and can hold over 250 pounds. This is not the kind of chair you want to lean too far back on with great amounts of weight, because like I said earlier the back support is molded into the shape your back should look when you sit, it acts as a kind of curved ruler or guide for your back, giving you amazing lumbar and pelvic area support.

Flash Furniture LF-215-BLK-GG Vibrant Black and Chrome Drafting Stool

This chair is the high chair version of the previous product, for those who are much taller and prefer a high chair in general. Even though this is taller, it still has the same 17 inch base width to take up less space, but you don’t have to worry about stability as both chairs have 5 legs each which distributes the force from your body weight to 20% per leg, as opposed to the 25% that 4 legged drafting chairs endure, making it easier to move around and having a better chance of lasting much longer.

The adjustable height range on this chair is a whopping 10 inches, the lowest being 22 inches and the highest at 32 inches off the floor. Again, there is a chrome foot rest ring that you can choose to install or not. This is a plastic chair, but don’t be disencouraged, because it is super sturdy and I’ll say it again, it is not a chair to lean back on, why, it’s molded to act as a guide of the proper shape of your spine. I can’t stress this enough, and it’s important for you buyers to know. This chair will keep you upright and feeling great!

Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair High-Back Gaming Chair PU Leather Bucket Seat

This crazy cool-looking chair comes in 4 colors- all blue, blue-black, all red, and red-black. This chair looks so good you could stick it in a race car and it would look as if it were home. And the durability is incredible. 3 inches of cushion on the back rest makes for a super comfortable chair, so soft and snug you can even take a quick nap on it! The setup allows for moving like leaning back and forward, and although the armrests are plastic, they are sturdy, nice and spacious for maximum levels of comfort, rocking back and forth along with your movement on the chair. You can also fold up the armchair to support your wrists. This chair basically constantly adjusts itself to how you are sitting to provide amazing lumbar and spinal support.

This is another chair that has hard dual caster wheels designed for rugs, so make sure to order a softer set of wheels for this baby if you’ll be using this on hard floors, especially wood. It can endure up to 280 pounds of weight and the outer lining is made of PU material. This is a little more challenging to assemble but it comes with a clear instruction guide, so no matter how pro you are at putting things together it’s definitely worth a read, because when you do get this chair set up properly, you are in for a great office experience!

Boss Office Products B1615-BK Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair

Another popular Boss Office product! This ergonomic B1615-BK drafting chair model is another high chair with a height adjustment range from 26.5 inches to 31.5 inches off the floor. The width is only 17.5 at the base so it won’t take up too much room, and is helped to keep sturdy by its 5 legs and a thick 27 inch black nylon base. However since this is a high chair, you can opt to attach the 20 inch wide chrome foot ring. It can withstand up to 250 pounds. This chair is molded to shape your back into the right posture, helps to avoid strain and provides full support.

Just like all Boss Office chairs, this drafting chair is extremely easy to set up, you can choose to add the arm rest as well but if they aren’t your thing just screw them underneath your seat so you don’t lose them! The foot ring is around 12-13 inches off the ground. The dual casters on this seat are designed for harder floors, so if you’ll be using this on a carpet make sure to get a harder set of wheels just like what comes with the previous Boss Office chairs we’ve talked about in this article.

Boss Office Products B1647 Multi-Function LeatherPlus Drafting Stool

Boss Office seems to be on a roll here when it comes to drafting chairs. This B1647 Multi-Function LeatherPlus Drafting Stool sets itself a tad bit apart from the other chairs. One big difference is the tilt range it allows and the locking of the tilt angle so you can find the most comfortable angle or position while you do work and not worry about having to find the right spot again.

This is more of a medium chair than a high chair, it’s adjustable height range lies between 26 and 30 inches off the ground, and although it’s not that high, still comes with an optional chrome 20 inch foot ring, and optional attachable armrests. Through all the low chairs and high chairs we’ve been through in this article, finally one that’s right in the middle!

Don’t let the word “leather” mislead you. The lining is made of top quality vinyl with a leather imprint. So for all the animal lovers out there you don’t have to worry- no animals were hurt during the manufacturing of this product! You can pick. This chair is able to withstand up the average 250 pounds and is sure to last for years to come!

What to Look For

When looking for a drafting chair, there are some very important qualities to pay special attention to, such as weight capacity and adjustable height range (if it is adjustable). You want to select the correct chair for this as it can affect your performance, and also the chairs performance. Make sure you take a look at the sizing properly so that you fit comfortably in the chair.

If you will be sitting for hours at a time, it’s an absolute necessity for the chair to be ergonomic to properly support your back, especially your lower back to improve posture and help you steer clear of back pain and other back problems. Although people may not know or constantly disregard this fact; good posture is a crucial part of your health. You don’t want your posture getting bad and causing things like misalignment of bones and organs squeezing too far in together or stretching too far out.

If you will have your chair on a rug, better opt for harder caster or wheels for smooth gliding, and if your chair will be on hard surfaces, get a set of softer casters, such as roller blade types which are rubber and make it easier to control, and also doesn’t scratch your floor, which is especially important if you have wooden flooring.


Now you can see that there are many factors in choosing the perfect drafting chair for you and your workplace, we trust that you make the best decision for your comfort and health. The products listed above are only some of the amazing choices you have, but take place as most popular in the market today. According to your budget, take a pick of the best quality and most affordable chair to fit your lifestyle and suit your needs.

Boss office seem to be all over the top listed products, but AmazonBasics steadily stay put on top. Ordering chairs online, take note, will have some assembly to do. So if you’re not much of a builder, I recommend getting an easy one to assemble. It’s all up to you! Make sure to look at specs and I guarantee that you’ll be on your way to a healthier office life in no time, your back will thank you later!

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