Best Drink Coasters Reviews 2017

Enjoying your drink at home or at a party is one of the leisure anyone canindulge into. But the unsightly and irritating drips from your beverage glass can taint your table. Having the best drink coasters underneath your glass will soak up the sweat from your drink glass as well as save your table top and other furniture from having those round prints caused by wet glasses. There are many good drink coasters available in the market made of different designs and materials. These are just some of the best drink coasters we’ve gathered.

Enkore Coasters Set of 6 in Holder

You can protect your furniture from water marks and damage with this drink coaster. Introducing to you the most popular drink coaster in the market to date. Enkore Coasters comes in 6 for each pack upon purchase. It’s reasonably priced for such a handy and efficient drink coaster. It’s 4.3 inches wide and large enough to accommodate any glass of beverage you might have. Cups and mugs will fit nicely in this. Its design is attractive and being the largest drink coaster in the market, makes it an excellent choice for your bar tools and accessories. You’ll never experience any spillage from your drinks anymore. This doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of your glass, too, unlike other drink coasters in the market.

This drink coaster has a deeply grooved pattern on each side to protect your furniture from any excess liquid from your cold drinks. You don’t have to worry about leaving any mark on your table or bed stand anymore. This product is friendlier to the wooden surface than sandstone. You can purchase this for your own use at home or you can have this as an attractive gift to someone who might need it. They can use it for other purposes like as a home décor, barware, bar service mat or as a spoon rest. This is the perfect drink coaster that can grip any surface and keep your furniture safe from damage.

Thirsty Stone Natural Solid Sandstone Coasters

Next on our list of the best drink coaster in the market is the Thirsty Stone natural solid sandstone coasters. This drink coaster product is made of all-natural, absorbent sandstone. It’s so affordable yet it gives high-quality performance comparable to expensive drink coasters at the store. This has a 4 inches drip protection you don’t normally see in other drink coaster products. With each purchase, you get four of this drink coasters made of solid sandstone. This is a perfect gift for someone dear to you who might like to have a drink toaster for their home.

The design and color of this product is a good accent for any table. This is a beautiful drink toaster which can match any design you might have at home. This is a little bit heavy but it ensures that it won’t slip easily and can grip any surface of your furniture. This doesn’t break easily, but being extra cautious won’t’ hurt. Having a drink coaster that will accommodate your mugs and cups efficiently for such an affordable price is a great deal you can’t pass.

Thirstystone Bamboo and Faux Leather Ambiance Coasters

This is a very attractive drink coaster that’ll be a great accent to any bar, furniture and interior design of your house. Each set has 6 bamboo coasters with a wood holder for each drink coasters. This is super absorbent so you won’t have any drink spillage or have watermarks on the surface of your furniture. Each coaster have faux leather at the bottom of the holder to further serve as a protection for your furniture.

This drink coaster has an attractive and modern design you can use for your own benefit or serve as a gift to someone. Condensation can be a drag when you live in humid areas such as at the South. Having an effective drink coaster that will absorb any sweat from your drinks before it reaches the surface of your wooden furniture is a must. If you have tried different types of drink coasters that claim to be super absorbent and be a good protection for your furniture then this might be the one you’re looking for. One thing to keep in mind is to always keep this super dry after you use it since it’s made of bamboo and it might have mold formation if you let it sit wet for long periods of time. It’s nice to have a drink coaster that has a holder. You don’t often see that in other drink coasters.

Dulce Cocina Absorbent Coasters

This is another drink coaster that you might like to check out for your own use or as a gift set. This drink toaster has a beautiful color that will blend in wonderfully with any design you might have at home or to any furniture you wanted to place your drink coaster. Each drink coasters has an absorbent bottom so you can assure that it won’t slip easily. It’ll grip the surface of any furniture perfectly. The bottom will also help absorb any moisture that might come from the glass of your beverage.

It’s made of a highly absorbent material for high-quality furnishings. This set of drink coasters is a unique kitchen decoration you can also use, better than any silicone or cork design. It’s also an ideal companion for your placements. This is a great gift for your wife, female friends, Christmas gift or wedding gift. The intricate and beautiful design is fit for a feminine receiver. You don’t have to worry about risking any spill or moisture on the surface of your furniture. This will ensure that your drink won’t leave any stain on your wooden furniture. You can also use this as a hot pad or trivet. It comes so cheaply for such a delicate drink coaster.

Drink Coasters by Barvivo Set of 8

You can stop worrying about having spills and stains your table top or any furniture at home or at your restaurant. You can now have a relaxing time with your friends, family and guests either indoor or outdoor without thinking about watermarks that can damage the beauty of your furniture finish. This drink coaster with an attractive black design can fit any glassware or silverware you might be using for your gathering. This product will protect your furniture or countertop from drink spillage.

The materials used in making this drink toaster are eco-friendly materials. It has a rustic and classic packaging made of recycled and disposable materials which are earth-friendly. You can also use the packaging as a primitive holder for your coaster pack. This will fit perfectly in almost any décor you have at home or at your restaurant. You can also have this as a gift. Unlike other coasters sold in the market which don’t have a sufficient grip on the surface of your furniture, this does the job nicely. It prevents any spillage and collects the condensation from your mug or glassware thus prevent any damage to your furniture.

Reversible Coaster Metric USA 4 inches Set of 6

Are you tired of having water stains and drink spillage on your furniture? This drink coaster is the perfect tool to protect your furniture from damage. It can absorb drinks and retains moisture that usually trickles down from cold drinks. You don’t have to be irritated about having a drink coaster sticking at the bottom of your cup of beverage. This product won’t stick at the bottom of your drink. This also doesn’t scratch the surface of your table top unlike other heavy duty drink coasters made of stone or hard material.

This elegant drink coaster can absorb moisture from your glass effectively. What’s even more amazing about this product is you can use the reverse side of the drink toaster. This is made of premium materials made to last for a long time. Its design is also an attractive one that you can use during parties or events at home or at a venue you prepared. This pack comes in a beautiful box which is perfect as a gift. It’s reasonably priced for something that you can use for a very long time. You won’t regret buying this drink coaster. Many people actually recommend this product.

Trademark Innovations 3.5″ Square 100% Natural Bamboo Coaster

Here’s another drink coaster with an elegant design that you might like to use for your home or for an event that you might plan to have. This bamboo drink coaster is made of 100% natural bamboo. Each coaster measures 3.5″ square, ideal for any glass of beverage you might intend to use. You can this at home for your everyday use, or you can use this for special occasions. You don’t have to worry about keeping this clean. Hand washing this is enough using mild soap and water in order to preserve its beauty.

When you purchase this drink coaster it comes with a coaster holder that’s equally attractive. For such an affordable drink coaster, it does its purpose perfectly. You will have no spills and water marks on your desk, table top or other furniture when you decide to have a drink. It does extra good job in absorbing moisture from your glass unlike other cheap drink coasters made of low-grade materials. You want to have a good time whether alone or when you have company, but you don’t want to have the added stress of damaging your furniture when water marks and drink spillage happens. Purchasing this can greatly prevent accidents to happen.

HappyDavid Leather Drink Coasters

You don’t usually see leather drink coasters, but here’s a leather one that we found in the market. This is made of high-quality leather which is perfect for your dining room table, counter top, table or any other surface at home that you might use to place your glass of drink. This is a safe and durable drink coaster you can use. It’s also heat resistant so whether you use this for your hot beverage, it will tolerate the heat and won’t get damaged easily. The leather material is also efficient in preventing any spillage. Its non-slip feature is reinforced by the leather material too. You can guarantee to have a drink coaster that’ll last for a long time.

Its design is elegant yet simple, perfect for any interior design you might have at home. It has a combination of around and highlighting pattern of good quality that’s quite tasteful. You’ll be proud to use this when you have company or if you purchase this as a gift for someone. The receiver of this drink coaster will surely love such a high-quality product. You rest assured that this product won’t be a disappointment.


Planning for an event at home or at a venue you specifically picked can be fun. If you decide to have your get-together, you have to check your checklist for things that you need to use and guidelines for things to watch out for. Aside from the drinks, food, and design, you have to keep in mind the safety of your furniture whether they’re made of wood, sandstone, granite or another, you need to keep in mind that they can be damaged if moisture, such as the one brought by your glass of beverage, can bring.

You can’t help it if your guests place their drinks on top of your wooden furniture, all you can do is prevent any damage from the water marks and drink spillage which is bound to happen. You can, however, make use of the best drink coasters which not only serves it aesthetic purpose but also help absorb moisture from the glass of drink and prevent any spillage to your furniture. There are many drink coasters presented at the market. Some are made of natural materials such as wood, others are made of elegant materials such as leather. Whatever your theme might be, you can match it with the type of drink coaster you’ll buy. Not only are they very affordable, they are very useful in keeping your furniture safe from damage. We hope with this list of best drink coasters you’re able to choose the perfect one for your house or for the event you’re planning to have.

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