Best Drum Practice Pad Reviews 2017

Every musician has his or her own style in warming up before a big performance or a gig. Pianists do their scales on the piano, guitarists strums or pluck the strings of their guitar, vocalists sing their vowels in different octaves, and the drummers use a practice pad. If you are a drummer and does not have a practice pad, you better go grab one. This will help you improve your skills and help you master a certain piece. There are a bunch of drum practice pads ou in the market that can be sold today. And if you want to learn how to play the drums, you should also purchase of the best drumpractice pads.

Evans 2-Sided Practice Pad

If you are a drummer you must have one of the drum practice pads to enhance your drumming skills. There are several kinds of practice pads out in the market and one of the best selling practice pads is the Evans 2-Sided Practice Pad. It has a 12-inch length and has a pad on both sides and can fit perfectly on a standard sized snare drum. It is advisable to rest it on a snare drum for you to get used to the feel of the drums. It allows you to sit properly and aim directly at the pad. Another thing is that one side of the pad is made out of gum rubber, the gray side which is quieter, this is to imitate the feels of the real surface of the drum. And the other side has a neoprene surface, the black side which has noise, to enhance your working endurance and to have a real workout.

Evans is the brand of this kind of a drum practice pad. They have been in the industry for over 40 years. They have made a rip-free surface for the practice pads for it to last long and can still survive tons of hits of a drumstick.

Remo RT-0008-00 8″ Gray Tunable Practice Pad with Ambassador Coated Drumhead

This Practice Ambassador Drumhead is perfect for those who just started learning how to play the drums and for an expert who just wants to maintain its drumming skills. It has the exact same feel of the drums and bounces as if you were already playing the drums. It measures about 8 inches and light enough which isperfect to sit on your lap, chair and can also be mounted on your snare drums for the right feel and also to keep the pad from slipping. It is tunable and has a protective rubber in the bottom to avoid scratches on the other side of the pad.

There are a lot of music teachers who would recommend this practice pad. It is a little bit quieter than the actual drums but still gives you the exact feels of the drums.

RealFeel by Evans Apprentice Pad

Here is another product of Evans. The RealFeel by Evans Apprentice Pad. It is still a drum practice pad the same as the 2-Sided Practice Pad that was mentioned, but this one has a slight difference. It is smaller and has only one side. But it can still give you the exact same feel of the real drums. The pad is made out of thin gum rubber to make the bounce rebound feel like the real drums and to have a great quality for it to last long no matter how many strikes you give to it. It also has an 8mm threaded insert for you to mount on any snare drums for you to feel comfortable during your practice. And has a non-slip grip on the other side of the pad so that if you are practicing your drum skills and placed it on a smooth surface, you will not have to worry if it runs away from you.

There are a lot of different kinds of products that Evans have manufactured. They have been in the industry long enough and have created and developed their products throughout the years of service.

Vic Firth 12″ Double sided Practice Pad

If you want to double time in practicing your drum skills the Vic Firth 12” Double Sided Practice pad is for you. It has the similar features of Evan’s 2-Sided Practice pad. This is a 12-inch practice pad, fit enough to be placed on your lap and on any snare drum. It has two sides for you to practice. The gray side is the soft side and it is also known as the quiet side because it is not that noisy compared to the real drums. This side is also where you can practice and feel the bounce of the real drums. It is made ou of rubber so that it can imitate the bounce of a real drum. The other side is still made out of rubber, but it is not as soft as the gray side. It is intended for you to enhance your work a little more and let your muscles memorize the feeling of hitting the drums with rhythm.

Each strike of the drumstick on the practice pad will make you feel as if you were really playing the real drums. It will help you practice your striking skills and be able to apply it once you play the real drums. It will also help you feel confident in having few errors when you are already performing.

Hisonic Signature Series LXG-20 10″ Drum Practice Pad with Stand & Sticks

If you want to learn how to play the drums, and you still can’t afford one or still can’t find the right one for you. You can always go buy a drum practice pad as a substitute. The Hisonic Signature Series LXG-20 10” Drum Practice Pad with Stand and Sticks is the perfect set for you. While you are still in the search of that perfect drum set, you can still practice your skills on this practice pad. It has a 10-inch practice pad and a stand that can be adjusted from 20-inches to 30-inches to suit you comfortable playing position. It also has a rubber on each foot of the tripod to avoid slipping while you are practicing. And it also comes with a bag so that you will be able to carry it everywhere and for you to practice anywhere you wish. It also comes with a free pair of drum sticks that are in size 5A to complete your practice needs.
This is one of the few sets of practice pads out there. Not all sets comein complete. Some do not give out a free pair of sticks or bag or even a stand. If you are serious about your drumming career, you should better get one of this drum practice pad sets.

Offworld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad

We all know that most of the drum practice pads are made out of rubber and there are some that are also made out of semi rubber and plastic to imitate the rebound effect of a real drum and usually you will end up with a broken stick. But with the Offworld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad, you will be able to save many sticks from breaking. It is designed with a 360° rim that prevents your drumsticks from shattering after a hard strike during your practice. All drum practice pads do not have this feature. Although this practice pad can save your sticks, it still has its main function to make you feel like you are striking a real drum. The entire padding is made out of rubber and has an exterior holding that is made out of plastic.It is ideal for people who wants to place this practice pad in a music room. It is a little bit louder than any other ordinary drum practice pads because it wants you to feel as if you are playing the actual drums. But it is still like any other practice pads, it will help you improve your skills.

Ultra Portable Practice Pad

Almost all drummers are always on the go. They are usually traveling because they have gigs or performances or concerts to go to. And most of them does not have an R.V. to carry an actual drum set, not unless they are already a member of one of the most famous bands. For drummers who are also travelers, the Ultra Portable Practice Pad is the best practice pad for you. It is small enough to be placed inside your bag perfectly. It won’t give you any hassle to take it out while inside the vehicle and do a little bit of practice. You can even use it while jamming with your friends during the road trip. It has a size of 6-inches which is why perfect as a handy practice pad. It is also easy to clean. The surface of the pad is made mostly out of neoprene rubber. So that if you feel or see that the surface is a little bit dusty or does not give the same feel as it was when it was brand new, you can just rinse it with water and let it dry by air. This is to restore its almost-original appearance.

There are a lot of practice pads that can still be portable no matter what size it is. But it will be difficult for you to bring everywhere because most of them are little too big to be portable. but with the Ultra Portable Practice Pad, you can practice anywhere and anytime you want without having difficulties in carrying it with you.

12-Pc DRUM PRACTICE PADS – Silent Black Foam Quiet

Most of the practice pads that are discussed are in one size or only bought individually. If you are getting good at your skills in drumming, you might want to grab your drum practice pads. There are practice pads that can be sold as a set, and the 12-Pc Drum Practice Pads – Silent Black Foam Quiet is for you. It isstill like any ordinary drum practice pads, it functions the same but the only difference is that it is sold by theset. This is a set of twelve where you can set it up and arrange themon your drums without disturbing your neighbors. It serves as a silencer to keep the music on your drums low whenever you strike. The surface is made out of neoprene material and foam to keep the surface safe and be able to block the noise that the drums make whenever you strike. It has seven head covers, three cymbal coverand two bass covers. These covers mutethe drums for a better practice in your posture and rhythm in striking the drums.

This practice pad set is ideal for those drummers who live in an apartment type of home so that they will not be able to disturb their neighbors. Whenever they wanted to wake up at night and decided to practice, they will be able to do so because of the muting feature and sound blocking feature of the12-Pc Drum Practice Pads – Silent Black Foam Quiet.


There are different kinds of practice drums. There are those that are portable and can still be used in jamming with friends. And these kinds are the popular ones that even a beginner can buy. But not just beginners but also the professional drummers. The drum practice pad can help each drummer with their techniques in playing. And it will also add confidence to the beginners as they slowly progress in learning how to play the drums. There are also practice pads that are placed on the drum set. It blocks out the noise or it mutes the drums whenever you decided to practice. This is also to enhance make your actual posture and memorize the pattern in playing the drums. Practice makes perfect, especially when you are amusician. You need to practice in order to deliver a smooth and harmonic melody to the audience.

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