Best Dry Erase Marker Reviews 2017

Dry erase markers are fun! You can use them to write on glass, on white board, on tape, on mirrors, and even on some drawers. You can choose among a wide array of colors available like black, green, yellow, pink, orange, and blue. Some manufacturers offer more colors! Isn’t that amazing! I love writing and doodling everywhere using these markers.

Dry erase markers are just one of my tools as an art fanatic and as an artist as well. The great thing about dry erase markers is that the ink that I’ve written on a surface can be wiped off easily and quickly. Whenever I feel like changing something, I just get the eraser or cloth and remove what I wrote or draw. I know you have tried to use dry erase markers in as many places as possible. I also know you have used it to make markings and notes on mirrors, to put labels on canisters and other food containers and to discuss lessons on whiteboards or glass. Being both a teacher and an artist, I only need the best dry erase marker for all my doodles and my notes. Fortunately, there are a lot of brands available which I can just purchase and use!

Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Marker

What I love most about Expo Dry Erase Markers is that they only release a low odor once they are opened and used. Expo also is quite playful in terms of their products. Why do I say this? Because the company has a wide array of products for dry erase markers. The company has retractable dry erase markers. Expo also has chisel tip markers. The chisel tips can be used if you want different point sizes on using only one marker. It is because if you look closely at the tip, it is at angle. Just hold the marker a different way and you get a different point thickness. Some products are also offered with organizers and cleaners. One product from Expo that I like is the Low Odor Ultra Fine tips. I mainly use them for writing on boards and glass. For basic use, Expo also offers bullet tip dry erase markers.

As I have said earlier, these dry erase markers from Expo have low odor. These means that the markers don’t smell that much as you are using them. This feature is great specially in places where the room is without open windows like classrooms and offices. The colors from the markers are also quite vibrant and bright. For your information, Expo conforms to ASTM D-4236, which is a standard practice to follow when labeling art materials that include health hazards, safe handling and other information about the product.

Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

Have you seen these markers from Board Dudes? They are awesome! And they are second in our list of best dry erase markers! Who could have thought that someone out there is looking for a solution for accidentally losing dry erase markers? How could have they known the answer? And the answer is really quite simple. Board Dudes placed magnets on the dry erase marker caps that can stick to any metallic surface. Misplaced dry erase markers often happen in the office and at school. Having magnetic dry erase markers will reduce downtime among offices and at school because the teacher, or the boss doesn’t have to look for the marker before they start the discussion. Funny but true, right?

The Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Markers are being sold as 6-pack, 12-pack, 18-pack and 24- pack. These markers have low odor like the Expo Dry Erase Marker which is at the top of the list. Currently, the product is only offered with fine tips only. One piece of advice in using these dry erase markers. When using the magnet in storing the markers, be sure to put it with its head facing down to ensure maximum quality of the product.

Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

The third dry erase marker that made our list is the Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase Marker. It’s great that most marker companies are picking up on the cap magnet design for these dry erase markers. I mean, it is just easier if you can just put a set of dry erase markers on a magnetic surface and leave it there. One, it is very convenient to all those who are going to use them. Second, you can really avoid losing these markers because of the magnet on the cap of the marker.

Quartet Magnetic Dry Erase Markers is offering their markers as six pieces in a pack with assorted colors- yellow, purple, black, green, red and blue. Great choice of colors to differentiate one line from the other when drawing on a glass or whiteboard. All the markers have a fine tip. The markers are also nontoxic. With the eraser readily available on top of the cap, you don’t have to look for a separate eraser somewhere else! Great dry erase marker from Quartet!

AmazonBasics Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers

AmazonBasics has released their own line of dry erase markers! You can choose to either buy an 8 pack or a 12 pack with either all- black or all- color variety. Your teachers will really appreciate it if you give them an all- black dry erase marker!

The AmazonBasics Dry Erase Markers all give low odor upon use. So you will not faint every time you use them! They are also quick drying and nontoxic. For the assorted color variant, the colors can be described as vibrant. The colors included are blue, pink, green, red, yellow, orange, brown and of course, black.

AmazonBasics guarantees that the tip won’t dry out even if it’s left uncapped for two days! If that is the case, then take my money! The ink also can be erased quickly. All the dry erase markers from AmazonBasics are chisel-tipped. Change the angle of writing and you get different thicknesses of ink. Primarily made for whiteboards, you can still use these dry erase markers in other nonporous surfaces.

U Brands Low Odor Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

The fifth on our list of best dry erase markers is the U Brands Dry Erase Markers. U Brands packs 6 assorted colors of dry erase markers- black, orange, purple, red, green and blue. You will not be scared of your health when using these dry erase markers because these are nontoxic and has low odor. You can also be sure that the ink from the U Brands Dry Erase Marker dries quickly and can be erased with no effort. The colors that come from these markers are quite bright.

I love dry erase markers with built-in erasers. You do not have to look for those erasers when you need them. You just flip the cap and you can erase all the way! One added feature of the marker which the other dry erase markers do not have is the contoured shape of the cap. Why is this small feature important? Because with the contoured shape, the dry erase markers will not slide down so easily on any surface.

Best Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers

Looking for the best dry erase marker? Then you found it right here! This dry erase marker is from the Best company! The Best Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers offers one of the biggest packs being sold in the market today. You can have 36 dry erase markers on a single buy! The price is also very competitive against known brands like Expo and Quartet. Wow, 36 markers! Inside the pack are 12 assorted colors, meaning 3 each of the same color. These colors are light green, dark green, light brown, dark brown, light blue, dark blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple, red and black.

The Best Dry Erase Whiteboard Marker all have chisel tips. You can vary the size of the point tip by moving the chisel tip at a different angle. These markers are great at home for teaching kids and grandkids. The markers are also perfect for school. You can also use these in offices, for writing business discussions and schedules on whiteboards.

ZenZoi Chisel Tip Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers

I think, this is one of the cheapest dry erase markers available in the market today. One pack contains 13 brilliant colors. Practically made for teaching, most users can say that the markers are great for whiteboard writing. But it can also be used for glass decorations and designing. They are also nontoxic, which is perfect for teaching kids. The ZenZoi Chisel Tip Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers are also virtually odorless, again, perfect for kids to use. Being in a classroom environment, it also pays for the markers to be odorless.

The ZenZoi Chisel Tip Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers don’t drip even when pressed hard on a surface. The chisel tip allows for different thickness sizes for the markers. This is essential because the markers can be used for designing. The point thickness will depend on the angle of how you hold the marker. Consumers are also all praises for its container. The ZenZoi Chisel Tip Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers are enclosed in a cardboard-like canister. Cute and practical at the same time!

Ala Board Dry Erase Fine Tip Chalk Marker

The last product on our list, but definitely not the least, is the Ala Board Dry Erase Fine Tip Chalk Marker. Included in one pack are 8 fluorescent colors. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue, pink and white. These can be used at home, in school, and in offices. All of the dry erase markers have a fine tip, best for writing intricate designs on the Ala Board, glass, and other nonporous surfaces. You can just use an ordinary cloth or an eraser to wipe off the ink.

What to Look For

You have a lot of choices out there for a dry erase marker. Several brands have been releasing different types and styles of dry erase markers to accommodate the market. What you should remember when looking for the best dry erase marker is to know your purpose of why you need a dry erase marker. If you will use the dry erase marker for teaching, then look for a marker that is bright and clear on a whiteboard. Some markers look brilliant on some surfaces but when used on a whiteboard, the colors seem to fade. So that’s one. Next, choose a type of marker that you will not lose eventually. What I am saying is that if you feel like you’re the type who always forgets where you place your markers, then get the magnetic type of marker. You may be shocked by the number of lost markers in school and in the office!

Third, choose a dry erase marker that has bright colors but also easy to erase after writing. Choose a marker that has ink that leaves no marks after erasing. Lastly, get a dry erase marker that is nontoxic and safe to handle.


The dry erase marker is one of the greatest tools ever invented. It can be used as a teaching instrument to teach kids and adults. It can also be used to decorate and design boards, glass and even glossy cards. The Expo Dry Erase Markers and the Quartet Markers are two of the known brands in the market with reputation of providing high quality and nontoxic markers. But we also have other brands that are very competitive in terms of price, brightness of color and number of markers in a pack. Just to name a few, AmazonBasics, Board Dudes, U Brands, Best, ZenZoi, and Ala Board are brands that have been selling quality dry erase markers. After a thorough review, I can advise you that you can choose any marker from the list above. These are all dry erase markers that consumers have proven to be great products. Just choose the dry erase markers that fit your purpose and preference.

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