Best Dual Monitor Stand Reviews 2017

You must’ve seen one or two movies with those multiple monitor screens lined up displaying different things on the screen. You might also be familiar with the ones used in CCTV monitoring rooms or in the police force. The best dual monitor stand has also been used in playing video games for those die-hard gamers. There are a lot of them available in the market, here are some of the best ones.

Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand for 24-Inch LCD monitors

The first product on our list of the best dual monitor in the market is the Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand. This dual monitor stand is fully adjustable so you can place your two monitors in positions that suit your needs. Installing this monitor stand is super easy. You don’t have to crack your brain how to install this unlike other dual monitor stands in the market. The desk lamp you can attach the monitors are super easy to assemble and install. This dual monitor stand is also VESA compatible.

Even if what you have are huge screens or monitor measuring 24 inches, this product can hold it up just fine. Wide screen monitors fit just right with this dual monitor stand and there’s no need to worry whether it might fall off due to the weight and built of wide screen monitors. This stand is designed to clamp to your desk with just two finger screws and it’s so strong it can carry two large monitors. Once it’s installed, it’s rock solid and you won’t experience any wobbling. This product doesn’t look and feel cheap at all. The height adjustment of this monitor stand can be adjusted at the same time, not individually. Also included in your purchase is a rubber coated Allen wrench you could use to tighten the screws and hold the arms vertically. You’ll find a hard time looking for another dual monitor stand as good as this one for such an affordable price.

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable fits 2 / Two Screens up to 27″ (STAND-V002)

The next item on our list is the VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand. This is a heavy duty dual monitor stand can fit two screens measuring 13” to 27” and weighing 22 lbs with its mounting holes placed at the back that measures 75x75mm or 100x100mm. What’s different about this product is you are able to do full articulation of your screens with its adjustable arms that can offer 15° tilt as well as 360° rotation so if you needed to manipulate your screen in order to have a better look at something displayed on your monitor, you can do that with ease. It’s that flexible and convenient. You can also adjust the height of this dual monitor stand and your monitor mounted on this with no problem.

The center pole of this dual monitor stand can be manipulated to adjust the height of this stand. What’s even more amazing about this product is you can adjust the monitor to a portrait or landscape display. What’s even better is you also get a desk lamp with this monitor stand. You can mount this up at the back of your desk up to 4 inches thick using a heavy-duty C-clamp or you can also install this using a grommet which is actually optional. You don’t have to stress about the messy cables behind the monitor. This has an integrated cable management you can use to organize your cables. Installing this monitor is super easy thanks to its VESA bracket plates.

Halter Dual Monitor Stand Desk Clamp for 27-Inch LCD Monitors (YKHL2MNT)

This is another great dual monitor stand you might be interested in. For such an affordable price you can install and attach your 27 inches LCD monitors with its sturdy construction in no time. Two wide screen monitors measuring 27 inches are suited for this dual monitor stand. It’s fully adjustable and manipulating this to suit your needs is super easy and smooth. It also has a desk lamp included in your purchase that you can install easily. If you have a VESA bracket plate and needed a dual monitor that’ll fit it, this is the perfect one you can use. This is VESA compatible and installing this to your bracket plate is super easy and fast.

Even for its price, you’d be happy to find that this is a high-quality dual monitor stand. This is made of heavy-duty materials and is actually quite solid. You don’t have to worry about your monitor mounted up to this monitor stand. It’s actually super strong and you can adjust the pivot bolt of this stand using your Allen wrench if you needed to adjust the position or angle of your monitors. You’ll be happy to find that you won’t have any problem in installing and adjusting this dual monitor stand. It’s a really good buy and will suit your needs.

AmazonBasics Dual Side-by-Side Monitor Display Mounting Arm

This dual monitor stand is a highly recommended product in the market. You might be shocked with its price, but it’s all worth it. If you’re looking for a high-quality dual monitor stand and you want to invest on it for long term use then this might be a practical way to do it. This stand has a side-by-side monitor arm that you can adjust and use effortlessly. You can even adjust the monitor screens mounted on this monitors stand to tilt and change the reading angles. You can also rotate the monitors from landscape mode to portrait display mode and vice-versa. Tilting and changing the angle to 70° back as well as moving the screens 5° forward is also possible with this dual monitor stand.

What’s great about having dual monitor stands if you have two large monitor screens is you can have more room on your desktop space. The ergonomic design of this dual monitor stand allows you to have a better position and viewing and use of your monitors even after long hours in front of your dual monitors. This reduces eyes strain and body aches even if you work the whole day in front of your monitor. The easy viewing is made possible thanks to its unique design. There’s no need to toggle in between applications when you use this dual monitor stand. This is also compatible with VESA bracket plates so you don’t have to stress over that.

WALI Dual LCD Monitor Mount Fits Two Screens up to 27″

Here’s another great dual monitor stand you can check out if you’re looking for a durable and affordable one to use for your two monitors. This is compatible with monitor screens that measure 13” to 27” in size and weighs 22 lbs. This dual monitor stand is constructed with a backside mounting holes. You can have full action and movability with this monitor stand. Its construction is specially built for full articulation. This monitor stand can accommodate monitors, plasma TV, LCD TV, panel TV and even flat screen TV which can reach up tp 27 inches. The plates constructed in this dual monitor stand has detachable plates you can use to adjust the height of the monitors you mount.

Also included in your purchase is a free standing V-base you can use. This has a stable design that can fit any desk. You can even use the grommet base which is an optional feature included in this design. The grommet base is compatible with any desk that has the thickness reaching up to 4 inches. This dual monitor can double your efficiency and productivity. It can make your working space relaxing and versatile. This also helps you open up the availability of your desk space by giving you a new range of many adaptable positions for your monitor display. The sturdy construction guarantees you that you can use this how you wanted it to be and it remains strong in holding up your monitors.

Halter® Freestanding Dual/Two LCD Monitor Desk Stand Holds Monitors up to 24″ Widescreen

The next item on our list of the best dual monitor stand is the Halter® Freestanding Dual/Two LCD Monitor Desk Stand. This is another VESA compatible dual monitor stand that’s pleasantly affordable compared to other much more expensive ones in the market. Even though this is affordable, the construction and the materials used for this item is made of sturdy and high-quality materials. This monitor stand can hold two monitors that measure up to 24 inches. This is a really good stand to use for your large monitor screen and be assured that this will hold up your monitors pretty well.

You can have a solid and well-constructed monitor set-up whether at work or at home with this dual monitor stand. Setting this dual monitor to stand up is super easy and convenient you don’t have to pull a brain muscle in constructing this up with your two monitors. The base is heavy and sturdy enough to hold the two monitors and wide enough to maintain that firm balance. You can adjust the monitor height with its smooth center pole. You can assemble this dual monitor stand yourself without any help and you’ll do just fine. You can also organize the wirings on the brackets to have a clean workplace without the hassles of the wires. The matte black finish is so attractive you’ll definitely love this.

Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7)

Another dual monitor stand we found in the market that you might be interested in is the Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7). You can expect to have a high-quality and high-performing dual monitor stand with this one. This is a customized monitor stand that can align your monitors comfortably and make your workplace and desk space up for more productive days. This helps eliminate the clutter and actually reclaim your workspace. The black finish of this item is very attractive it’ll match any design you have at home or at your workplace.

This has a VESA adapter plate you can use to give you the freedom to accommodate any of the VESA compliant monitors you might have. The stand of this monitor stand gives you the height that makes you comfortable and you can even tilt and swivel your monitor any way you like. You can even have your two monitors slide laterally and even make sure that the two monitors maintain on the same plane. This stand can hold monitors that weigh up to 14.3 pounds and even if the screen measures 24 inches this can support the monitors well. When you replace two monitor stands with just one such as this ingenious dual monitor stand, you can save a lot of space and clutter.

FLEXIMOUNTS M13 Clamp Dual Monitor arm Desk Mounts Monitor Stand for 10″-27″

Last on our list of the best dual monitor in the market is this product. This is a desk mountable stand that can support two LCD monitors that measure up to 27 inches. The arm pole length is quite long measuring17.2-Inch (436 mm) and the clamp base has a sturdy construction which can support two large monitors without any problem. Even if your monitor weighs17.6 lbs (8 kgs) this can hold them up just fine.

This is also compatible with VESA bracket plates that have standard mounting patterns of measuring 50 x 50, 75 x 75 and 100 x 100. The clamp and overall construction of this dual monitor stand are made of solid aluminum material. When you assemble this stand you’ll find that it’s super easy and no hassle at all. Even if you assemble it on your own, you’ll finish installing it in just minutes. This also gives you a neat and organized cable management so your desk space will be clutter-free. You’ll have an increased productivity with this dual monitor stand on your desk.


Having one dual monitor stand to hold two of your monitors is better than having two monitor stands. You can have an increased space of your desk space with the best dual monitor stand supporting two of you large monitors. Dual monitor stands don’t come cheap so before you purchase you should make sure that it’s the one you needed and the construction is top notch.

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