Best Dustpans Reviews 2017

Just like Brad and Angelina or Kate and William, the best partner for brush or brooms is none other than a good dustpan. If a vacuum cleaner is too expensive for you, or it simply does not do a good job, then a broom with a dust pan is the most recommendable choice you could have. Adustpan may resemble a type of scoop, but instead of a circular body, a dustpan has a flat surface.

Dustpans have long been invented since 1858. Moreover, the dustpans nowadays come in different sizes. Some are handheld that comes with a small brush; some comes with a telescopic handle accompanied by a broomstick. A dustpan may either be made out of plastic or metal, both proves to be sturdy and remain robust for a long time.

If you’re hunting to get the best dustpans deals, then you have finally found the right page! In this piece, we’ll tackle the top dustpans brands currently available in the market.

OXO Good Grips Dustpan and Brush Set

The OXO Good Grips Dustpan and Brush Set do not just come with a dustpan, but also a brush to help you sweep and reach tight corners. It is ergonomically designed to be user-friendly so users can reach farther areas. It comes with soft and flexible covers towards the end of the dustpan to successfully gather debris.

It is made out of durable plastic materials, ensured to last long. This dustpan and brush also comes with soft and comfortable non-slip handles. For an innovative storage, the brush snaps into the dustpan so they fit together as one. To put it briefly, the OXO Good Grips Dustpan and Brush Set comes with an affordable dustpan, you won’t regret having.

Quickie Debris Dustpan with Handle

The Quickie Debris Dustpan with Handle is a long dustpan you’d love having in your home. It comes with a 36 inches, reinforced steel handles to guarantee durability, also to prevent back strain. It is also featured with pan swivels that fold into 90 degrees that lets the users travel without having to spill the collected dirt.

This dustpan has a dimension of 13.8 x 13.8 x 33.5 inches, so it is a pretty large product that will be ideal for commercial and industrial companies. The dustpan also comes with rubber lips, to collect small debris without leaving any small trails behind. Moreover, it has a weight of 2.6 pounds, so it is not as heavy to carry around.

The Quickie Debris Dustpan with Handle may not seem like the cheap dustpan you’re aiming for, but it has hard-to-beat features you won’t regret having.

Jumbo Metal Dust Pan with Grip – 17 inch Size

The Jumbo Metal Dust Pan with Grip is an inexpensive dustpan yet extremely durable. It is made out of heavy metal steel, so compared to its competitors; this one is guaranteed to last longer. It is also featured with double-riveted steel handle so users can easily lift even the heaviest loads. This heavy gauge steel dustpan is finished with electroplate, to guarantee that it is rust and corrosion-free.

It has a measurement of 19 x 17.2 x 3 inches, so it can collect huge loads of dirt. Moreover, this one also has a removable rubber lip, so it can gather debris without leaving any imprints. If at this point, buying a dustpan seems overwhelming for you, then you should give the Jumbo Metal Dust Pan with Grip a try.

Rubbermaid Commercial FG9B6000BLA Jumbo Dust Pan, 18-inch Head Width

Looking for a new dustpan? Then try the Rubbermaid Commercial FG9B6000BLA Jumbo Dust Pan. This product is made out of plastic that is heavy-duty, to ensure users that it will last long. It is 7.75 inches high and 18 inches wide with a weight of 1.45 pounds. It is a large dustpan meant to work for large jobs such as environmental works.

It is designed especially with tall sides to avoid spill-over and leaving trails behind. This huge dustpan is currently available in pure black color, so you won’t have to worry about its color fading anytime soon. The Rubbermaid Commercial FG9B6000BLA Jumbo Dust Pan, just like what its name suggests, is intended for huge workload. If you’re looking for a large dustpan, then look no further.

What are best dustpans?

After the broom or brush sweeps the debris, dusts or dirt, a dustpan collects it so the user will have an easier time getting rid of it. A broom and a dustpan are often used in homes, as it is one of the cheapest ways to get rid of hard to remove debris or hair. Some industries and commercial enterprises also use this, in case a vacuum isn’t present and manually cleaning an area is much preferable.

We are sure that once in your life, you have encountered a dustpan. Whether in your home, school or office, good dustpans are often seen and hidden in cleaning rooms. However, do you know where it came from and who invented it? Like Levi Dickenson who invented brooms made from sorghum, dustpans were also invented sometime in 1858.

The first invention of dustpans was created by T.E. McNeill; it was an innovative moment that he was granted a United States patent. Shortly after 1858 and fast forward to 1897, an African American named Lloyd P. Ray made some modern adjustments to dustpans, adding wooden handles along with metal-made plates.

Currently there are three types of dustpans available in the market; they are the short dustpans or hand-held dustpans, automatic dustpans and the long dustpans. These dustpans can be used both outdoors and indoors, as long as there is an area that needs cleaning.

Short dustpans – are mostly accompanied by short brooms or brushes. They are often used in upholstery, tables, sinks because they are shorter and they have a much compact size. Unlike long dustpans, using a handheld dustpan is easier to use especially in tight spaces and packed nooks. Short dustpans are often available in plastic, but there are also metal made handheld dustpans.

Automatic dustpans – are usually installed in a wall where it acts as a central vacuum. They pick and collect dusts or debris that is being geared towards its area. For some users, this one is reliable as it only needs collection of dirt bag from time to time. Simply whisk the dirt near its direction, and it will do its job.

Long dustpans– are often used for floors, carpets and pavements. A long dustpan comes with a telescopic handle, which makes it easier for the user to work on, instead of bending down for a long time. Moreover, long dustpans have generally larger pans, so it is more efficient gathering huge loads of debris and dirt.

What to look for in a dustpan?

We have collected the cheapest dustpans for sale, but nonetheless, the choice still depends on you. The main role of dustpans is to collect dusts, debris and other stuff identical to it so it is easily collected. In terms of durability, most dustpans are made out of durable plastic guaranteed to last long, but if you want a sturdy one, certain to last forever, then a metal made dustpan is also recommendable.

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