Best DVD Cases Reviews 2017

A DVD or digital video disc is a disc that is capable of storing files and video. DVDs are available in variety of formats, but the most common are: writeable, erasable and read-only. DVDs are particularly famous as a standard item for movies, they are non-writeable and read-only discs. Ever since it was invented in 1994, it has been a helpful tool to deliver information.

DVDs may not be as often as it did when it was invented, but it is still helpful as it did years ago. After releasing a movie, directors and executives opt to sell their movies once again via DVD movies. We know that it is pretty common to store movies that you like, one of the biggest advantages of owning DVDs is you get to watch it anytime you like.

If you are a big movie guru and just love collecting DVDs then it is possible that you’d need a DVD case. This product is going to be a helpful tool to keep you organized and ordered. If you are looking for a good DVD case that is right for your budget then you have found the best page. Simply read the article we provided below and you are good to go!

Atlantic Mitsu DVD 5-Tier Rack Smoke

The Atlantic Mitsu DVD 5-Tier Rack Smoke is definitely the best DVD cases for sale as it has the highest reviews compared to its competitors. It is a 5-tier DVD rack that has a simple geometric design. Furthermore, it has a dimension of 9.8 x 12.2 x 40.5 inches and only weighs about 2.1 pounds due to its plastic construction and some metal bars.

This divider and shelves can hold up to 130 CDs and 90 DVDs. More importantly, it also comes with a clear smoke finish which will look great in your home or office. This rack comes in a small box, while the set is delivered in whole; all you need to do is build it yourself. To put it briefly, the Atlantic Mitsu DVD 5-Tier Rack Smoke is an inexpensive DVD case that you must not miss.

Snap-N-Store DVD Storage Boxes

As one of the top DVD case deal, we believe that you deserve getting the Snap-N-Store DVD Storage Boxes. This one comes with two boxes that can hold about 52 DVDs. It has a leather-like PVC laminate so it is covered in a likeable manner. Moreover, it comes with functional chrome accents along with a chrome card holder where you can easily put labels.

It has a dimension of 15.5 x 7.6 x 5.5 inches with a weight of 3 pounds. Since it came from Snap-N-Store, this DVD case is automatically made out of 50% recycled content, which means that you are helping save the environment. The Snap-N-Store DVD Storage Boxes is definitely a good DVD case that you should really try having.

Bellagio Italia DVD Storage Binders

Want a new DVD case that is attractive? Then get the Bellagio Italia DVD Storage Binders. Upon seeing this, it is guaranteed that you’d love having it. Furthermore, this one is also expandable and can be inserted with other pages. It can hold about 64 CDs, Blu Ray Discs and DVDs that comes with a 3 ring binder system.

This one has a size of 11 x 2.2 x 8.2 inches with weight of 3.6 pounds. It is a classy set of DVD case and can easily blend with the books in your bookshelf. It looks very classy and stylish that it will be a great product for bookworms or anyone who wants a fashionable case in their home. This one may not seem like a cheap DVD case brand, but it is certainly one of the best.

Stock Your Home DVD Storage Organizer

As one of the cheapest DVD cases, we believe that you’d love having the Stock Your Home DVD Storage Organizer. This one has a size of 17.5 x 5 x 6 inches and a weight of 2.5 pounds. Moreover, it is covered in faux leather that is sleek to make it as stylish and fashionable inside your home. Each shelf can hold up to 28 DVD disks to make your work easier and simpler.

This case offers versatility, convenience and style to help you get organized and make your place a lot more efficient in cleanliness. Furthermore, it also uses rugged faux leather that comes with a deep chocolate brown surface along with stiches that are caramel colored. The Stock Your Home DVD Storage Organizer is certainly among the most affordable DVD case in the market, so it is certainly worth every try.

Atlantic Maxsteel 8-Tier Media Rack

Planning to buy a DVD case? Then you must definitely give the Atlantic Maxsteel 8-Tier Media Rack a good try. This one is capable of holding 228 DVDs, 114 VHS tapes and 432 CDs. It has a size of 27.9 x 10.8 x 6.9 inches and a weight of 5.8 pounds. It has 8 adjustable shelves that are made out of rugged steel construction along with a black finish to make it as sleek as possible.

If you have plenty of DVD, CD and VHS tapes inside your home and want to finally get organized then this is the perfect product for you. More importantly, besides being the best space saver, this DVD case is extremely easy to assemble. Lastly, as the rack that is capable to hold about 200 DVD cases, the Atlantic Maxsteel 8-Tier Media Rack is going to be your perfect match.

What is a DVD case?

Before pointing what a DVD case is, let’s give you a little history how this was all created. In 1994, both Philips and Sony created an invention that will elevate their stocks. The co-developed a high-density medium called as digital video disk. Shortly after VHS tapes hit the market, the two companies knew that something new has to be invented.

They all agreed producing a five-inch disc and that has become the standard ever since. DVD was mostly used by movies as it can support the high resolution and huge file it contains. Moreover, DVDs can be locked and cannot be copied to prevent universal pirating that is pretty common in the movie industry.

Today, the world may seem it has moved on from DVDs and CDs, but it is still pretty common. CDs are still used by artists and singers to promote and sell their album, DVDs on the other hand are pretty popular as a staple so movies can sell their movies once again. Whether you are a DVD/CD collector or you simply like buying bunch of these then you will really need to get a DVD case.

DVD cases keep your stash of DVDs clean and well organized. Moreover, it is also easier looking for a movie or a game if they are placed in one rack. Fortunately, we already gathered the leading DVD racks and cases in the market today, so looking for one won’t be a big problem.

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