Best DVD Players Reviews 2017

Electronics has seen massive progress in the recent times. The smart televisions and smart phones rule our lives and they have revolutionized the way we seek entertainment. Earlier, all our music was stored in the CDs and DVDs, however, now they are stored in our USB drives, phones, and computers.

That’s why we need the latest DVD players that meet our expectations in terms of quality and keep up with our changing habits. In this post, we will talk extensively about DVD players and see some of the top ones on the market. We will also discuss some factors that will help you buy a good DVD player. So, let’s get started.

Sony BDPS3200 Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi

This is one of the latest models of the DVD player released on the market by Sony. This Blu-ray Disc player can be connected to Wi-Fi and is compatible with HDMI. You can mirror your mobile device on your compatible TV using the Miracast technology. This is one among the top DVD players out there. You could stream from over 200 streaming services including YouTube, Netflix, and more.

This high-end player gives you improved sound and picture quality with its IP Noise Reduction feature. This DVD player costs more than others, but it’s one of the best.

Panasonic Best in Class DVD Player DVD-S700

This affordable DVD player is brought to you by Panasonic. With this incredible DVD player, you can up-convert your DVD videos to the Full-HD 1080p videos and you can now enjoy top quality videos from even your old DVDs. It also gives you exceptional sound quality with the Dolby Digital sound.

This is one of the best DVD players and it is fully equipped to read content from your USB devices. If you want to buy a DVD player which gives you fantastic picture quality, whether you’re watching HD videos or videos from your old DVDs, this is your product.

Samsung DVD-D530 HDMI Up Converting DVD Player

One of the top DVD player brands, Samsung, brings to you this up-converting DVD player. This sleek music player is fantastic to look at and it can be connected easily to any TV. It is compatible with DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CD, MP3, WMA, MPEG-4, and JPEG formats. It supports HDMI and gives you crisp picture and clear videos. It has the Dolby Digital and DTS decoders giving you the superior quality sound.

This DVD player includes additional features such as EZView, super-scan playback, CP ripping booster, and instant replay. This is truly one of the profitable DVD player deals.

LG Electronics DP132 DVD Player

LG Electronics brings to you this DVD player which supports USB 2.0. Nowadays, we store our music in phones, tablets, or USB drives and this feature will prove highly beneficial to most of you. This music player has DVD/CD layback and also all media file playback via USB, as we just saw.

It supports direct USB recording wherein you can extract music files from your CDs and DVDs and save them in your USB drive. Despite its high sound and picture quality and top-rated features, this is a cheap DVD player that’ll fetch you great value for your money.

Samsung DVD-E360 DVD Player with USB

This new DVD player is brought to you by Samsung. This music player can be played through your PAL/NTSC DVDs or through USB drives. The CD ripping feature of this player allows you to convert your CDs to MP3 effortlessly. This inexpensive DVD player lets you enjoy music, videos, and pictures with extremely high quality giving you a fantastic theatre-like experience.

It comes with a Connect Share Movie feature which enables you to plug your USB into this player. Although this is a new device, it is quickly gaining popularity among the people.

What are DVD Players?

DVD players have been in existence for a long time now. They let you listen to music, watch videos, and pictures. As the name suggests, they played anything that could be contained in a CD or a DVD. However, they have seen lots of progress and development with each generation of players.

We do not use CDs and DVDs that often these days. Most of our music is stored in the USB drives or in our devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. That’s why new-age DVD players have the capability of reading files from your USB drives. The modern play DVD players allow you to mirror your mobile devices.

You can play anything that’s present on your phone with the help of these DVD players. They have decoders to give you enhanced sound output and also cancels out any distortions that might affect the sound quality.

In the previous section, we have seen some of the top DVD players present on the market. In the section that follows, we will take a look at some factors that you must take into consideration before buying a good DVD player. Let’s see what they are.

What to Look For

DVD player is a device that lets you enjoy music and videos, whether they are stored in the good-old DVDs and CDs or in your USB drives or MP3 players. In recent times, our lifestyle has undergone a huge change with the rapid progress of technology and so has the DVD players. The sound quality has increased and the features have been modified to keep up with the development happening in electronics sector.

When buying a DVD player, the most important deciding factor should definitely be the sound, picture, and video quality produced by the player. A good DVD player must give you crystal clear audio and video, capturing the fine details.

Another new feature that most DVDs have these days is their ability to connect to the Wi-Fi. This allows them to access your smartphones and mirror the audio and visual, being played in your phone on to the television. This way you can play any file in your phone with the help of your television and speakers.

The next point is to see whether there is an HDMI output. This will free you from those colorful entangling cables circling around your devices all the time. Instead, just one cable connection between your DVD player and your television will take care of your high quality sound and picture requirements.

Next, analyze what streaming services can be played on your DVD players. Most of the players having Wi-Fi are compatible with streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, etc.

Some of the recent players are capable of up-converting your audios from DVDs and CDs to the MP3 format with their CD ripping feature. This means you can now rip your CDs without the help of your computers; isn’t that superb? How many old CDs and DVDs we own that we hope to convert into digital formats! Now, you can do that easily with your DVD players.

Finally, compare the prices between some of the players that meet your expectations with respect to the above mentioned points. Analyze the features when comparing the prices. To get the best prices, it would be a good idea to glance through the different DVD players for sale, so you come to know about the ongoing offers and promotions.

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