Best DVD Recorder Reviews 2017

The best DVD recorders prove to be a great addition to your home theatre. It can do more than what your usual VCR can do. What’s more? It is not bulky. Not only can it play your favorite shows and record them afterwards, some of these can even convert your home-made VHS tapes to new formats compatible to your regular DVD player.

You won’t have to miss your favorite series even while at work since you can always record and watch them anytime. You can even edit the videos so you get to see the chunk you need. In this article, find out the top DVD recorders for sale today and compare.

VersionTech USB External Slot DVD VCD CD RW Drive Burner Superdrive for Apple Macbook Pro Air iMAC

So you have this new laptop or desktop and you just found out that it does not have any CD player. Pretty disappointing right?

Well, fret no more for we found just about one of the most inexpensive DVD recorders to solve this dilemma.

This affordable DVD recorder works well with Apple products. Yes, it works well on those Mac Air notebooks.

It does exactly what it says on its product label. You can play DVDs and even burn data whenever, wherever. It is so user-friendly.

Also, there is no need to download any software. Just plug it like the usual USB and watch it work. You can watch movies, and even record them. You can also store documents with it too. What’s more, you will love its size. You can just take it anywhere with you.

Magnavox MDR533H/F7 Hard Disc Drive and DVD Recorder

Relive all your favorite TV shows and watch them all over again anytime — and it need not be via cable channels.

Magnavox MDR533H/F7 is one of the best DVD recorder deals. It can work both as a memory and as a DVD recorder. You can watch your favorite series while recording those in a disc. At the same time, you’ll get to save them for those future movie marathons.

Simply hook it up to your TV like you would a regular VCR or DVD and you’re on your way to save the show. It works well with digital antenna TV and the picture quality is really great.

It also comes with a reliable remote so you can just do everything comfortably right on your very couch. You can even edit it to remove commercials and then later on save it. Moreover, you can transfer the recorded files from your hard drive to your DVD and vice-versa.

MAGNAVOX MDR513H/F7 HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner

If you often miss your favorite TV shows because you’re at work and you don’t want to scour video-sharing sites just to look for the episodes you missed, then this is the best recorder for you.

Now you can record shows with almost 400 minutes in duration and save them all up in a hard drive to watch them at a later time. You can even edit these recordings to remove those in-between commercials and watch those shows uninterrupted. You can also burn discs and organize them for those future movie marathons with friends.

There’s no need to worry about setting it up since it’s made so simple. It actually works like your regular VCR. Only, it offers more options.

The quality of the pictures is much better too. It comes with a one-touch recording and a single button dubbing. You can do all these and much more while watching a different channel.

Panasonic DMR-EZ48VP-K 1080p Upconverting VHS DVD Recorder with Built In Tuner

Ever wondered what to do with those VHS tapes when the player itself has long stopped working?

Now you can convert those old VHS videos and watch them again. You’ll be amazed with just how these converted videos still look great on your wide-screen TV. Thanks to the 1080 up conversion feature, preserving those 20-year old VHS tapes to DVD is definitely possible.

You can just simply connect this recorder to your TV via HDMI cable and you’re on your way to record your favorite show. That’s while watching a different channel.

Hate commercial breaks? You can edit the videos later on to remove them and save up space. It works well with both digital and analog TV. It’s definitely one of the excellent DVD players sold today.

This special recorder also comes with an SD card slot which allows photos to be viewed from your digital cameras or smart phones.

Toshiba DR430 DVD Recorder

One of the best DVD recorder brands is that from Toshiba. Keeping a record of all your precious childhood videos and family events is now made easy even when you saved all these up in a VHS tape. You can relive these memories by converting them to DVD format and then watch them in a wide-screen TV.

On top of that, it allows you to record your favorite shows by simply connecting the recorder to your cable or satellite box. You can even get to choose the type of format you’d like to keep these files for depending on the type of player you have.

Setting it up to work is as simple as connecting it to an HDMI cable. There’s no need for other programming!

What to Look For When Buying a DVD Recorder

Recording Features

Some recorders allow you to watch a different channel while recording a different show. As an added bonus, you can even save these directly to a hard drive and watch them whenever you want to.

Device and Format Compatibility

Sure you want to start recording your favorite series. But what if it does not work well with your TV? Some recorders offer you the option to save files in a format compatible to the device you’re using. You may want to consider this first if you have preferred devices to view these videos on.

Video and Picture Quality

Old videos can be converted with improved picture quality especially when viewed on a wide-screen HD TV. This would be great for those who have all their family videos saved in VHS tapes. It saves you the worries that these tapes may deteriorate through time.

Other Additional Features

You may want to edit the videos and send your friends a copy of them — less the commercials this time. Other models can include extended recording time, portability, progressive scanning, etc.


There are a couple of things to consider before purchasing a new DVD recorder. First, it is imperative to determine what exactly your needs are. It saves you, not just the cost, but the inconvenience of replacing the unit in the event it does not meet your major needs.

A good DVD recorder can be a great companion to your existing home theater as long as it’s compatible with other devices that are already in use.

Ultimately, with the many other things a DVD recorder can offer, ease of use and user-friendliness is the key to give you the best user experience.

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