Best Egg Cookers Reviews 2017

Life, in general, is made easy because of kitchen equipment like lightweight rice cookers, tiny toasters, heavy duty microwave oven and affordable egg cookers. Cooking is simplified by the touch of the button or the simple turn of the knob. Just put your food inside, and after a few minutes, it’s all cooked and done. You don’t even have to get your hands wet or dirty! This is the advantage of technology. It saves time on preparation and depending upon the cooking equipment, the food is cooked without the need for oil.

What is an Egg Cooker?

For busy people or for those who want to cook eggs without having to switch on their gas range, they turn to inexpensive egg cookers. It can boil or poach many eggs at one time while the user can choose in which setting they want their eggs to be done – soft boiled, medium boiled or hard boiled.

Eggs can also be poached and scrambled in this cooker. You don’t have to watch it every second just to to get the perfect poached/scrambled egg. All you have to do is follow the instructions on how to poach/scramble and leave everything to the cooker. After a few minutes, your eggs are ready.

Some egg cookers for sale online that are popular for the buyers:

Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker

Best Egg Cookers

DashGo™ cooker can cook as many as six eggs at a time. It doesn’t just boil eggs. You can also use it for poaching your eggs and to scrambled eggs too, without the oil! You can eat healthy and nutritious egg recipes, thanks to DashGo™ recipe book on various ways to prepare your food. It comes with the package.

It also includes a measuring cup, a tray to poach eggs, a tray to scramble eggs or to make omelettes and the regular holding tray with 6 holes. The whole tool is no more than 1 pound or 2.2 kilos. Detachable parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This egg cooker costs less than those pricey brands, which is why it’s a best seller.

KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with Water Level Indicator

Best Egg Cookers

Another great brand when it comes to cooking tools and equipment is Krups®. This was quoted from Robert Krups: “My deepest desire has always been to reach the summits of technical perfection”. No wonder the products made by this company is always top of the line even at its reasonable price.

One of the “perfect” equipment Robert Krups is referring to is one of their cheapest egg cooker models called KRUPS F23070. It can accommodate 7 eggs at a time and like other cookers, it can boil, poach and scramble eggs. This is manufactured by the Krups North America Incorporated and provides warranty for 2 years.

It has 11 features which include a detachable frame that fits small to extra large eggs, a “cook egg” and “warm egg” setting, see-through lid, a piercing pin to check the eggs without breaking it and more. These features are the major reason why users love the KRUPS F23070.

Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler

Best Egg Cookers

Judging from the thousands of positive feedback, this is one of the best egg cookers out in the market – if you know how to use it. Its important for you to read the directions on how to use this microwavable boiler from Nordic. But, once you get used to this product, it will be worth it.

This has no on or off button because it’s for microwave use. It looks like a big egg. When you open the lid, you can place 4 eggs inside. Close the lid tightly after pouring the water in the boiler. Turn the microwave on and leave it to cook. Campers love this cooker, as they say,perfect eggs all the time. This cheap egg cooker is easy to clean and very lightweight. Cheap in price, yes, but not on performance.

Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker with Built-In Timer

Best Egg Cookers

Hamilton Beach is one of the best brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. They have been in the industry for more than 100 years and they have mastered kitchen equipment like blenders, stand mixers, juicers and more. Their company slogan is Good Thinking® because they believe that the products they manufacture are stylish and yet functional at the same time.

Do you want to boil or poach eggs without problem? Then, buy an egg cooker – this particular model from Hamilton Beach. It’s a popular choice among online buyers for its brand and features. It can cook 7 eggs and you can choose the hardness of the egg. (soft, semi or hard)

There is no need for you to guess if the egg is as you like it. The timer is faultless to the dot and delivers the eggs as expected.

Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker

Best Egg Cookers

Every chef (or wannabe chef) knows the name Cuisinart. It’s a lavish brand, and even if their appliances are a bit steep on the price, people still capitalize on their products. They provide sleek design, durability and function all in one.

Sleek design – this egg cooker brand designed the equipment to have two layers. No other boiler is like that. Durability – this cooker is BPA-free and has a lid which is brushed steel. Function – it can boil 10 eggs, poach 4 eggs and make a 3-egg omelette all at once. The cord has its own hideaway room.

That’s not all. You can cook one serving of rice together with your egg in this boiler. Amazing! (Instructions apply, of course.) If you don’t mind buying expensive home appliances, give this one a try.

Nostalgia BSET300RETRORED Retro Series 3-in-1 Powerful Family Size Breakfast Station

Best Egg Cookers

This is huge for an egg boiler, literally. It weighs 12 pounds and according to egg cooker reviews, this is the ultimate breakfast companion. You can make coffee, boil eggs and toast your bread in this compact appliance from Nostalgia. It’s not limited though. Some users have made waffles, pancakes, pizza, burgers, pot pies and cookies in this thing.

Don’t be fooled by its looks. It’ a bit retro and out of this world. In a sense, it actually is superb. The inventor really understood how it feels like to use multiple kitchen tools just to create a meaningful meal. But with the Retro Series from Nostalgia, no need to do that. It’s a coffee maker, a griddle that can be a good egg cooker at the same time and a toaster rolled into one.


What is it that you need in an egg boiler? If you like boiled eggs, then, buy a cooker that caters to that specific function alone like the Nordic or the Hamilton Beach. If you want variety, you can purchase a cooker that offers boiling, poaching and scrambled eggs setting like the Cuisinart, Dash and Krups. And if you want a complete food appliance, you can go with the Nostalagia Breakfast Station. These top egg cookers are loved by many. Depending upon your need and desire, any one of these will be a great addition to your kitchen.

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