Best Egg Poacher Reviews 2017

Everybody loves a poached egg, but what’s better is the best egg poacher that cooks any egg to perfected poach-ness! If you want to find out what will suit your fancy, and find out which one makes the best egg in this way of cooking eggs! Poached eggs will be a good breakfast complement that will be delicious boiled delight, but we need a poacher for that. Choosing the better one will not be easy to do, and finding out what is best is the adventure. Let’s begin now, and see what’s to get!

Nordic Ware Microwave 2 Cavity Egg Poacher

Nordic Ware Microwave 2 Cavity Egg Poacher is one fast egg poacher. Do you want a quick and delicious breakfast that will be a fave for the entire family? Then this option is for you! For many, breakfast is a quick affair and no time to eat longer, but most of all we get the breakfast on the go! What if, you can prep a healthy breakfast for everyone in less time? If that’s the problem, then this is the answer! By using this product over other options, you can prep healthy poached egg in several ways, like Eggs Benedict or over toast, and any creative way that you can feed your family a healthy breakfast!

Is a terrible egg such an unwanted sight, if you try poaching by dropping eggs into an open pot? Have no fear! This option is here to help you get poached eggs right all the time! Each time it’ll be a resounding success no matter what! Go eggs and loving thatpoachygoodness all the time. If you are careful with your appliance, it’s dishwasher safe too and American –made. What more can you want, in any option that will be the star in all the products combined! Get it and say you love it!

Krups F23070 Egg Cooker with Water LevelIndicator ,7 Eggs capacity

Krups F23070 Egg Cooker with Water Level Indicator, 7 Eggs capacity- is the best option of egg poacher you can get. Are you looking for a fancy egg poacher that has all the bells and whistle? If that’s your answer, then consider this option that will knock your socks off. This is simply called “poacher-zilla”. Just look at what it has to offer? Let’s find out!

The features are really prime examples of what an egg poacher should be, like having an egg holder for seven eggs to be cooked at the same time! This is heavenif you love poaching eggs.

A switch for both hard and soft boiled egg, to make it easier without any difficulty, unlike other options. If you need to warm anything, this can do it because of a dual switch for warming or boiling. A tray for both poached egg and omelet is in the package. Included is measuring cup with markings that indicate firmness, plus an egg piercer for checking. The set comes with removable egg holder for cooling eggs tooand 2-year worldwide warranty!

What else are you waiting for? Get it now and start poaching like master today. Everyone will love that poached goodness every morning!

ExcelSteel-18/10 Stainless 4Non StickEgg Poacher

ExcelSteel-18/10 Stainless 4Non StickEgg Poacher is the stainless steel egg poacher you need in the kitchen. This is an option is made of stainless steel and is non-stick coated to remove eggs easier. Do people come over to visit? This will be perfect for a brunch of poached eggs and coffee, and they get to say how lovely it was prepared. For betterhandlingthere’s a stay cool handle and glass cover with holes to release pressure when boiling, and easy checking if the eggs are done or not. The lid’s size is 7.5’ and is lidded too.

Other features are a stainless steel pot that is strong and durable for years of use. No problem if the handle is hot, because it can staycoolunlike other products. If cleaning is needed, it’s no problem because it’s easy to clean, and dishwasher safe too. Getting eggs out of the cups is simplebecause it’s no stick lining will make it easy.

Just think how easy it is for this option to poach an egg, and all that’s needed is water and heat! If you like poaching eggs or other food items, then this is the option for you.

Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker

Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker is the egg poaching wonder that makes great breakfast! If you like to pick the best option, try this great product and you’ll never regret getting it! The super feature it has is a cooking system with two levels that’ll allow ten eggs to be cooked all at once! Adjustments for cooking at soft, medium, and hard consistency is easily programmed. Included in the package are removable trays to be used for poaching and omelet making, whatever it may be. Cooking times are controlled by how much water is used, just put in measuring cup then the appliance gets to work! Many alerts to over-cooking are included to ensure no overcooking that can ruin an egg! If you want any egg recipe, this is what you need to make it perfect!

It cooks 10 eggs all at one time whatever kind of boiled they want, with a 600-watt heater. Trays for poached eggs at 4-eggs and an included omelet tray that can cook 3-eggs. The body has stainless steel cover, blue led indicator light with alerts and standby modes topreset! The cord can be stored in the body to make it easy to clean, included is the measuring cup for water andpiercerpin!

This is one option that is big yes! Get today and enjoy what benefits other poached eggs! Click it now and be happy and full later.

Silicone Egg poacher Cups- Set of 4 BPA Free Poaching Pods for Cooking Perfect Poached Eggs- Microwave or Stovetop Egg Cooker

Silicone Egg poacher Cups is the poaching wonder in your kitchen! Is everyday breakfast very important for your family? Is poached egg a favorite of everyone? If the answer isyea! Get the kids on the action with these fun pods when the eating starts. If you want a fun option over many products, then it’s the one for you.

Inside the package is a bundle of 4 pods with a different color for everyone in the family and each one can choose his fave color to boot! All the pods are premium food grade silicone that is 100% BPA-free, no hazardous chemicals in making it, and it’ll keep its shape and color, nor melt or warp. In several steps, just boil, crack, put all the pods in, and just wait till done in 5 minutes then attack the eggs!

Do this every morning and prep, then it’s that easy to keep kids healthy and pop chubby? What more can you ask for in an option? It’s fun and healthy, plus breakfast is made more creatively! Click to a fun time poaching the egg and say that you want it…That simple what else would you want more? Click now and say yes, that is all it needs for the fun to follow.

Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker with Built-in Timer

Hamilton Beach 25500 Egg Cooker with Built-in Timer is the egg poacher that can cook itany way! Need an option to prep eggs, all the time? This option will be perfect cooker from soft boil tohard-boiledegg! And it poaches like a champ too, using the 3-egg tray non-sticking tray to do it. If healthy means a hearty breakfast, then is it for you and your family with a 7-egg capacity that’ll feed everyone for sure. This means no more quick eats before leaving for work or going to school, this is what you need to get thepoachiesfast!

The features of this great option included in the package are 3-non stick poaching trays, that does it fast! A timer to tell when the eggs are done, and when ready to eat and gobble down! The other stuff in the package is an H20 measuring cup, egg piercer tool both will make it more exact instead of guessing when it’s done!

Now, what follows is that you will consider if this option will suit you? Or realize that you want it bad, all thosepoachiesfor breakfast! Yummy! Click it now and it will be on your doorstep soon!

Faberware Accessories Aluminum Non-Stick 4-Cup Covered Egg Poacher Skillet

Faberware Accessories Aluminum Non-Stick 4-Cup Covered Egg Poacher Skillet is the poached egg maker that is very good! If you like to eat for breakfast Eggs Benedict or a poached-on-toast, this option is the one for you. This pan will poach those eggs perfectly without any problem, and it’s made of heavy duty aluminum for quick and easy cooking by heating quickly without cooking unevenly.

Another feature of this option is an aluminum frame that has non-stick lining inside and out, that will make cleaning so much easier and more convenient! Other accessoriesinclude a removable tray, four nylon cups that are durable, stainless steel cover, and a double lidded handle that’s riveted for a safe grip. If you need to use it in the oven, heating it up to 350 F is allowable, and the 8-inch egg poacher can be cleaned via dishwasher.

Now, what else do you need to know about this option? One is that it’s a great product in many available options. One word, this is what you need and making good breakfast eggs besides sunny side up ends with this. Great poached eggs on bread or as is will be a beautiful sight every timeit’s breakfast time. Come on and see what this has to offer over other options.

NorproNon Stick4-Egg Poacher

NorproNon Stick4-Egg Poacher is the ideal poacher for the kitchen. If you need an option, then this will make you want poached eggs more. This is an easy device to usebecause it’s bare basic and no frills! To make it easier to get it out of the heat, a stay-cool knob for convenience without burning your fingers taking it out of the water. It may be no-frills but it gets the job done, but for other’s this is enoughand makes a great poached egg.

The feature of this option is an easy and non-stick lining that will release the eggs easy! If you want to be sir-poach-a-lot it can do four at atime, meaning a big breakfast awaits! This will need hand washing over a dishwasher, which can save electricity compared to dishwashing it. The size is not too big or too smallbecause it’s just right and convenient to put anywhere in the kitchen. You can use it in any 10-12 inch pans. There are many options to choose from but this is a no- frill that will be very useful for use other than poaching.

The most useful products are the simple onesbecause they can always do the job without any trouble at all!


Choosing the best egg poacher is not easy, because of all the information that each option from a number of products that have different features. From these features, we determine what will suit or particular preference, then we decide. This is not the case because we usually are chaotic about it and we need to further explore further to reach a decision!

Now, let’s remember how found those little tidbits, make us react whether we loved it or hated it? Which is the way we’re going now? Is poached egg even wanted for breakfast, but thinking how our loved one will enjoy a good meal in the morning, will make us want that option that makes it possible? Or is it a no frills type or the “all bells and whistles” type that catch our funny bone? Or others that can make an omelet too. Will this interest us to choose this option among all the products available?

Decisions. Decisions. Where do we go to? What path should I pick? The fancy option or the no-frills options. In the end what will answer all these queries, is what you really need to get done or how could it help you make. If the decision is made then decide from all tidbits of options that will lead to the product you want!

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