Best Electric Fireplaces Reviews 2017

Having a fireplace in your home can create such a nice, lovely presence, especially during cold, bitter nights. Not only does it give warmth, it can also produce an ambience that no amount of scented candle can recreate.

However, not everybody is capable or can afford installing a classic brick fireplace inside their homes. For this reason, different electric fireplace brands are being marketed for the individuals who would like a fireplace, even if it is not a real one.

Here are the best electric fireplaces for sale.

Moda Flame Houston Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace, 50-inch

Moda Flame Houston 50" Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace in Black

This 50-inch beauty is powered by a 1,500 watts source to produce the lovely flame-like effects, just like a real fireplace would. It is an affordable electric fireplace that only consumes 2.5W per hour and can be controlled with a remote. This item features three control settings high, low, and no heat (flames only).

The new electric fireplace design and very vivid flame can fool anyone into thinking that this top electric fireplace is the real thing. Great for large homes and offices.

Touchstone Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace, 50-inch

An inexpensive electric fireplace that comes with an exclusive mounting bracket, two heat settings (high and low), and a heat override switch. The flame itself can be changed into one of the five different settings from a subtle glow to full fire.

The heat setting can be controlled either manually or by remote. It also has a built-in timer that automatically shuts the heating off depending on your pre-set time.

A good electric fireplace for creating ambiances depending on your mood.

Southern Enterprises Cartwright Oak Convertible Electric Fireplace

This beautiful electric fireplace costs twice as much as other brands, but its vintage design are closest to looking like the real thing. Powered by a 120V source, it has an adjustable flame brightness and a thermostat. Unlike other electric fireplaces that only comes in plain rectangular frames, this item has sleek poplar columns on both sides and a crown molding accents on top of the fireplace.

This is the perfect electric fireplace deal if you want something that looks utterly believable fireplace. Best all, it is movable so you can redecorate your room without any problems.

AKDY AZ520AL (Series AZ 520A) Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

A rather cheap electric fireplace, this one is also a wall mounted version with a built-in safety thermal cutoff to prevent overheating. Features a 750 watts and a 1500 watts heat setting with realistic flame, log, and ember images controllable by a remote control.

Overall, a stylish low-priced electric fireplace that is right for the budget.

Gibson Living Liberty Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace, 50-inch

Buying an electric fireplace will never be this easy. This product combines the style and elegance of the more expensive products without the customer paying as high a price.

Easy to mount and relatively silent in terms of fan activity, a nice electric fireplace to have in your entertainment or gaming room.

Furthermore the item is UL-listed so there should be no worries or a need to call on an electrician to install this.

What are Electric Fireplaces?

Typically, a fireplace is an actual structure made of sturdy, heat-resistant materials such as stone and brick, and are designed to contain a fire for lighting and warmth. Over the years, the purpose of the fireplace becomes more of a decorative function rather than a practical one with the advent of electricity to provide both light and heat without using any crude implements.

For various reasons ranging from cost of installation to maintenance to possible health risks, most people prefer to put an electric fireplace instead of a real one in their homes and offices. Electric fireplaces can look exactly like the real one with the added benefit of just being plugged into the nearest power source to work.

Unlike real fireplaces, electric ones do not create smoke, do not need fuel or chimneys, and best of all, they are more practical and safer to use.

Though electric fireplaces do not contain actual fire, they can still provide heat and lighting.

What to Look For

Surprisingly, there are many types of electric fireplaces available in the market. These types can be categorized into four: (1) wall-mounted, (2) wall or corner fireplace, (3) media console and (4) fireplace inserts.

Of these three, the wall-mounted had gained an increasing popularity in the past few years because they are cheap and easy to install. Wall mounting brackets are usually included in the purchase so you don’t have to make any additional trips to the appliance store. They are also space-efficient as you would only need to allot a certain amount of wall space for it to work.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces can either be mounted on the wall with the frame protruding or built-in the wall.

The next most popular type is the wall or the corner fireplace. It is called as such because these are literally placed against a wall or wall corner. Unlike the wall-mounted design, which are typically just a black box with images of fire within, the wall fireplace looks more realistic with plastic or resin made columns and metal accents and trimmings. Some even have a mantelpiece like the real ones. Though more expensive, the wall electric fireplace is, by far, the prettiest in terms of aesthetic qualities.

Media console electric fireplace, on the other hand, has a growing fan base specially for those who like to see their flat screen TV and their electric fireplace together in one wall.

Meanwhile, fireplace inserts are commonly used by those who have an existing actual fireplace, but don’t like to use it for actual fires. These inserts are placed instead of fuel-burning wood, which makes is more energy- and cost-efficient. Plus, the owner does not have to worry about fireplace maintenance or sooty chimneys.

In choosing an electric fireplace, you must have a specific place to put it before the actual purchase. You would need to take in some measurements as most electric fireplaces needed some space clearance from the ceiling or the floor and from other surrounding appliances before you can install. Buying one and then realizing that it cannot fit the exact specification the electric fireplace’s manual stipulates is a waste of money and energy.

Also consider the reason why you are purchasing an electric fireplace as decide on how large it should be. A 50-inch electric fireplace can provide ample heat for a space of 400 square meters given that the ceilings are low and there are no windows or any source of outside draft to speak of.

Another consideration is the power source. Most electric fireplaces can run at 1500 watts at 110V, but there are still some brands that only compatible with a 220V power source. Always check first with the manufacturer’s manual before the actual purchase. This is to ensure that, not only is the power source compatible, but there will also be no chance of overloading your home or work’s electrical circuit that can result to in accidental fire.

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