Best Electric Wine Opener Reviews 2017

If you got the best electric wine opener, your time for relaxation with friends around luxurious drinks will be much better. There will be no other easy way than to use electric wine openers to uncork the delicious wine from its bottle. This is a must-have for all the holidays, occasions, and even weekends.

Besides its sleek look that it can add on your kitchen or dinner table, electric wine openers are convenient to have around especially if you enjoy a sip or two of your most-beloved bottle of wine. Scientific innovations have been gaining popularity over time than doing manual labor. Physical energy can be saved since electronic and automatic appliances are being invented to make our lives easier. Of course, safety is also incorporated with the construction and designs of electronic wine opener. After you see our list of best electric wine opener below, we are sure you’ll want one to add up to your luxurious style of living.

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter

The Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter is a swift wireless cork remover that can open wine bottles within seconds. This comes with a compact recharging base and once fully-recharged, this electric wine opener can open up to 30 bottles of wine. It also includes a foil cutter that can save you the trouble of removing the foil from the cap prolonging the opening of the bottle. While providing ultimate efficiency, comfort and durability with its soft-grip handle, the Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter can accentuate your kitchen or your table with its modern but elegant construction and design.

This electric wine opener compliments with most of the traditional bottles of wine. Unlike most of electric wine openers that only provides travel-friendly and wireless benefits, the Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter boasts about its ability to swiftly and to effortlessly open wine bottles. If you are hoping to host a party with all your friends, you will definitely have more time to chat and socialize with them than to strain your hands in opening some bottles of wine.

The Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter makes opening of wine bottles an effortless one with its simple push-button feature that is partnered with its smart foil cutter that comes handy with the sleek appliance. After cutting the foil, you just need to place the electric wine opener on top of the bottle in an upright position. Once you push the switch, the corkscrew will start doing its job in removing the cork from the bottle. Once the screw stops spiraling into the cork, it signals that it has been removed and with another push of its switch, the corkscrew will rotate the opposite direction to unscrew the cork.

Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller

Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller is also a wireless and powerful electric wine opener that comes with a chiller to keep your freshly opened-wine cold for a long period of time. This also comes with a recharging base for the portability and convenience. This electric wine opener does not only offer convenience but it also features a stylish construction that is sure to wow your guests. There is also an added comfort in handling this electric wine opener, on top of its effortless bottle opening, with its soft grip handle. The soft grip handle also gives you a good grip to this appliance to make sure that you will have a drop-free experience when you use this bottle opener.

The Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller also packs a powerful bottle opening capability since it can open up to 30 bottles of wine when you charge it fully. At the same time, the wine’s quality will not decrease because of the thermal stainless steel wine cooler that has a double wall for extreme temperature preservation. One single full charge of the Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller requires about six to eight hours. It guarantees ice-cold wine that can last for hours that is perfect if you are taking your time chatting with your loved ones, friends and guests.

It also has a single switch operation that covers from the removal of the cork from the bottle up to the cork’s removal from the corkscrew. This simple push-button operation will do wine bottle opening in just mere seconds without exerting any effort. LED lights are also integrated in the electric wine opener and the charging base to indicate the power and the charging level. This will only take up a small portion of your kitchen counter or table but can add up as an accent with its sleek design.

Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener with Removable Free Foil Cutter

Power, design, portability and comfort are all packed in the Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener with Removable Free Foil Cutter. This electric wine opener has a curved construction that is inspired by a European design. This shape enables it to stand firmly on the surface without the need of another part or another base. The curve also serves as a handle that can provide a good grip to the electric wine opener. Part of its design is the removable lid that can also be your instant foil cutter. It is able to remove both natural and synthetic corks. It has an easy release which makes the process of bottle opening so much quicker while being a space-saver at the same time.

When it is fully recharged, the Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener with Removable Free Foil Cutter offers a strong and durable companion in opening wine bottles since it can open up to 40 bottles. No more strained hands from twisting corkscrews since its operation is initiated with its single switch button. The entire process of bottle opening is also visible. Thanks to its transparent cover that lets you peek on how this thing works. It will surely provide some filler and entertainment to the people around waiting for the wine bottle to be opened. The process will surely be a moment to remember with the use of Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener with Removable Free Foil Cutter.

For more convenience and practicality, this electric wine opener can shed a soft blue light as an indication that it’s charging and when you also use it. This has a compact adaptor that makes charging a relief and at the same time, space saving. Also, since it is integrated with an ultra fast rechargeable motor, more bottle of wines are sure to be available for consume. More time for socializing and partying!

Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter

Another sleek addition into your kitchenware, the Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter is also a powerhouse and heavy-duty in terms of electric wine bottle opening. It does not use any cords or wires to recharge since it comes along with a built-in rechargeable battery that can endure any heavy and long time use. If the battery becomes drained, you can just mount the Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener on to its charging base. The charging base offers a functionality to illuminate a gentle LED light in the shade of blue as an indication of charging activity. The base takes the shape of an elegant cube platform that is not only stylish and modern but is also a great space-saver and does the job of putting your electric wine opener in the right place. Once you are done charging the Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener, another non-stop wine bottle opening of up to 30 bottles is guaranteed.

The electric wine opener has a charming and elegant design with its stainless steel case. It also offers a view when in the process of opening a bottle of wine since the shell around the corkscrew is made in transparent. This feature does not only provide an entertainment during the process. It is also a way to tell you if you are done with the process making it quicker. It also has a simple push-button operation for an effortless bottle opening giving you more energy to hang out with the people around and to enjoy every sip of wine. Also, its foil cutter is elegantly mounted on top of the charging base that compliments the entire modern but classy design.

Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Opener

Tried, tested and proven by restaurants, if you want a classy addition in your home, you should try out the Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Opener. It comes together with a wine pourer, stopper, recharging base and a foil cutter. These fine additions will add up to the process of effortlessly opening of wine bottles. If you have organized a big party where you need to open bottles of wine for many guests, the Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Opener has your back. Since its second generation battery is integrated within this electric wine opener, it can endure opening of up to 40 wine bottles with every single charge. Also, with its faster motor, you are guaranteed to open those 40 wine bottles in no time.

It can also open up wines swiftly and effortlessly with its single push-button switch that removes corks from bottles in just a matter of seconds. Its elegant design does not only serve as a decoration. It is also ultra-light and wireless that provides a good grip in the hands for usage convenience. It will definitely fit and stick perfectly with your hands. The recharging base, along with the additional parts and functions it includes, are all designed to brighten up your kitchen counter and table. The recharging base also emits an LED light to serve as an indicator when you are charging the electric wine opener. The foil cutter is also included since it is an essential for the pre-opening of the wine bottles. It can get you into trouble and into wasting your precious time removing wine seals if the foil cutter is not provided. All of these also serves to enable mobility and portability.

The Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Opener can open both natural and synthetic corks which means you don’t need to check the wine bottle compatibility with your electric wine opener anymore.

Oster FPSTBW8225 Electric Wine Opener

Simple, elegant and flexible describes the Oster FPSTBW8225 Electric Wine Opener. This electric wine opener brand promises effortless and quick opening of wine bottles. It also boasts about its ability to be portable since, like most of the electric wine opener, the operation does not require any cords or wires. A recharging base that also offers convenience and mobility is included. When the electric wine opener and the recharging base are combined, only a small portion of your kitchen space will be covered and it will also accentuate the room.

The Oster FPSTBW8225 Electric Wine Opener also offers flexibility since it can open all traditional wine bottles including natural and synthetic corks. You just need to count a couple of seconds to see the corks popping out of your delicious wine without exerting too much effort. As a matter of fact, this electric wine opener will also operate through a single switch button. As generous as they can be, the electric wine opener and the recharging base also comes with the foil cutter to remove wine seals much faster. With the presence of the Oster FPSTBW8225 Electric Wine Opener around your home and during party, your guests will definitely come back for more wine-sipping activities with you because with faster and effortless removing of corks from wine bottles, you reserve more of your time and energy on socializing with your guests, making them to feel more at home and comfortable.

Waring Pro WO50B Cordless Wine Opener

Last but not the least on our best electric wine opener list is the Waring Pro WO50B Cordless Wine Opener. This durable and heavy-duty electric wine opener is ideal for opening a huge number of wine bottles for massive guests. With its ability to open up 80 wine bottles per one full charge operation, the design is style of it is not on the bottom of the line. In fact, it also has a unique physical construct that is sure to impress you and your guests. It has stainless accents brushed on its outside while the handset has been rubberized for comfort and good grip while opening up wine bottles.

While it includes foil cutter for faster and more effortless removal of wine bottles seals, a vacuum sealer is also included to make sure that there will be no wasted wine after party. If used, the flavor and freshness of your unfinished wine is sure to be preserved. The Waring Pro WO50B Cordless Wine Opener also takes on strong enough against natural and synthetic corks. In addition, its powerful capacity to open up 80 wine bottles in one full charge can also be quick with its single switch button. Effortless and time-saver, indeed!


We’re sure that you are now looking forward to experience a new level of drinking wine. With the effortless, time and energy saving ways that the electric wine openers provide, we are sure that you’ll likely to enjoy your time with a glass of wine at hand. Be it you time alone, your time off from work, your vacation with friends or special ones, having one of these on your table will make wine-drinking more posh and luxurious.

These electric wine openers are not just for personal use. Since these are often set to pull an estimated number of corks every charge, the electric wine openers are also ideal for commercial use. So if you’re planning to establish your own dream bar, or even a restaurant, no more hassle in opening bottles of wine during peak seasons since it is sure to save you time and effort.

Our list of best electric wine openers says that you might be overwhelmed with the different styles, designs, functions that every unique electric wine opener can offer. There are those which promise to have the ability to open more number of bottles, there are those who have curved and transparent designs, and there are those who offer extra assistance that provide gentle lighting when you are opening a wine bottle. And we are sure that our list has given you the idea to identify your preferences for electric wine openers. Have you chosen one among them?

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