Best Eraser Reviews 2017

The best eraser is made to remove graphite markings by rubbing on paper or any similar material. They are used for correcting mistakes and graphic shading for portrait drawing or similar artwork. Most erasers come in many shapes and colors that are availableand will differ which is the better one at rubbing out mistakes. It’s a practical item that’s used by everyone, whether be it an artist or anyone who needs to make corrections. Without erasers, most of our paper will be very messy!

Prismacolor Premier ArtGum Block Eraser, 2-Inch x 1-Inch x 7/8-Inch

Prismacolor Premier ArtGum Block Eraser, 2-Inch x 1-Inch x 7/8-Inch, 1 Count is the eraser you need to make artworks better! All artists know that getting a good eraser to correct mistakes is crucial to making a really good piece, that can be a hard proposition at times! But, if you have this premium option to do the job, it’ll be a cinch to get all the shadows and graduations right on the dot. The wow factors of this option that will impress and that it’s mess-free, which means it doesn’t many residues. If smears and unwanted smudges are a nuisance, this will reduce it and will be absorbed easily! It has a shape that will maximize erasure effectiveness whether used on large and small areas. The eraser is about 2-inches x 1-inch x 7/8-inch that’ll be a good size on any working surface.

If you need an eraser that can work well on any surface, and minimize unwanted residues, smears and smudges, erases on big or small areas with ease, this will do the job fine. Artists always have to do erasures and other corrections to make sure the shading just right! If you’re working on that masterpiece, then having this in hand will be very good indeed! All the tools needed for erasing jobs is right in here!

Pentel Hi-polymer Block Eraser, Large, 3 Pack

Pentel Hi-polymer Block Eraser, Large, 3 Pack, White (ZEH10BP3-K6) is good at erasing all your mistakes and turning it into masterpieces! This is an option that is all about getting the erasing done right, and keeping the ground not so messed up when doing so. This fine option has the following features that’ll differentiate it from other similar products, not because of what it’s made of and benefits but by how well it does it’s purpose.

These are the real-deal high-quality erasers that’ll erase and will scrape graphite of the paper, with light force and no need to rub like crazy! No dust, tearing, scratching, and it will leave the paper near immaculate. It’ll keep soft and ready for any use, but no cracking or hardening as it gets older!

This is the one eraser for you have the need of an option that will clean and erase nicely, without damaging or tearing the paper that you’re working on. If you want to make agood and spotless drawing that will highlight your skill, this is the one to beat! You may choose a gummy type eraser, but these can be very messy to use indeed! Keeping this in your pencil box will be better than those susceptible to cracking or hardeningbecause it’ll keep for a long time!

Prismacolor Scholar Latex-Free Eraser

Prismacolor Scholar Latex-Free Eraser is the reliable eraser for school or drawing. If you got this in hand now, what you is a premium eraser that is an excellent option! It’s that because it comes with all this goodness in one eraser package, that’ll do many tasks and improve your drawing or just plain erasing mistakes is done better!

Once you use it the first time, it’ll have minimal dust after erasing the marks on the paper or any similar surface! If other erasers’ hoot about their square eraser, ours is a triangular shape that you will aim easily at the pointy end and the edges that’ll erase with minimal dust! Using square or other shaped options, you need to edge it or adjust like a contortionist! Just to get at the perfect angle and then some. If you want to wipe out a big area, just put it face down and rub it to erase. Are all those horrific lines, smears, and other unneeded marks really messing up your ground? This will be your ticket to freeing you from these annoyances.

This option comes with Prismacolor that’ll make the eraser much better than other options. If you’ve tried gum type ones, this is different because the rubber scrub is minimized for better erasing action! If you are an artist or anyone who needs to erase anything on paper, this is perfect for you!

Staedtler Mars Plastic Erasers, Pack of 4

Staedtler Mars Plastic Erasers,Pack of 4 (52650BK4) is a practical, no-fuss eraser for all purpose needs! An eraser is an eraseruntil you’ve come across this option. Everyone needs to erase any mistakeor error that is made on tests and other written exercises. You can use a gum eraser option but it may not be the one you really need! This is what is needed for all-purpose erasing and carries a whole lot of other features that’ll make it outstanding.

The erasing qualities are of premium standard and will erase at a first class level all the time. Moreover, it comes with this smashing list of qualities like reduced crumbling of the rubber, phthalate and latex free, age-resistant, no discoloration when erasing on the paper, and erasing that’ll last with reduced wear are the goods you get on this option! When you get this product it’ll come in aplastic wrapper that has a tear-off strip, German-made, eraser sleeve to use and for better handling, and this makes it packaged very well! Other extras of this fine option are no smudging or smearing that is really on point! The material is white vinyl which is good at erasing graphite marks that are made on paper, vellum, drafting with reduced ghosting or tearing or none at all!

Paper Mate Black Pearl Premium Erasers

Paper Mate Black Pearl Premium Erasers is what you need for school or art lessons. This is a no-brainer proposition that will make you agree on how well this option is for erasing! Everyone loves a classic that does everything, whether it has all the bells and whistles or just bare-bones-basic! When you get your mitts on this primo option it’ll do all these things and be made of primo stuff too, and it will be a good choice.

This little baby will erase all pencil marks without any problem and it’ll be easy as pie. It will be just the right substance with a 100% latex free compound that is not hard or too soft, making erasing and adjusting to size very easy. It’s self-cleaning and smudge resistant, and it will make your paper neater to look at too. All residues are at a minimum because it’s latex free, and if you want comfy erasing with a nice flattened oval shape then this is the one for you. A note to add, that it’s a bit harder and denser for a thin profile compared to other options.

Now, what else do you want? This is the perfect oval and matte eraser that can be used for everyday erasing anytime.

Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil-Shaped Erasers, Latex-Free

Dixon Ticonderoga Pencil-Shaped Erasers, Latex-Free is the 3-pack eraser set that is value for your money. How many erasers do you need to have? For some, it can be just one, but for others, three will do and this set is about providing enough erasers to go around for whatever purpose. We sometimes forget that our kids have everything they need for school, but what about their writing needs? Surely, it may seem trivial but writing with pencils and needing erasers is important too.

If that is a concern for you, then consider this option for your choice now. Included in the set is several pencil shaped erasers that looks like a No. 2 yellow pencil. To make sure, just in case any child thinks it’s lunch, the erasers are non-toxic and latex free that’s 100% safe! If the kids love to draw, doodle, and practice writing this will be very much liked by them. Other options will only provide 1 eraser, but we’ve got 3 for you to use for school, home, and the office because you can’t do without it.

What are you waiting for? Click now and take advantage of this great deal, that’ll make you glad that you got it!

Colorolio Pebble Eraser Perfect for Artist Pencils & Erasable Inks

Colorolio Pebble Eraser Perfect for Artist Pencils & Erasable Inks- No Color Transference- Highly Visible, Attractive, Easy To Hold – Fun Paperweight Enhance Your Creativity with Colorolio, Green is the set that comes with aneraser, pencils and other extras for hours of fun! There are many options to get, but this product has more extras included that will be worth it. Usually, we get options as singular purchases, but this has more bang because this set will have everything you need. Students, artists, and any creative person who can use will like it very much!

Of course, our concern is the eraser that is bundled with extras in the set. The features of this particular eraser option are that it’s ergonomic, shaped like a soap bar, which is packaged in a translucent case. This will be perfect if someone gets it as gift. If you find it boring to erase, try using this option which is, as big as “2.5×1.5×0.5 inches” and it’ll spice up correcting and erasing all those mistakes! If the monotony of boring erasing is setting in, try this because it’s just right for adults who are particular about their purchases, and kids will love using it. The product comes in many fun colors that’ll make a good time when using it in school, office, and at home! Correcting using this option for our mistakes has never been very exciting! Go Pebble Eraser!

Paper Mate Expressions Decorated Erasers, 2 Erasers (1734930)

Paper Mate Expressions Decorated Erasers is the 2 eraser set that is all about fun! Getting tired and bored of the usual erasers that just erase? Why not add some fire to your eraser and make erasing a non-boring affair that is why you need this option in your personal pencil box! What you get in the package is an eraser that’s made out of an elastomer compound that is pliable and non-tearing apart! Anyone from a student to hardcore visual artists can use this to reduce smudges, smears, and it is even self-cleaning to boot! If this is applied to any paper, it’ll stay clean and presentable too.

Each time it’s used for drawing or any writing activity, it will have all these features that will make it an A-1 option! From the materials, design, and overall usefulness for anyone to use, what else do will be needed for any eraser set? If any option like this can make or improve the benefit, then it’s perfect for what it must do! Make erasing fun for junior or dad, especially when the creative juice flows. All you got to do is think hard! Then click and that’s where it’s at!


What is the best eraser to choose from? You can get several makes that use gum, vinyl, and other compounds that are engineered to remove graphite from paper. Although the different properties they have will determine how much it’ll smudge or smear, how hard or soft, and what shape they’ll come in! Physically they may come in singular purchases or set of other items.

Whatever the use it will be for like correcting mistakes and for drawing, this will determine how effective the eraser is for that job. It can be used at home, office, school, and anywhere it can be carried to. The best eraser is not the easiest to get, but if needs are for just simple correction then anything will do! Now, with all these smidgens of info you got from this guide, hope it’ll help you choose what you really need.

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