Best Exercise Videos Reviews 2017

There are many ways to lose weight. People can go to gyms and parks for a run or a jog, but sometimes, the outside world can feel very overwhelming. A lot of people prefer working out inside their homes, and besides, who has the time to go outside? No one right? This is where exercise videos help. Simply insert the DVD in your DVD player, and you can begin your workout.

These exercise videos come in different levels of intensity. There are cardiovascular exercises, aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises. With the first one as the easiest and the last one, the hardest. Moreover, these exercise videos mostly helps you focus on certain parts you want to focus on such as abdominal, chest or legs. If you’re out here looking for the best exercise videos for sale, then you’ve landed the right page. Read the following and get a chance to get the top exercise video deals there is!

INSANITY Base Kit – DVD Workout

The INSANITY Base Kit – DVD Workout may not be the cheapest exercise video there is, but we can positively tell you that it is one of the greatest. In this DVD, you have everything you need to lose the unwanted calories and achieve your right body weight! This kit comes in with 10 different DVD workouts, a nutrition guide for your calorie intake and a calendar to check your progress. This workout is led by your personal trainer, Shaun Thompson, to effectively push you to your limits. This workout video contains aerobic and anaerobic exercises to give you the option to work on a simple workout or an intense work out.

P90X DVD Workout – Base Kit

As one of the leading exercise videos in the industry, the P90X DVD Workout – Base Kit is surely going to be the best product there is for you. This kit comes in with 12 different types of workouts, a nutritional plan, a fitness guide and a calendar, to efficiently track all your progress. This DVD comes in with P90X 3-phaese plan to generously help you lose calories while helping you build the needed muscles. Moreover, through all the videos, you have Tony Horton as your personal trainer. The P90X DVD Workout is not inexpensive exercise video, but if you want the right workout DVD to meritoriously help you lose weight and gain bulky muscles, then purchasing this one is a good start.

Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 Base Kit – DVD Workout

Looking for affordable exercise videos? Then the Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 Base Kit – DVD Workout is going to be the rightful kit for you. This DVD contains 11 25-minute workout routines, a nutritional plan, workout calendars, a 5-day fast track guide along with a B-LINES resistance band, to enhance your chance on building your body tone and weight. For people who don’t have the time to work out for an hour or so, then this one is the best for you because all their workout programs only need 25 minutes of your time.

Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix – Essential Package

The Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix – Essential Package is a cheap exercise video, but that doesn’t deter its effectiveness to help you lose weight. As long as you commit to it, this kit can help you lose up to 15 pounds of weight in just about 21 days! This kit comes in with 7 30-minute workouts, a 21 day eating plan and a 3 day quick fix to professionally help you accomplish your preferred weight. With its eating plan, this one also includes 7 color-coded containers and a 25 ounce shaker cup where you can put all your food. This workout DVD comes in with cardio, Pilates and yoga exercises.

What is an exercise video?

For those looking for ways to lose weight and commit to a regular exercise, then purchasing a good exercise video is the best way to achieve that. We believe that getting the best DVD can help you attain your “body goals”, and a good method to do that is finding the right workout routine for you. Looking for new exercise videos sounds very easy to do so, but the truth is, with so many exercise videos out there giving you the promise of losing weight within a few days, it’s going to be hard looking for one.

There are several types of exercise videos in the market. Each one is intended to focus on certain parts of your body and how intense it has to be.

Cardiovascular exercise videos – are one of the most popular types of exercise videos. Cardiovascular exercises are a good way to lose huge body mass weight, reduce blood pressure and also good to boost heart rate strength. If you want a light to moderate type of exercise, then purchasing a cardiovascular exercise video is what we recommend.

Yoga exercise videos – is another popular type of exercise intended not just for the body, but also for the mind. Yoga is a practice focusing on the spiritual, mental and physical aspect of life. Moreover, this exercise helps the yogi to strengthen muscles and increase the cardiovascular health.

Weight training exercise videos – if you want an intense type of exercise, then weight training exercise videos is the best option for you. Weight training exercise videos focuses on helping you achieve a much toner physique. Additionally, this type of exercise promotes to encourage you reduce most of your body fat.

Pilates exercise videos – is another good way to reduce and achieve a much toner physique. Pilates is what models and popular celebrities do whenever they’re working out. This type of exercise focuses mostly on the lower back, hips, abs and thighs. It also focuses on steadiness, posture and core strength.

Abdominal exercise videos – abdominal muscles are one of the hardest muscles to tone. If you want an exercise video to focus solely on building your abdominal muscles, then this one is for you. This type of exercise video is usually filled with different routines to lay emphasis on different parts of the stomach.

Dancing exercise videos – if you’re looking for ways to have a fun and upbeat exercise, then dancing exercises is the perfect choice for you. Dance workouts mostly focus on different types of body, at the same time making the routine much entertaining. Moreover, to get you motivated, dancing exercise videos typically have upbeat and cheerful music.

What are the advantages of exercise videos?

Exercise videos have several advantages we could think of. For starters, instead of going to a gym and feel the competitive environment, you can pursue building your preferred body just in your room or living room. Also, most exercise videos focus on one thing at a time; it’s like attending a workout class. Plus, these exercise videos are structured to be easy and very simple to follow. When you buy an exercise video, it can be very beneficial because it offers all sorts of intense workouts, depending on your preferred type of workout. Additionally, most of the exercise video brands in the market are endorsed by a known fitness trainer, so it is guaranteed that it is effective and efficient.

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