Best External Hard Drives Reviews 2017

If you’re an average computer user, you may have dozens of photos, songs, movies, etc. saved in the computer everyday. Not to mention if you’re a hard core user, you may have these similar types of files saved more than three times the quantity.

Through time, the storage capacity of your hard drive would start to run out. You’re therefore left with the dilemma of which files to let go or keep.

Using an external hard drive would help address this simple problem.

Most external hard drives nowadays offer capacities that are more than twice or thrice your current computer has.

For that matter, we’ve listed down some of the top external hard drives for sale today. We’ll likewise briefly highlight some of their best features to better help you in your buying decisions.

Read on to learn more about them.

Seagate Expansion 1TB External Hard Drive

This 1TB Seagate Expansion is a small external hard drive that could easily fit in the pocket. Its casing is made of slick plastic, thus it’s very lightweight.

When in use for several hours, it gets a little warm which is normal. It also works fine with USB 2.0, although speeds can be considerably slow.

Although this is mainly formatted for Windows computers, Seagate Expansion may also be used on the Mac OSX machine. You simply have to download and install the Seagate Dashboard to get the hard drive detected by your Mac.

The same goes when using the hard drive with gaming consoles like an Xbox. Using the cable, Seagate Expansion simply has to be connected to the gaming device which should then easily detect it.

Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable Hard Drive

Toshiba Canvio Basics is a compact and solid external hard drive. It has a matte surface and non-stick feet that beautifully match its overall design.

Just like other affordable external hard drives, Toshiba Canvio Basics is straightforward to use. It works literally like a thumb drive which doesn’t require any type of special software to be installed beforehand.

As small as it is, it works bigtime in holding a lot of files or in transferring data. At an average, you can be guaranteed of a transfer rate of no lesser than 30MB per second.

One cool feature of this Toshiba Canvio Basics is the automatic shut-off. When it’s not used for a certain period of time, Toshiba Canvio Basic automatically shuts itself down.

Seagate Expansion 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive

This 5TB Seagate Expansion is a very sturdy, yet inexpensive external hard drive. As fast as it works, it’s also very quiet that you would barely even notice it while in use.

At an average, it comes out of sleep mode in two seconds. This is in large contrast to the 15-second mark that other popular external hard drive brands offer. Not only that, you can also enjoy as much as 180Mbps data transfer speeds using USB 3.0.

As expected, this external hard drive is not formatted for Mac OSX computers. Fortunately, there’s an easy way of making the drive compatible so your Mac would easily detect it. All that’s needed are a few clicks on Apple’s Disk Utility application.

If you’re not sure how to format the Seagate Expansion drive, just do a quick search about it online and you’ll see numerous suggestions and step-by-step instructions.

Transcend 1 TB StoreJet M3 External Hard Drive

Out of the box, Transcend 25M3 comes with a Y-cable with two computer connections — one each for data and power. The power wire is only useful if you’re trying to use the hard drive on a machine that’s not capable of supplying it with sufficient power.

Compared to its older model, Transcend 25M3 is more rugged and sturdier. It also has a rubberized grip, thus it’s easy to handle and is less likely to get dropped accidentally.

Some of the best features of this Transcend 25M3 external hard drive is the one-touch backup option and the fast file transfer rate. A lot of users, who’ve ran a CrystalDiskMark benchmark of this drive, are easily getting an average of 100MBps.

This 1TB Transcend 25M3 external hard drive costs considerably lower than other brands, thus it’s certainly a bargain.

WD 4TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive

This My Book Desktop external hard drive from Western Digital comes with a glossy plastic casing that seems beautifully-designed. Its USB 3.0 cable inserts firmly and stably into the port, while the power brick cords looks properly-sized.

At 4TB, this WD external hard drive certainly has a lot of digital storage space to offer. For its small physical size, it can literally put tons of files at quite a fast rate. At an average, you can get more than 150MB/s on either read or write speeds.

Unlike other hardworking external hard drives, this My Book Desktop external hard drive doesn’t heat up a quickly. When idle, it stays at around 28-degrees Celsius. If it’s running, it doesn’t go a lot more than the aforementioned temperature.

If you’re looking for a fast, yet cheap external hard drive, this 4TB WD My Book Desktop should easily fit the bill.

What to Look For When Buying an External Hard Drive

Storage Capacity

If there’s one thing you would need to know first, it would be the hard drive capacity.

If you’re a professional or a businessman who often deals with high-definition images or any other digital data, you may need a larger capacity. A storage capacity of 3-4TB would be good enough.

Even regular users would need a similar amount of capacity to save some downloaded movies, games, and more.


The speed of an external hard drive, a solid state drive to be exact, is determined by how fast it is able to read data. Hard drive speed ranges from 4,000RPM to 15,000RPM. The most popular hard drive speed is 7,200RPM as it’s often sufficient for standard hard drive applications.

If you got a computer with a USB 3.0 interface, you’ll also get to enjoy transfer speeds of a maximum of 5Gbps. This means lesser time copying or saving files from and to your external hard drive.


When choosing a new external hard drive, you got two options: hard disc or solid state drive.

An external hard disc drive would need to be on a fixed position during operation. It’s therefore prone to shock-related damages when it gets knocked down.

On the other hand, an external solid state drive is more compact and it doesn’t contain any moving components. They are also faster than hard disc drives. Because of this, they cost more than hard disc drives.


Data storage problems may sound simple for most people. However, this may be a real pain for those who constantly deal with large files and are frequently running out of reliable storage space.

With the introduction of online storage and the external hard drive, a lot of storage woes have been solved.

Several good external hard drives with larger capacities are being introduced each year. You just have to decide which probably is enough for your needs.

Remember, you pay more for higher capacity.

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