Best Eye Shadows Reviews 2017

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so you might as well try your hardest to prettify those eyelids just in case.

There are different eye shadow brands in the market but here are the top-rated eye shadows for sale that can make anyone forget the status of your soul when they are looking deep into your eyes.

W7 Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette

Best Eye Shadows

Since nude color is “in” thing nowadays, check out these 12 nude-inspired shades from the top eye shadow maker. It offers a gorgeous array of colors from matte to sparkly. You can even try blending colors to get a desired color and effect. A good eye shadow palette to create those smoky, sultry eyes.

A cheap eye shadow set that goes beyond what is expected of them.

SHANY Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette

Best Eye Shadows

This inexpensive eye shadow palette boasts a shocking 88 bright and nude colors enough to satisfy your inner fashionista. This brand is also a proud member of PETA so you don’t have to worry if these amazing, anti-crack, and highly-pigmented cosmetic is animal tested.

As if the 29 matte shadows and 59 ultra-shimmer shadows are not enough, you can even blend the colors to create something completely unique. Best of all, you wouldn’t need to purchase another palette for your nighttime wear as the colors this set offers are more or less already complete.

They are also long-lasting so need to re-apply often. A great eye cosmetic if you are looking to buy an eye shadow palette that fits right into a tight budget.

Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Best Eye Shadows

From the famous make-up brand comes this 12 shades of expertly curated nude colors to make your eyes stand out from the crowd. This set of eye shadow costs less than what you’ve expected of such a known brand, which is a plus point for most.

You can complete your no-make up look with this beauty.

Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette

Best Eye Shadows

Even professional make-up artists will find it hard to fault this cheap eye shadow kit as it boasts 252 (!) highly pigmented and blendable colors to suit any skin tone and occasion. From subtle nudes to shocking pinks, all the way to blazing oranges and sultry neutrals, this palette literally has it all.

You can apply its colors either wet or dry to give your eye a more dramatic look. It is the best eye shadow deal in the market. If you are looking to buy a new eye shadow palette, you should definitely consider this one.


Best Eye Shadows

Simple, elegant, and classic is the theme of this professional’s choice eye shadow set. It contains 16 ultra-pigmented colors that can be used either wet or dry. Though it might not offer a vast array of colors, this product boasts a formulation that is free from GMOs, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, and triclosan.

It is hypoallergenic and are made with soothing botanical ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

What are Eye Shadows?

Eye shadows are a type of cosmetic applied on your eyelids, just below your eye brows. These makeup tools can create a three-dimensional effect (i.e. making your eyes look larger or smoky) and complement the color of your eyes without contrasting with your skin tone.

The most famous eye shadow in ancient history is the kohl from Egypt. Kohl is a dark-colored powder made by combining crushed antimony, almonds, lead, ochre, oxidized copper and ash. It was created for the purpose of lessening the sun’s glare, like some sort of ancient sun glasses.

Though predominantly made of powdered talc and mica, modern eye shadows can also come in liquid or cream form. It can also come in various color shades and finishes.

What to Look For

It might be tempting to buy any eye shadow color that attracts your eye but it is a completely different scenario trying to make it work, especially if your eye color, skin tone and chosen eye shadow palette simply detested each other’s company.

To buy a proper eye shadow palette, you need to first consider the color of your eyes. Remember, an eye shadow can only use to compliment or enhance what is already there so there is no use in purchasing an eye shadow that is in direct contrast with your eye color.

Blue eyes can make use of the browns, the purples, the neutrals, and the dark blue palette can all make your blue eyes stand out from a sea of faces. Used in singular or a combination thereof with a black eyeliner can certainly add some depth.

If your eyes are green, you can use the purples, the neutrals, the grays, the browns, and the greens. Put a little plum eyeliner in the mix and let the others get green in envy.

For hazel eyes, the color palette should be composed of browns, purples, neutrals, dark and bright greens, and the yellows, specifically the shiny gold and bronze. Blend, and put some dark eyeliner and let everyone get drowned in your sultry gaze.

If you have soft or dark brown eyes, you are in luck as you have a wide array of color palette choices. The purples, the neutrals, the greens, the blues, the browns, the red-oranges, the pinks, silver, and gold are all your best friends. A brown or midnight blue eyeliner can help you seal the deal.

Of course, in choosing an eye shadow color palette, you cannot ignore your skin tone. If you are dark-skinned, never put ash, gray, or white shades as it won’t do you any good. Choose bold, metallic shades to accentuate your eyes. Eyeliners should also be dark to create an even better statement.

Fair or white-skinned folks, on the other hand needs to stay away from the grays and from the blacks if you don’t want to look like a panda. Go for soft shades and brown eyeliners to create your look.

Some people choose to buy two different palettes for daytime and nighttime use. Typically, daytime palettes consists of colors that can support a more natural, no makeup look. These are called nude colors and can vary in shades depending on your skin tone.

Nighttime palettes are innately made of the bold, bright, metallic colors that can make your eyes shine even in the lowest of light.

Dramatic effects such as smoky eyes or cat’s eye can also be attained by blending the right amount of colors. Application might look easier at first glance but it won’t be guaranteed that it’ll look good on you so you must try to practice these effects first before venturing out with your friends. Never try to learn a new eye effect hours before you are set to go out or attend an event as you might end up spending hours just creating the ‘right look’.

There other eye shadow properties that you can consider when buying a set, though they are not as important as getting the right color. Waterproof and hypoallergenic eye shadows are also a consideration for many.

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