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Nails have always been a part of our history. It has been used to signify status, wealth and creativity. In the ancient times, the nails of the ruling class were painted to distinguish them from normal people. Over the years polishing nails have been a common practice especially by women. Growing your nails long isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds, and maintaining wonderfully polished nails comes with a price. This is where false nails help.

False nails, also called as artificial nails or fake nails are considered the“accessories” forfingernails. These false nails imitate the texture, style and structure of a real nail. Maybe you’re thinking that false nails have only been invented in the 21st century, but it has actually existed since the ancient Egyptian times. Beforehand, women in Egypt used to put false nails such a bone, gold and ivory to add substance to their style. If you’re here to look for the best false nails brands in the market then it is your lucky day! Read the following products and information below to know further.

Bling Art False Nails French Manicure Matte Black Full Cover Medium Tips UK

Bling Art False Nails French Manicure Matte Black Full Cover Medium Tips UK

The Bling Art False Nails French Manicure Matte Black is certainly one of the most elegant false nails we’ve ever seen. Want to give off that mysterious and dark look? These matte nails will give you the aura of peculiarity that your friends will surely get jealous of. This false nail is part of Bling Art’s special collection, showcased to give you “blingtastic” results. Additionally, this one is completely safe to use as it is EU compliant and internationally certified. It is made out of virgin ABS plastic along with a UV coating for a wonderful finish. These nails are scratch-resistant that can last up to 5 days of using. Moreover, along with this product are 24 nails, a nail file, a cuticle and glue.

Fake Nails False Nail Design Pretty Nail Designs Black Fake Nails

Fake Nails False Nail Design Pretty Nail Designs Black Fake Nails

The Fake Nails Design Black by Yunai is definitely the cheapest false nail deals in this list. This product is most certainly the best way to cover and decorate your nails. This one has an elegant matte black design with a touch of silver to give you the atmosphere of class and glamour. This product comes in with 24 pieces of nails, perfect to be used for a long as you can. Sadly, this product does not come with a glue, but it is available to be bought online. As one of the most affordable false nails in the market, we’re sure that you’d love getting this one.

Kiss Products Broadway Nails Impress Rock It

Kiss Products Broadway Nails Impress Rock It, 0.06 Pound

The Kiss Products Broadway Nails Impress Rock It is an inexpensive false nail you don’t want to miss. This false nail mimics the portrait of a real French tip manicures that can last up to a week due to its indestructible coating. Moreover, this product comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes, a mini file and a prep pad to get you started. Unlike other products, this one does not need glue, simply peel the back of the nail and stick it to yours. Additionally, after using, this one does not need acetone or chemicals to be removed, simply peel the nail and it’s gone. These false nails are made out of ABS plastic, copolymer and acrylates, guaranteed to be durable for a long time.

Ejiubas 24 Pcs Black Color Matte with Glossy Finish Full Cover Talone Medium False Nail Tips

Ejiubas 24 Pcs Black Color Matte with Glossy Finish Full Cover Talone Medium False Nail Tips

The Ejiubas 24 Pcs Black Color Matte with Glossy Finish Full Cover is a product made out of safe products because it is EU compliant and internationally certified. It is made out of virgin ABS plastic that has been tested before being sold to the public. This package comes with 24 claw-like nails along with high-quality glue, guaranteed to last long. Furthermore, you can be sure that this one is extremely unique as it is made by Ejiubas’ designers, improved to adapt to people’s needs. As a cheap false nail, this package is surely something you won’t regret having.

What are false nails?

Good false nails are man-made nails used to imitate the real structure of a nail. These nails, however, are not a substitute for nails; they are used to lengthen a nail that is actually short. People nowadays use false nails to express style and elegance. But, did you know artificial nails were used even by the ancient people? Nails have always been a social status symbol. Longer and designed nails means you belong to the upper class. The longer nails you have, the richer you are. The long nails aren’t just invented to be there however, it is used as a status symbol because it means that you never have to work.

Artificial nails started to be sold for the market when a dentist named Frederick Slack accidentally broke his nail. Saddened by his broken nails, he began experimenting with different materials to create a synthetic nail to cover his old one. Since he’s a dentist, he used his dental acrylics to make one. Seeing that his invention has potential, he started making them together with his brother Tom and established the company Patti Nails.

There are 3types of false nails in the market and they are made out of different substances such as acrylic, fiberglass or gel.

False nail acrylics – like what we said above, Dr. Frederick Slack invented the first false nails from acrylics. This acrylic is made out of polymer and monomer to form a solid layer over the nail. After hardening, the acrylics turns into a shiny and glossy layer, that shows as if it was painted with a nail polish. Moreover, nail acrylics are the easiest to put on; it doesn’t even need a professional. Additionally, false nail acrylics are the most common type of false nail that is currently for sale.

False nail fiberglass – another material used as a new false nail is fiberglass. This one is made by cutting fragments from fiberglass and putting them in the nail through a glue or resin. This type of nail isn’t always used because people usually use it for professional reasons such as letting a broken nail grow out. Fiberglass nails are also great for people allergic with acrylics or gels.

False nail gel – have been around for a long time but, they only garnered fame and reputation until recently. This type of gel is generally much expensive than other nails because it is painted on the nail itself. False nail gels are put onto nails, and when it dries, it resembles a nail. Moreover, false nail gels are more stretchy and natural than other kinds of nails. Additionally, this cannot be done by drying out; it has to be dried in UV light or in a nail dryer.

Contrary to popular belief that nails look the same, it’s always going to be different for other people. Nails come in different sizes, so when buying a false nail, it’s vital to know which shape fits your nail bed. There are oval, square, squoval (square + oval), almond and round. Before you purchase one, we encourage you to know the exact size and shape of your nails to see the best fit for you. Lastly, even the top false nails for sale are very cheap in terms of price, so spending money on this one won’t hurt your pocket.

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