Best Fan Brush Reviews 2017

In the makeup industry, every tool must be accurate to where it is used and applied. Just like the screws and the screwdrivers they must be compatible and must be fit according to its size. In makeup, every brush has its use just like the industrial tools. One of the brushes that is used is the fan brush.It is a thin and a flat brush that looks like a fan. Better get the best fan brush to have that highlight finish on your makeup or spreading those facial creams.

Fan Brush Boar 8 Glycolic Lactic TCA Serum Mask by CosChemSupply

Facial creams is one of the best way to take care of our face. It helps rebuild the glow of the skin after it is being exposed from the sun and from being covered by too much make up. In order for you to spread the facial creams evenly you must have one of the facial brushes. Fan Brush Boar 8 Glycolic Lactic TCA Serum Mask by CoeChemSupply is one of many fan brush brands in the market. It is made out from boar hair and has an aluminum brush support and a wooden handle. Boar hair is commonly used in brushes but it is also used as a serum brush because of its stiffness and its ability to evenly spread the serum or any facial cream application. It has a length of 8 inches and the bristle’s width is 1.75 inches enough to spread the cream all over your face evenly and enough to handle a clay mask which is known to be a little bit thicker than any other creams.

This fan brush can be reused numerous times. All you have to do is to thoroughly clean the bristles every after use so that there will be no residue left behind from the other creams and serums that was used.

ACE Professional Single Makeup Brush

Another kind of a fan brush is the ACE Professional Single Makeup Brush. This time this kind of a fan brush is intended for applying makeup. This kind of brush is unique than the other kinds of makeup brush. It looks like a fan but smaller and thinner but wider than any ordinary fan brushes. Its bristles are made out of synthetic fiber. Synthetic fiber is made from fiber but it has been extruded through spinnerets into water and air so that it will form a soft but durable thread. The handle of this brush is made out of wood for maximum durability and for you to have a comfortable feel while applying makeup to your self or to somebody else. It has a very soft touch to the skin, thanks to the synthetic fiber bristles and they are also anti-bacterial in order to avoid bacteria production on the brush.

This kind of a fan brush is compatible to almost all kinds of foundation. But like our tools, they must be cleaned after use so that the colors of our cosmetic wont mix. This is also to keep our brush durable and can last long.

EcoTools Deluxe Fan Brush

EcoTools Duluxe Fan Brush made almost all of their products out from nature. It has thicker bristles than some ordinary fan brush. And the bristles are made from the finest Synthetic materials that are cruelty-free and were not tested on animals. And the handle is made from wood to make sure that you will have a fine grip while you are doing your makeup. This brush is ideal for bronzers and highlighters and illuminators. Basically the finishing touches of a makeup to make you look blooming or the client if you are a makeup artists. This is one of the most used fan brushes by famous makeup artists because of its durability and its soft bristles that does not irritate the skin as it touches.

This kind of a brush needs extra cleaning so that it will last long and for the bristles to stay soft as if they were still new. Run with warm water and add a small drop of shampoo. And once you are done, lay it flat to dry.

Born Pretty Fan Brush Professional

Born Pretty Fan Brush Professional Single Soft Makeup Brush Face Foundation/Powder Brush Make Up Tool

Similar to the EcoTools Deluxe Brush and ACE Professional Single Makeup Brush. They have similar features. The bristles are made form synthetic fiber for a soft feel as the brush touches your face. And the handle is made out from wood for durable and comfortable handling. It is good fro highlighting and bronzing or the finishing touches of the make up. It has a length of 15cm which is already long enough for you to handle comfortably and apply makeup to your self or to your client if you are a makeup artist. For its price it is you will surely get more than what you have spent. The bristles won’t fall off unlike some other brushes. Because there are expensive brushes look good at first, but then in the long run after using then when cleaning the bristles will fall out.

Rinse with warm water and add a small amount of shampoo for it to smell good. And because it is made out of hair, shampoo is highly needed to keep it alive and soft even how many times you used it.

Toraway Pro Large Fan

The Toraway Pro Large Fan brush is similar to the other kinds of fan brush. It is more likely close to theACE Professional Single Makeup Brush. It has wider bristles for maximum coverage so that you will not have to repeat over and over the application of makeup. The handle is still made out from wood like most of makeup brushes sold by many. But the bristles are made from imported nylon. Whenever we hear the word “nylon” all we can think about is a string that is transparent and much more stiffer than thread. Which is already close to plastic. But the imported nylon used by Toraway Pro Large Fan brush, they made it finer so that it will become soft so that it wont irritate the skin and for you to use comfortably. Its texture is closely similar to the synthetic fiber but 20% stiffer. So that you will be able to spread evenly some foundation on the skin. Even though it is a fan brush, but you can still use it as a brush to spread almost all kinds of foundation. It has wider bristles than any ordinary fan brush so that it will cover up much area than the ordinary fan brush in the market.

It has a great quality and does not irritate your skin even though the bristles are made from imported nylon. They are easy to use and easy to clean just like any other fan brushes in the market. A lot of makeup artists are using this kind of a brush because it is affordable and has a great quality.

Be You, Beautifully, Pro Fan Makeup Brush

The Pro Fan Makeup Brush is one of the best selling fan brushes online. I has a unique feature than the other ordinary fan brushes. It has thicker bristles but has very thin hair that is made from cruelty-free materials and they are safe to use by everyone because they are hypoallergenic and can keep the bacteria away from developing in the brush. The ordinary fan brush only allows you to do highlighting, but with the Pro Fan Makeup Brush it will allow you to erase mistakes that you made from applying eye shadow. You can place liquid foundation on the brush and spread it on your face evenly. It can also help you diffuse the color of your over all makeup to make everything balanced and pleasing to the eyes.

This fan brush is one of the commonly used by famous makeup artists. Because of its quality and its soft touch to the skin and because of this it makes the makeup look good on their clients.

Fan Brush Taklon 7.75″ Glycolic Lactic TCA Serum Mask

Just like the Fan Brush Boar by CosChemSupply, this is intended for facial purposes. Although when we hear the tool “fan brush” what comes into our minds is the brush used for the finishing touches of the makeup. Fan Brush Taklon is used for facial purposes. It helps spread TCA, facial creams, serum, or even the thickest facial clay. This was invented so that you will not have to use your hands to spread the chemicals on your face. The bristles of this fan brush is made form taklon which is closely similar to the synthetic fiber. It is a little bit stiffer because it is intended for TCA application and other facial creams. The handle is made from wood so that it will last longer and can handle more chemicals than the plastic handles. Plastic handles are sometimes dangerous because there is a tendency that it might react to the chemical being used and might contaminate the face your face or the client if it is still being used for facial.

There are different kinds of brush that is intended for facial purposes. And a Fan brush is one of them, the Fan Brush Taklon is also one of the best choice of many facial spa owners because of its ability to spread the creams evenly on the face and because of its durability.

Fantasea 2-Tone Translucent Fan Brush

If you are in a hurry and your fan brush was missing you can always have an emergency alternative with a good cost. The Fantasea 2-Tone Translucent Fan Brush is one of the cheapest fan brushes that you can find if you want a sturdy emergency fan brush during your makeup session or facial session. The bristles are soft enough to be used for makeup and also you can use them as one of your TCA applicator. It has a dual purpose for an emergency fan brush. It is affordable and can serve you well as long as you will use it right and take extra care of it. It is light enough for you to carry around and easy for you to use without stressing your hands because there are some fan brushes that are little bit too heavy than some.

This fan brush is just an emergency kind and will wear off soon. But the life span can still be prolonged as long as you are able to clean it as soon as you finish using them. It might last more than you think.


Fan brushes are not just your ordinary brush. They have a lot of purpose when it comes to applying makeup. It allows you to place on some bronzers, highlighters and finishing powder, and it even erases some fallout powder granules from the eye shadow without leaving any marks. And when it comes to facial application, the fan brush has a different feel but looks slightly similar to the makeup kind of a fan brush. It is slightly stiffer so that it will be easier for you to scrape and spread some facial cream on your face or on the face of your client easily. There are some who use their hands, which is not ideal or even hygienic. That is why fan brush is there to avoid any contact of your hand to your face or to the face of your clients. Theses are the two types of a fan brush, one for makeup purposes and one for facial purposes. But there are fan brushes that are already made for both purposes, in other words a 2-in-1 fan brush so that you will not have to get another one But be sure to clean it as soon as you are finished using so that the mixture of chemicals and makeup won’t deteriorate the quality of the bristles of your brush. So if you decide to buy one, think about on how and what you are going to use it for. Besides, there are a lot of fan brushes for you to choose from.

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