Best Feather Dusters Reviews 2017

The feather duster is one of the oldest tools available for household cleaning. They are not only efficient in catching dust, but they’re also very affordable for everybody to use and purchase.

While the rise of electronics may have brought in some new products to replace the feather duster, the latter has some unique properties that make it more effective when it comes to collecting dust.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the top feather dusters for sale today and we’ll also briefly highlight some of their best features.

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Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender Kit

This extendable Swiffer duster is perfect for places where dust can easily build-up. Its handle can be extended up to three feet, thus it can be used to easily get rid of dust on top ceiling fans, base boards, and other hard-to-reach surfaces. This is especially helpful to those who are not tall enough to dust off dirt in elevated surfaces. Even taller people would benefit from this duster as they won’t have to bend down more than usual.

It’s very good at catching dust too. It literally magnets every piece of dust found on floors, overhead windows, and walls in no time.

Moreover, it seems to be well-made and it’s not flimsy. You can therefore expect it to last longer.

Overall, this is a top feather duster that would work best to those who crave for a dust-free room or office.

Norpro 24-Inch Lambswool Duster

The Norpro lambswool duster has a couple of remarkable features that make it one of the best dusters available today. Unlike cheap feather dusters sold in supermarkets, this Norpro duster catches dust and holds it so it doesn’t go into the air.

Perhaps its bestselling feature is the lanolin in the wool which effectively collects dust on drapery rods, table tops, and many other surfaces. It picks up dust with just a single swipe.

Like other good feather dusters, its handle can also be extended by up to 24 inches. This makes it ideal for elevated surfaces where dust may be hard to get rid of.

Moreover, it can be washed with soap which means you won’t be purchasing a duster more often.

Undoubtedly, this Norpro duster is another top-of-the-line feather duster brand that’s well-suited for those who easily get allergies due to dust.

Swiffer 360 Disposable Cleaning Dusters Refills

This Swiffer 360 disposable duster is one of the most effective cleaning tools you can purchase. It’s not an inexpensive feather duster, but it’s worth it. This is mainly because it’s almost as good as a blower which is capable of driving away dirt or dust on almost any type of surface.

Its difference to other affordable feather dusters is its ability to keep dust so they don’t scatter in the air. After each and every use, you can shake it off so it again becomes ready for another round of cleaning regimen.

The duster is fluffy enough to cover a large area, thus cleaning is quite a breeze using this duster. It’s therefore an efficient tool in terms of saving both of your time and effort.

This is highly recommended for those looking for an effective and cost-efficient duster.

Pure Care Microfiber Duster

Aside from the handle which can be extended by up to 64 inches, this Pure Care microfiber duster is very flexible. By pressing the button at the end of the duster, you can choose the type of angle that’s well-suited to the surface you’re cleaning up. You may also completely take it off so it becomes a handheld and standalone duster. As such, it can be effectively used on large surfaces.

Its microfiber head is also fluffy and soft which is similar to a thick rag. Only, it can hold more dust and can catch bits of dirt on various surfaces with relative ease.

Note that this is not a disposable duster, but a washable one. You can use mild soap to get rid of grime and then rinse it with water. Moreover, its pole also has a hook so you can hang it to dry.

Estilo Removable and Washable Microfiber Ceiling and Fan Duster

This Estilo washable microfiber duster is perfectly-designed for ceiling fans. It has an extendable handle which makes it as long as 47 inches. This makes it a lot easier to get rid of dust that has built-up on various parts of ceiling fans.

One of the distinct features of this oval duster is the split in the middle where you can put through the blade. This makes it possible for you to dust off the sides of the ceiling fan all at once.

As expected, dust holds on to the fluffy duster. Once you’re done, you can always shake off dust outside or wash it so it’s ready for next use.

Moreover, this can also be used to properly dust off other surfaces like the tops of your entertainment systems, walls, and more.

What to Look for When Buying a Feather Duster

Type and Size

When choosing a feather duster, it’s important to know where it comes from or what it’s made of. It’s important to note that the best feather duster come from ostrich down. It would, therefore, help if you ask your vendor where its feathers exactly came from. That way, you’ll know upfront if you’re purchasing an effective feather duster.

Moreover, a large-sized feather duster will also help minimize the amount of time you spend on cleaning off dust from various surfaces. If you’re comfortable using a large feather duster, it’s going to be less time-consuming in the long run.

Good Handles and Maneuverability

We all know where often dust settles. As always, these stubborn bits of dirt can be found on areas or surfaces where they’re often very hard to reach.

It’s therefore essential for a feather duster to be flexible so it can be used on various places.

Moreover, feather dusters with an adjustable handle would also be beneficial in terms of catching dust on top ceiling fans and on other elevated surfaces.


Before purchasing a feather duster, consider how often you will be using it. Think beforehand whether or not you want a disposable feather duster or a washable one. Disposable feather dusters cost a lot cheaper than washable ones. However, the washable dusters may be more cost-effective in the long run. Be meticulous in your search for a good feather duster deal online or at physical stores.


There have been some debates on, whether or not, feather dusters are effective when it comes to catching dust. Some say it often stirs up dust in the air, thus it’s health-impacting. A lot of cleaning experts say, otherwise.

The main important thing users should know is it requires common sense and a little bit of technique to master the proper use of feather dusters. As simple as they are, feather dusters are still better cleaning options compared to some other similar electronic products. Because they’re natural, they’re safer to use and way cheaper.


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